There's No Place Like Rome

It seems that almost every time I put up a post 
that pertains to a recent trip or upcoming plans,
someone leaves a comment that asks
how I physically manage to do all I do.

I'm typically not really sure how to reply to this
because the truth is,
I'm always so excited about seeing whatever/whoever
that I don't get worn out.

But this week,
I'm pretty tired.

I've been cashing in on my nights at home with trash tv and not blogging.


Except today, I rallied...
I got up early & edited photos throughout the morning...
because even though I'm still pretty whipped,
I'm too excited not to show you 
how awesome my girls weekend in Rome was.

Just as Rome wasn't built in a day,
so no blog post should be confined to one day either...
more on our adventure tomorrow!

Yes, it was a lovely time.

Going with a foodie took me to a few places that were amazing & quirky. 

My new favorite is Nonna Betta.
The next time you head to Rome, I hope you'll stop by here and try something amazing.

Nonna Betta: In the old Jewish quarter (in the first "ghetto"), there is a slew of Kosher/Italian kitchens.
the creations there are nothing short of wonderful. 
I recommend Nonna Betta- which is a kosher "style" kitchen, 
meaning they don't strictly follow the milk/meat separation
and are open on Saturdays.

When you go, don't miss the Jewish style artichokes which are lightly fried & salted.
The salmon carpaccio is light & flavorful garnished with olive oil, pink pepper & orange slices. 
And the pasta to try is the understated but overwhelmingly tasty taglioni cacio, pepe & cicoria
made with local cheese, pepper & hickory.

For the rest of my Roman favorites...
well, you'll have to wait till tomorrow.

A domani!

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. gorgeous photos darling! Now go rest up!

  2. you look so happy! Glad you had a nice time :) Rome is one of my favourite cities, so charming

  3. Can't wait to discover Rome and now I have Nonna Betta to visit! Thanks for the tour.

  4. Rome is perhaps my favorite city in Europe. One of my favorite restaurants is the Three Puppets (Tre Pupazzi) over by the Vatican. My husband is applying for an army exchange that would probably bring us to Brussels or Stockholm. My dream job over there is taking study abroad trips around. Your posts only reinforce my desire. Gorgeous pictures!

  5. I love Rome! I think it is so great that you are taking advantage of this unique time in your life and truly living it to the can sleep later, right? I think Rome is a great city to just wander and get lost in. The architecture is just so fabulous and there is gelato on every corner. What a great place to hang out with girlfriends for a few days! Look forward to hearing about the rest of your trip~

  6. Rome looks like heaven. My cousin just went there and loved it. I can't wait to go! Amazing pictures!

  7. That salmon carpaccio looks amazing! Can't wait to see more tomorrow!

  8. I didn't realize A Demain was the same in Italian and French (well, basically). I just learned something new…thanks! Gorgeous photos as always. Loved the shots of you in the fountain. Sigh. I need to travel.

  9. Thanks for getting up early (eeek!) for us! This was a fantastic post and beautifully done. I just saw in your Little Black Book that you follow Bourbon and Pearls. I love her! Did you guys ever meet? I told her the next time I'm in the UK I'm going to meet her and she's going to show me Fife. I'm not quite convinced she's not a celebrity or something.

  10. I just got back from your stomping grounds in London - my husband and I were going hard all week long cramming in as much as we could on little sleep and subsisting mostly on croissants. We were fine until we got home on Monday and then we *crashed.* Thanks for the lovely pics!

  11. Yes, please!
    The picture of the dress in the window- crazy stunning.
    Eat Cake

  12. Rome is such a cool city! Thanks for sharing. Love the pix!

  13. I always wonder how you're not exhausted! Get some rest & looking forward to part 2 of the Rome posts!

  14. Although I am well-aware of how creeper-ish this makes me sound, you have such a "Grace Kelly" quality about you - I have no idea what it comes from, but I sure wish I had it! Super photogenic :)

  15. Thank you for commenting on my blog, as it led me to yours...what a beautiful blog! I love the calligraphy header. I have always been incredibly fond of calligraphy...such a wonderful combination of art and script.

    Looks like you are living the life! I look forward to reading more...

    - Holly

  16. What a beautiful city! I can only imagine how tired you must be, but know that you appreciate sharing it all with us! I'm stuck in California this summer (not as luxurious as it sounds), so I have to take my vacations vicariously through you ;)


  17. beautiful photos as always! Can't wait to see more - it definitely looks like a girls weekend for the books!

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  19. Soooo we've officially decided to go to Rome for our Honeymoon thanks to you! :D I couldn't be more excited about it, and I can't wait to read more of your posts so I know all the best places to eat :) Thanks again for all of your help!

    xo Catharine @ Your Modern Couple

  20. Fabulous photographs! Love your blog!


    Ali Berger

  21. Villa Borghese! Dreaming of returning to this place this summer. Such a fun adventure for you...again. Love this post.

  22. wow, beautiful pictures! Lucky you.

  23. Hi there,
    I stumbled across your post on Rome and am so glad I did because it lead me and five friends to dinner at Nonna Betta's in October - and it was every bit as delicious as you promised. Thanks so much for sharing this great place.
    God bless and all the best,


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