Get Out the Cigars!

I'm an aunt again!

Yesterday, my sister in law, Tara, had her baby...
she had pretty much the best birth I've ever heard of before.

Checked-in at 5:30, got induced, felt kinda crampy, pushed for an hour, baby born...
all by lunch time!

That's impressive baby-birthing people.

{And it was her first kid!}

Tyler & I were giddy all day.

Like, we were acting ridiculous.
Pacing, texting his family, making weight predictions.

We were just too excited!

Sweet baby Greyson {"Grey," if you will} isn't our first nephew,
in fact... we already have 3 nephews & two nieces,
but we LOVE all of their guts.

And this guy- with his scrunchy, little chubby face & fluffy hair- is no exception.


  1. How fun!!! Congratulations, Aunt! I love the name!

  2. That is the most adorable cheeks and hair combo! It's a very original name. It's strong without being weird. Props!

  3. Wow, huuuuuuuge congrats on becoming an aunt again! And that shock of hair is adorbs out the wazoo.

    And there's something really beautiful about the name Greyson.

    BABY POWER! Heh heh.

    You gave me a good chuckle with your comments on my blog, re. "Texas expat" and all that. The question NOW is, now that you know I'm lamentably NOT a Texan (sniff!), do you still think you love me with all my non-Texanness? Bahahahah. Because they tell I'm still pretty cool as an Aussie Serb, tee hee...and hey, I could be like an honorary Texan given my love for the brilliant "Friday Night Lights" (good Lord that show is magnificent).

    So, then, if you think I'm still not too shabby, how's about we follow each other and be bloggy friends? :-)

  4. Aww how sweet! That's amazing news! A big congrats to you and your family. He's so stinkin' cute! :)

  5. How wonderfully exciting! I've been begging/not begging people I know to get pregnant so I could just hold and see a baby! But then again I don't want them pregnant because we are 19. hahah

  6. Aw you guys look so freaking happy! All 5 of you! Congratulations!!

  7. Congratulations!! He really is rockin' a full head of hair, isn't he?!?! What an easy labor, too! I love that the newborn baby is already Skyping- he'll be a computer wiz before he can talk!

  8. He is adorable!! Congratulations to you all!

  9. Aww, so cute. Congratulations!!

  10. That's fantastic, congratulations! Baby is lovely :-)

    I am going to become an aunt myself in two short months :-)

  11. Congrats on your sweet little nephew! Adorable! Okay, I am crazy jealous that you live in London (and work in Paris!? what! get out of here!) Your blog is obviously a new instant fave! Thanks for your comment on my wedding photos :) And if/when I am in London next, we WILL do drinks!

  12. Oh, Congrats, Lauren!! You will be the favorite Auntie!! Nothing like a newborn in the family. xo

  13. Oh wow! Congratulations to you and your sister in law! I LOVE being an auntie! This year I'm hoping to spend a little more time with our nephews and nieces :)

  14. Congrats fellow new-Aunt! And ours was our 4th nephew too- spooky!

  15. woooo congratulations!! what a precious little family! all the dark hair on that baby is the most fabulous. and please please, dear lord, let me have a non-horrible birth like that one!

  16. wowww.. congrats

  17. aw, yay! many congratulations to you and your beautiful family!! :)
    xo TJ

  18. Aw, congratulations! What a great mother's day gift for your sister :)

  19. SO cute!! Congratulations! I recently became an unofficial aunt to my best friends baby boy and I can't get enough either!

  20. Congratulations!!!! Being an aunt is the best!

  21. Congrats on being an aunt again. Your sister-in-law looks WAY amazing after having a baby (been there, done that) and that is seriously the best birthing story I've heard. Let's just say...mine weren't that easy! :)

    LOVE the tulips you sent me from Giverny! I'm sorry to be so lax and not telling you how much I love them!!!

    Hope you and Tyler are well and loving life!
    xoxo Elizabeth


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