Hot Diggity Vlog.

As a way of extending an olive branch
to the compounding unanswered emails in my inbox,
I'm taking a leap into awkwardness
and offering to do... a vlog.

If you have any questions for me
on anything from expat living, blogging, travel 
or just something thats been bugging you (my hair?)....
either email them to me
or leave them as comments below.

Sometime in the next week or so,
from some random location that I find myself,
I'll vlog my responses back.

{Yeah, I just made vlog a verb.}

"Are you actually in the witness protection program?"
"Will you please stop showing us pictures of food?"
"What countries have banned in response for you taking so many gross kissing pictures?"

Ok, I'm sure they won't be the questions won't all be that bad,
but I am excited for you choose the topics...

Besides, I sort of think this is only fair
 after subjecting you to the bizarre topics 
that momentarily pass through my head.

Beth captured some of my video chat glamour via skype. Lucky you will get to see this, too!

And since this will be 100% guaranteed to make you laugh
at my awkwardness while talking to a camera,
all I can ask in return is  
for a few questions that make me laugh, too. 

*Only nice & funny questions will be answered. 
All others will be sent to the blogging police squad for immediate execution by firing squad.


  1. So, is that what you typically look like in the morning?

    Cause...I'm pretty sure I could beat that, ten-fold.

    Bring it, babe! :)

    Eat Cake

  2. what camera/lenses do you use? you pictures are beautiful

  3. Love the pink robe look. After 5pm on a weekday, I can completely relate. :-)

    Here's my question - If you had to stop traveling and could only live in one place, one city for the rest of your life (out of all the amazing places you have visited) where would it be and why?

  4. How does one get your awesome sounding job and what ideally where ideally would you like your career to lead?

    Yeah, I'm going for the life questions. Sorry!

  5. I'm curious when there is going to be a little aspiring kennedy? I know, I know...everyone probably asks you that. What I really want to know is if you two have children, where would you want to raise them? You've certainly seen and observed different cultures, so I was curious if you saw a place that seemed kid-friendly. Or would you like to have a globe-trotting child?

  6. Okay, my question(s): Any idea when you'll be moving back to the US? And aside from family & friends, what's something that you miss about back home, something quirky that we'd never think of? :)

  7. I applaud you for taking the leap into the vlog realm. It scares the tar out of me just thinking about it.

    Can you "talk British to my kids"? Eddie Izzard reference….that I hope you've seen. Where should I go on my next vacation?

  8. My go-to question is: If you could be any kitchen utensil, what would you be and why?

    :) <3 the blog!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I honestly don't understand how you (financially AND calorically speaking) can afford to travel, dress and eat so well all at the same time! How do you manage!?

  11. Serious questions:
    - what do you do for a living? How did you get the job?
    - (same as keerypmcc above) how do you afford to travel so much and eat/dress well!?

    Thanks :) I want your job, so so bad. I have the need to travel an cant right now for financial post graduate reasons :( but I have got the travel bug real bad!

  12. yo NEVER stop posting photos of food.. :)
    and i second an earlier question-- BABIES!? when are we going to see babies. no pressure. AT all. promise. just wondering! xo

  13. Oh this is so fun! I can't wait to see it!

  14. Where did you get the skirt in your last four sale? I am dying to get it!

    Also, who do you work for & do you need a contact/coworker/slave in Memphis? I am up for the task!!!

  15. Again with the terrible photos of me. Your readers probably think I'm a troll. (and it's kinda true... but still!)

  16. I'm going with the travel/ex-pat question. Do you have a specific timeline for living abroad, or are you living the dream indefinitely?

    Can't wait to see the vlog!

  17. What's the most 'must-pinch-myself-I-never-imagined-I'd-do-this' moment you've ever had when travelling? (Wow, that was a reeeeeaaaallly badly-worded question. Sorry!)

  18. I'm pretty pumped about you "vlogging."

  19. What fictional character (book, movie, tv show, etc.) does Tyler/your family/your friends most compare you to? (I'm curious about all three answers...) I'm looking forward to this vlog!!


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