Pack Your Bags: Edinburgh, Scotland

Oh man, you guys...
time flies when you're having fun.

I've been having such a good time 
over the Jubilee weekend,
I kinda didn't realize it'd been 5 days since I last blogged.

Not like I've ever been the best example of consistency in blogging...
but still, 
that's a bit long even for a slacker like myself.

Today, I've found myself in Scotland.

I'll be near Edinburgh for a few days
before heading up north to the amazing Isle of Skye.

It's not nearly as sunny as when I was here the other week
during that glorious heatwave.

The city was alive with people strolling in the sunshine along the Royal Mile.

In other places, you'd find masses of scantily-clad people melted over patches of grass
or enjoying a drink outside a cafe with friends.

ps. this is my favorite hotel in edinburgh, the fraser suites. luxe rooms, amazing location, you can always find great rates...
and the rooms have small kitchenettes!

Today that burst of sunshine-beaming-tank-top-wearing weather
is totally & completely gone.

But as I look out the window of the 200 year-old house
I'm staying in this week
and work my way through a hot cup of tea,
it still feels pretty lovely.

PS. Tyler stayed back in London, 
and got to see the entire Royal Family pass by
near our flat after I left this morning.

He said they were waving hello to everyone on the street
and looked so happy & friendly.

Obviously, I'm completely jealous & not speaking to him.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. Your photographs are beyond stunning. I'm heading to France for my birthday otherwise I would gatecrash your dinner on Sunday!

  2. Scantily clad - ha I know, it's ridiculous how we strip for the sun - no class!

  3. I LOVE this post! We are planning a trip to Scotland for the fall (hopefully!) so seeing your gorgeous photos made me so excited. I'm also grateful for the hotel rec. We're hoping to explore Scotland and all of the beauty it has to offer (and the booze... my husband's main motivator for wanting to go there!).

  4. I'm jealous of Tyler too! I went to Edinburgh when I was about 7, so love to go back and actually remember it!

  5. oh gosh, those scarves look so luscious! Hopefully the weather stays moderately warm for you, and we're all a little jealous of those getting to be a part of the jubilee!

  6. ah, edinburgh! so beautiful! love your photos - that shadow fence was is so lovely and creative!

    we stayed at the fraser suites and loved it!

  7. The photographs are so beautiful. I'm Irish and have always wanted to go to Ireland and Scotland. I am hoping i get to go for my high school senior trip next year!

    with love,

  8. Oh, Lauren! You absolutely know how to get my heart to beat faster to the point that I'm just in a Scottish Coma over here. I freakin can't wait to go back. You've captured the city perfectly.

  9. Loving all your pictures! I studied abroad one summer in Oxford, England and a few friends went to Edinburgh for a weekend. It's still on my bucket list to see ASAP. :)

  10. Your photos are beautiful! I was in Edinburgh about 3 years ago for the Fringe Festival, and I fell in love with the city. Lucky girl! xo

  11. your pohotographs are Stunning!! what camera/lens do you use?

  12. i love edinburgh. will be there beginning of july! come play.

  13. I'm SO envious! I studied in Spain a couple of years ago and did quite a bit of traveling around Europe so this is making me really anxious to get back! Beautiful pictures, too!


  14. Wow! Love these photos! And the phone booths remind me of Harry Potter (which I have on the brain slightly more than usual at the moment) ;-). Have a wonderful day!

  15. Again, if there was an employment or careers section on your blog....I would send my resume....daily.
    Are you sure you don't need some sort of butler or lady in waiting or sketch courtisan?

  16. These take me back to when I was there in October - loooove the city! Great photos :)

  17. It's so green and gorgeous there! I'm in AZ and I've almost forgotten what green looks like. I love it!


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