FOUR SALE: Ted Baker

Hauling one's possessions for one too many trips
can teach even the silliest of overpackers
to trim down on what they are toting along.

While I do my best to keep my clothes to neutrals & smart layers,
one item that I won't apologize for is a large toiletry bag.

Make-up, straightener, hair products, jewelry case...
it's the only place in my travel wardrobe that offers any variety.

When I passed these bags the other day,
my heart stopped a beat.

A large wash bag from the Rose Bug collection... for £28.

The size is deliciously large...
you can easily fit a hair dryer & straightener alongside your other goods here.

The shape is terribly chic...
not only does it have a beautiful red & gold zipper,
but it folds over like a clutch.

And the fabric...

It's a beautiful vivid satin print
of Ted Baker's spring pattern, Rose Bug.

So, in typical Four Sale fashion,
 I bought one for me...
and four for you.

Canvas shopper £69 | Scarf $110 | Floral Shorts £89 | Sweetheart Dress $310

As you can see,
compared to regular prices for the line
this piece is a steal!

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share the love with all of you!

First come, first served.


  1. Hmmmm that would almost hold all my "make me feel human again" items to pack in my hospital bag for the big day!! Super cute Lauren! Xx

  2. Lauren,
    How did you know I have a weakness for blooms like this....I bought it.:)
    thanks for making my morning!

  3. I love how you're bringing England to the fashion deprived people in the States- totally serious! That dress would go perfect on my American body. Sigh...

  4. I looked at this on my way to work this morning and talked myself out of it. I just got on Facebook and saw that there were still 2 left.... it must have been meant to be! Now there's only one left!

    So excited to receive this! You're so sweet!

  5. That is adorable! I am a notoriously terrible packer, so something like this to inspire better organization might help!

  6. What a great piece, this would be perfect for my sister who is graduating.

    How do we know if the purchase went through?


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