Italian For Beginners

Headed to Italy anytime soon? 

Whether you have a fabulous trip planned
or just need a diversion from your inbox,
here are some phrases that I find to be quite handy when in Italy.

Okay, okay...

Obviously, I don't use these particular phrases that often.

In fact, I googled translated most of it...
but now that I've got them,
I'm putting them in the back of my mind
for my girls weekend in Rome
that I'm leaving for today.

And, oh baby, am I excited...
I will be meeting up with Oxford friends
that I haven't seen in over a year
and, the best part... zero percent chance of rain.

Check me out on Instagram (aspiringkennedy) as we explore the Eternal City.

Ciao ragazzi!

PS. What places do you love in Rome? Suggestions, per favore!


  1. hahaha this was awesome, and your phrases were all correct! i have one great recommendation in rome: in trastevere there's a tiny restaurant called trattoria da augusto - the kind where there's no menu and they write your bill up on the paper tablecloth. a MUST! :) ciao bellissima!

  2. I love Italy! your life makes me jealous!

  3. Okay, so it's pretty high up on most tourist lists, but the Borghese Gallery may be one of my favorite museums in the world. And try Ristorante Enoteca Corsi for lunch. Simple food, but oh so yummy.

  4. I am so jealous you are in Italy! I lived in Rome for three months on Study Abroad, it is AMAZING. I loved Old Bridge Gelataria, it's a block or so north of the Vatican (all of the native Italians get gelato there, so we figured it must be good and it was!).

    If you love old movies (Roman Holiday <3) the Bocca della Verita (Mouth of Truth) is in the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, you can take the picture with your hand in its mouth!

    If you like museums the Capitoline and Vatican were my favorite!


  5. Oh my jealous - I've never been to Italy and it's near the top of my list- have an amazing time!!!

  6. I've been to Italy three times, and each time you post about it, you make me want to hop a plane and move there.

    As for Rome, make SURE you go to Ristorante Canova on Via del Babuino and have some champagne. It is really, really cool. It's a sculpture museum near the Spanish steps, and it's awesome. Have a great time!

  7. Love these phrases :) My parents just came back from a month in Italy & now you have a girl's weekend... I'm very, very jealous!

  8. The Non-Catholic Cemetery for Foreigners. No joke. It changed my entire opinion on Rome (didn't like it the first time, somehow). Take the metro to Piramides, exit, look for the giant pyramid, walk around it to the other side.

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  10. Every time I see you blogged I go, "Lauren posted! Oh boy!" And then when I'm reading your post my heart beats faster with excitement. And then at the end of the post I sigh and say, "That was the best post ever."

    Super cool you're going to Italy! I hope every time you see a tourist you'll do a little dance like above. That would be awesome.

  11. Oh-M-G you NEED to do aperitivo at Salotto 42 near the Pantheon. Best cocktail of my LIFE and the snacks were amazing. It's where all the cool kids in Rome hang out, highly recommend!

  12. GORGEOUS pictures per the usual. I've off for a girl's weekend myself... perhaps not as fab as Rome, but Vegas sure does have its perks ;)

  13. Love the photos! My favorite Italian phase: Non rompere le palle! Don't bust my balls!

    Have a wonderful time in Rome! Can't wait to see pix!

  14. Sigh, Rome. Although I have visited Milan, Florence, Pisa and Venice, Rome has eluded me so far. Have fun and I would love to see all your pictures when you come back.

    Thanks for sharing!

    I am a lifestyle blog

  15. oh my gosh I love your risotto translation ;)

    Unfortunately my family is mostly from the North, so I can't be much help in Rome, but it is beautiful and so big that I'm sure you girls will have a blast! How was I not following you on instagram before?!

  16. what a fun entry!!! i used to live in Italy and it took me back down memory lane....there is no place like it....i love it!!! grazie a. kennedy!

  17. No plans to go to Italy anytime soon,
    but I enjoyed this post tremendously.
    Funny and educational.
    Enjoy the weekend!

  18. Hope you're enjoying the weekend! i went to rome 6 years ago and i loved it so!

  19. haha love the "I'll take 5" translation ;)
    My first time to your blog and love it. I'm following you on instagram and now happy to see a more in depth look at where your amazing photos come from.


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