A Little Introduction: Les Profiteroles

Do you know what profiteroles are?

It's okay if the answer is "no."

I have to say, I dind't know what they were for too many years.

{It's a shame I bare daily.}

In case you are in the dark, like I once was,
let me do you a quick favor 
and introduce you to your new favorite dessert.

I'll do my best to paint a picture of what awaits you
the next time you see "les profiteroles" on a menu.

Start with the basic construction of a cream puff.

Imagine the small, orbs of slightly-chewy pastry puffs
filled with cream inside it's cavernous center.

Now, subtract the cream.

Add really cold, vanilla ice cream to where it once was.

Then, pour warm dark chocolate over the top.

Quite a lot of it, actually.

Sometimes, you'll have the addition of roasted almond slices to sprinkle on top.

Once you have all the components in place,
grab a spoon
and get to work.

You don't have much time to waste
once that ice cream starts warming up.

For all you visual learners,
here is a quick tutorial.

These particularly delicious profiteroles were from Cafe Constant,
a really delicious restaurant near the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

If you'd like to eat here
{which I highly recommend!},
be there when the doors open for dinner at 7pm.

If you are just 5 minutes late,
you could find yourself standing at the bar
for up to 2 hours waiting for a table...
which means you'll have to watch all the restaurant eat their profiteroles first.

*All images original to Aspiring Kennedy. Please source accordingly.


  1. These are my most favorite dessert. AND I am having some on Saturday night filled with vanilla bean gelato. Omg. I'm in heaven just THINKING about it!

  2. I didn't have one until this past summer in Paris- they may be the best thing I'd ever tasted!

    I'm jealous looking at these photos!

  3. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE! Especially with chantilly cream instead of ice cream!

  4. profiteroles are only the most amazing tasting dessert around- I LOVE these things! We almost had them at our wedding instead of a cake because I love them that much!

  5. That looks beyond amazingly delicious!

  6. Unfortunately yes I know them well. VERY well. As in any opportunity there is to "get to know them better" I totally oblige. Once you have had one there is simply no going back. i am suddenly craving one!

  7. OMG that looks sooo good.

  8. I really love love love profiteroles, I dont know if they are originally french or spanish, but I dont care, I love them!!!

  9. I do know about profiteroles. They are incredible and not that hard to make either. those look divine.

  10. These are my favorite!!!! If they are ever on a restaurant menu I always get them. SO SO SO Good!

  11. Looks so yummy! Now I want some chocolate :)

  12. Oh my. I might make these instead of a cake for Chris' birthday. :)

  13. I want to fly to Paris JUST for these. (and maybe some fabulous sightseeing).

  14. mmmmmm...I just enjoyed some Big Mac-sized profiteroles at our favorite French bistro last weekend. Now I want more!!

  15. Oh my, I think my head just popped off and rolled across the floor! I would dive face first in to those!!! divine!!


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