Salzburg: The Hills Are Alive!

Our last stop landed us in Austria.

While rushing through Amsterdam & Germany,
I started to regret adding this extra leg to our trip.

It seemed like we were one destination too many,
and I couldn't really remember what Salzburg had to offer.

Upon arriving,
time stood still.

The last two days in Salzburg are seared in my mind,
and will, most likely, be the most impressive memories from the week.

We wandered the city in awe...

ate our body weights in 'schnitzel with noodles' & 'crisp apple struedel...'

visited Mozart's home...

frolicked through the snowy Austrian hillside...

... & tucked in a corner of the cafe at the Sacher Hotel 
for a slice of their famous torte.

But honestly, 
my favorite part of our time in Salzburg, 
was going on the Sound of Music Tour.

Isn't that terribly cheesy?

Well, it gets worse...

It was actually my second time to take the tour.

The first time I went on it, it was okay...

 I only booked it for us since Tyler had never done it,
and it really is a big part of visiting Salzburg.

But it ended up being an awesome day!

Tyler even had fun, too.

Though he couldn't hold a candle to the amount of trivia I had on hand...
I even might have corrected our (awesome) guide, Matthew, a few times.

I'm serious about my Von Trapp Trivia, I tell you.

Very serious.


Our Trip to Salzburg:

Stayed: Near Mozartplatz at the cozy Aldstadthotel Kasererbraeu, Kaigasse 33. 

This hotel was perfect for us. Great prices, good location, friendly staff, 
and free access to their (slightly dated, but kinda awesome) steam room & sauna.
 The hotel also has an old movie theater inside it that plays current movies every night.

(I believe it used to be "the" theatre in Salzburg, where all the movie premiers were held.)

Ate: St. Peter's Siftskeller. Said to be over 800 years old, this restaurant is carved into the mountain,
and, while a bit on the fancy side, has some really affordable options. We love this place.

(The restaurant is about 50 ft from the cemetery that inspired the "hiding from the Nazi" scene in the Sound of Music.)

Sacher Cafe- Though originally from Vienna, the Sacher Hotel has a hotel in Salzburg.
Spend an hour in their cafe indulging in their famous cake... it's pretty tasty.
Coffee is good, too.

(Also, this is where Julie Andrews stayed during the filming of the Sound of Music.)

Saw: The Nonnberg Abbey (where the real Maria lived & scenes are filmed) 
offers a good overlook & walking trail above the city.

The home Mozart lived in during his teenage years. It's €7 (including an audioguide). 
The museum is so-so, as it mainly focuses on his family members.

Did: The Sound of Music Tour. Yes, it's cheesy... but if you like the movie, just try it.
It's €32 per person for a four hour tour. We booked through Panorama.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. I'm totally using all of your posts as a travel guide when I finally get to Europe. Salzburg looks amazing!

  2. I left a piece of my heart in Salzburg for sure. I've been a couple of times (once in the spring and once in the winter) and it is beyond fabulous. esp. the tour ;) love that you guys are loving HIP and free travel

  3. I went to Salzburg back in 2009 and it was one of my favorite trips!! that place is gorgeous.

  4. Your hotel had an old movie theater that played movies at night? I can't. I just can't. Too. Much. Awesomeness.
    And you went to Maria's Abby? Did you ask how you solve a problem like her? Haha... sorry....

    I have many more things to say about this post. First off- best post ever. My favorite is that you corrected the tour guide. HAHAHAHAHAHA! That is hilarious because you know you were totally legit in doing so. Secondly, have you ever taken a bad picture? I didn't think so. Gorgeous!

  5. I would totally do the Sound of Music tour in a heartbeat! Cheesy or not, how could you not go?!

  6. We went to Salzburg this winter too! I'd love to go back and see it in the summer.

  7. Oh my goodness, when my husband and I were in Salzburg we did the SAME Sound of Music tour and we had the SAME tourguide!! I had the best time on the tour, SOM is one of my favorite movies...and we also went to the Sacher Hotel and got Sacher torte as well...that's one thing I loved about Germany/Austria...all the cake! xoxo

  8. what gorgeous photos. salzburg is definitely on my list of places i'd love to go. i would not miss the sound of music tour. we spent our honeymoon in vermont...and one of my favorite parts was getting to go to the Von Trapp Family Lodge there. some day, i hope to see their home in austria too.

    and that torte looks amazing.

  9. Beautiful!! I can't wait to make my own trip to Europe and I will definitely be checking back in with your blog when I do. Once Andrew gets done with residency he'll owe the Air Force 4 years and we're really pushing to be stationed in Germany.

  10. Um, let's be honest - Sound of Music tour is on my bucket list. Also I really hope you indulged in a belting out of "the hills are alive" while spinning a la Julie Andrews. I wouldn't judge at all.

  11. haha i love that you have gone on the tour twice! that's pretty amazing :) xo

  12. Love all your travel posts--you seem like you are having such a good time! By the way, I highly recommend The Sound of Music: The Making of America's Favorite Movie by Julia Hirsch. It is a Sound of Music lover's bible of information about the making of the film--packed with interesting trivia!

  13. i love salzburg! and you simply HAVE to do the SOM tour! I would do it a couple of times if I could ... (:

  14. I have zero shame in saying I went on the Sound of Music tour and loved every minute of it! Salzburg, and Austria in general is such an amazing place!

  15. I want to say something snarky like "this just looks awful" because I'm so terribly jealous. But I won't. :))

  16. Uhm, yeah there and Prague - 5 days before I had a bowel movement - too many dumpling!

  17. oh my god, these pictures are gorgeous! and the SOM tour sounds pretty awesome too :-) xo

  18. Salzburg looks amazing and the SOM tour sounds like a must-do!:)

  19. OK, so a) amazing pics and I'm totally jealous, per usual. And b) Love finding a fellow Sound of Music fanatic! My husband knows that our house has mandatory monthly viewings that inevitably mean I will be singing "The Lonely Goatherd" for at least a week.

  20. We went to Salzburg and Munich as a family when I was in high school, for the best spring break trip ever. I loved Salzburg so much, and was planning to study abroad there until reality (my dad not having a job) got in the way. My husband was there after college, too, and we agree we need to go back together at some point. So beautiful and romantic!


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