Summer Scarves: Give 'Em The Run Around

Paul Smith, Multi Dye Stripe Scarf £95 | Alexander McQueen Anenome Scarf, $625 | Paul Smith Pink & Gray Canvas, £125
Missoni Coral ZigZag, £165 | Madeline Thompson Lattice Print Scarf , £170 | Me & Kashmere Pink Python Scarf, £125
Paul Smith Pink Polka Dot, £90 | Bindya Pink & Purple Scarf, $125 | Alexander McQueen Leopard Scarf, $475

I've never been one to stick with a particular style.

ride the recent trends with gusto,
and relish experimenting with any & every style 
as if I'm in a constant state of celebration for Halloween.

Instead of dressing like a fairy, vampire, or slutty sailor,
I opt for dabbling in genres like hipster, sorority girl & Northeastern trust-funder.

Flipping through styles allows me to constantly play a respectable form of dress up.

{Because we can't all be Lady GaGa.}

A couple of summers back,
as summer scarves started appearing on every girls neck,
my sister rolled her eyes at me one day
as I plopped down at the breakfast table.

"What the heck is the purpose of a scarf at this time of year?"

Erm, I don't know. 

To look awesome?

It's probably true.
In Texas, there really was no need for a scarves
except to serve as decoration for your decolletage.

But now that I live in Europe,
I realize their merit
as they constantly provide the perfect transition 
between the constantly fluxuating temperatures.

Hot bus to cold street.
Warm day out to chilly night on a terrace.
There never seems to be a day when I don't realize
 how glad I am to have the extra layer.

As I begin to plan for my summer travel schedule & packing list,
a new scarf is definitely on my check-list.

I'd love to invest in one of the amazing scarves...
but until I'm ready to trade my awesome job
for a more lucrative one,
I'll just have to enjoy these from a distance.

What do you think about summer scarves?
Completely awesome or Completely ridiculous?


  1. This made me laugh because I AM the crazy scarf lady! Living in Scotland means that it is always wise to have the option of another layer, and having limited funds means that a scarf is the cheapest way of changing the look of an outfit.
    Aaah, the wonderful-ness of scarves :-)

  2. I love summer scarves! Ok, maybe not when its in the 90's but definitely good for those transition weeks when there's still a little coolness in the air.

  3. "To look awesome." So true :)

  4. I love #7, but I would never spend that much on a scarf! The Missoni is cute as well.

  5. I love 2 and 3, theres something magical about them.

    And the remote that I have works for Nikon D60 D80 D90 D3000 D5000 D5100 D7000, but you should be able to get a remote for any nikon that has a wireless sensor in it.

    Wardrobe Quarry

  6. Completely awesome! I wear scarves year-round - just go lighter in summer. I loooove so many of these! 2, 4 and 6 are my faves. Just gorgeous, and they'd look fantastic with a tan!

  7. I love scarves - summer or winter (and everything in between), it doesn't matter! Completely awesome!

  8. summer. scarf. addiction. and they are completely unnecessary in the summer in nashville. but they are amazing and that is what matters.

  9. I always get self conscious wearing a scarf in warmer weather - even if it is light weight...but I secretly LOVE them! And the ones you posted are gorgeous :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  10. Love ALL the scarves you posted! Want every single one! lol



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