Summer Festivals: What? Wear?

Here in England, 
they don't just do "concerts" in the summer...

No, they do full out multi-day festivals.

Similar to Coachella & Bonnaroo,
but these things are everywhere from May-July.

Now, I've long since abandoned my tent-sleeping days...
and, if I'm honest, I generally feel too old for concerts.

There's so much standing...
the music is so loud...
everything has a sticky feeling floors...
and everyone around you seems to be drunk or incompetent. 

But as much as I might protest,
a couple times a year an artist/group will roll into town
and get me out of my grouchy pants and in the mood to party.

This summer Coldplay & FUN. did the trick.

So while you wouldn't have seen me dancing in wellies & denim shorts 
in some muddy pasture lined in port-a-potties anytime this summer,
you might have found me rocking out here...

or here.

And if I wasn't dressing like a 19 year-old college student,
what did I wear?

Well, something along the lines of this...

dress | polish | earrings | cuff | sandals

Festivals are a huge part of summer here in Britain...

but until Billy Joel and Elton John do a three-day gig
with Paul Simon & Ladysmith Black Mombazo... 
you won't find me camping out anytime soon. 

Is there a group {or artist} that you are dying to see live?

PS. I'm guest posting for Jillian today on Cornflake Dreams
while she is away getting married or something like that. :)
I've jotted down some Hepburn-style advice for the new bride- check out my guest post & her blog!


  1. I would KILL to see Billy Joel and Elton John- it somehow never worked out for me to see them when they toured together in the States. E.J. was fantastic in June (and I'm sorry your schedule wouldn't allow you to make it down!), but Billy Joel is still on my list. My childhood "must-see" was Simon and Garfunkel, and it was during their feud, so I didn't think it would ever happen. Lo and behold, they got back together in 2003 for a small tour, and I went with my mom (and we saw two of my high school teachers at the show- clearly I was out of my generation!). It was all I could imagine, short of being at Madison Square Garden! Now, I'd be thrilled if R.E.M. did another tour, although I doubt it will happen. I saw them once, and I *guess* I'll have to settle for that. Sadness.

  2. I feel the same way about concerts, but I broke down and went to see my future husband George Strait. Had too. Still dying to see Luke Bryan in concert though.

  3. I've actually never been to a music festival - concerts, sure, in the big stadiums - but never one of those outdoor, multi-artist, multi-stage, camp out festivals. So, that said, I think I would try it once. The wellies and shorts and dancing (minus the mass amounts of booze and such). But after that, I think I would do like you and go for summer comfort and good music away from that craziness.

    Style to Stage

  4. i LOVE summer festivals! that was one of my highlights when i lived in Chicago!

  5. Oh how cute you look!
    I'd love to see Coldplay or Fun! I'm so jealous! But I'd really love to see Ray LaMontagne! He's a favorite for sure!

    Come visit me @

  6. I LOVE Ladysmith Black Mombazo! I love that song they sang with Josh Groban on one of his albums.
    I'm really liking jazz these days. I always have, but I appreciate it more now as I get older. I'm dying to see Chris Botti in concert!

  7. I'm buying that dress... like now. And I am dying to see some of my friend's bands play. They are the only ones who I will brave a live concert anymore. I'm too old for this stuff!

  8. I absolutely love summer festivals. I'm sure one day I'll feel too old for it, but really I love so much of the music I don't really notice how obnoxious drunk people are, or how some artists attract a less than pleasing crowd the flood the grounds. Coachella is kind of getting like that but the music is still great, so I still go. And I don't mind crowds. Though the heat is a totally different story. Anyway I would love to go to Glastonbury and Reading one day. What festival did you go to?

    And super cute outfit. Another thing I love about Coachella is that you see a lot of great fashion which is always fun.

  9. I'm not particularly in to music festivals either --- if there was some way to do it while staying in a nice boutique hotel and being able to escape the rain or to air conditioning when needed, I'd be all over it. A few days of live music sounds fantastic though!

    I saw Elton John a couple of years ago, although not at a festival, and it was so much fun!

  10. Oh how cute you look! love summer festivals too!

    Lily @

  11. Love your blog. We are moving to London in August - can't wait!

  12. oh i LOVE that maxi dress. super chic.

  13. That George dress is great - LOVE that brand. Them, Sandro, ASOS, and Zara have totally changed the way I shop. So wonderful! And mad props from me to you, as I am a HUGE Coldplay fan. Saw them in Baltimore at the Ravens stadium way back in 2005 in the middle of a huge rainstorm... they started off with Fix You and you couldn't help but cry it was so beautiful.

  14. Ok, so Ladysmith Black Mombazo is real?! Insert Mean Girls reference {here}. LOL!

    Coldplay must have been amazing, and it looks like you had great seats for Fun. Not envious in the least... yeah right. I keep scouting different websites to see if we can catch a concert when we're in Britain this September. Let me know if you hear of anything :)

  15. So envious! Seeing Coldplay live is high in my bucket list! And you're ensemble ideas are def superior to Wellies and cutoffs. Bravo.

  16. That dress is fabulous and super cheap!


  17. I am still waiting for the day Mumford, Muse and a re-united Swell Season play at one festival. And attending Glastonbury is on my Before 30 bucket list.

  18. I'm going to see Florence and the Machine this summer in DC! I can't wait!

  19. you wont believe it, well maybe you do, but I have never been to a festival and only a couple of proper concerts, ha! I guess live music is not my thing! BUT but having said that, I passed by a street party today with lots of music and I loved the idea :) I have those sandals, and LOVE them!!

  20. @helena, really? i could see you getting down in your younger years. :) and yes- i know, you inspired me to put them on here from our date at topshop. :)

  21. I'm obsessed with that dress!

  22. I think there should be a FOUR SALE soon with that dress for sale :) also, so jealous of your concert going fun! You know A would never see Cold Play with me!

  23. love the dress and pretty polish!!!!

    xo! av

  24. that dress is so you!

  25. and that bracelet is so me! :) cute post! xxo

  26. I need more maxi dresses in my life!

  27. @millermae- it IS you. i have it in navy. get it and we can be twinkies.

  28. I love that dress! It's perfect for many summer occasions!

  29. I would love to see what you would wear to a Lady Blacksmith Mambazo it

  30. I love that maxi dress! Fun fact, do you remember FUN is an offspring band of The Format, which I saw with you in college?

  31. Can't believe you and Penn were at FUN. together and didn't even know it!

  32. If only the weather was like this more and a whole lot more things in the UK would be more appealing!!!! That outfit would be perfect for this weather!!

  33. Ooh ooh I love the dress and the polish!!

  34. And, you look so, so cute. I saw your Mom at church yesterday and it made me miss you so much.

  35. I love that outfit! You're getting really good at shopping for me!


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