Heads or Tails? Karl Lagerfield vs Pippa

It's time for a little celebrity-royal gossip.

Did you hear what Chanel's Karl Lagerfield said about Pippa Middleton?

In a recent interview the UK's Sun,
he gushed on the Duchess of Cambridge's silhouette
and being "the right girl for that boy."

But her sister didn't get the same affection from the famed designer.

"On the other hand, her sister struggles," Chanel's famous designer said to the sun.
"I don't like the sister's face. She should only show her back."

Oh, Karl.

(Said in a Harriet Winslow voice.)

When will you learn?

After slamming Adele for being "a little too fat" early this year,
you would think you would have picked up a lesson.

One thing I can guess for certain after this that you won't see
the Duchess of Cambridge sitting cozy with Karl's beloved, Victoria Beckham,
 at any Chanel shows in the near future.

Thoughts? Opinions?

Personally, I actually think it's lame how Pippa 
runs around town like she is a big-time celebrity after doing... well, nothing,
but I'm not sure that is entirely her fault.

Until the public made her butt an topic of international attention,
she was cool playing it quiet on the sidelines.

Now it's your turn, go.

images via NY Daily News


  1. haha this made me laugh! my mom says stuff like this allll the time. she is SO not PC. She's very Euro, even after 25+ years in the U.S. :) I guess the only difference is she says these things in the comfort of her own home (or, mortifyingly, in front of my in-laws..)!

  2. As much as I'm a fan of the Duchess, I think Pippa is overexposed. However, Karl Lagerfeld is completely out of line with his comments about her and Adele.

  3. Not a Pippa fan either...frankly don't get the hoopla. I heard someone say if she was a clerk in the local supermarket dressed in her market "attire" you wouldn't give a second glance, maybe to say pretty or cute girl......I agree. Love Kate and am a fan of her poise and elegance...plus they are such a darn cute couple!
    Karl is a bit provacative with his statements and I felt he was out of line on both comments, whether he is right or not is beside the point....it is downright mean to speak of ANYONE this way. You know what they say......"don't have something nice to say...don't say it"!
    Karl......if people let loose about what they think about YOUR appearance, you might reserve judgement on talking about others.

  4. Well, since I am not living in the UK I guess I don't have much to say however, I feel like she's sort of lame? Playing second fiddle to her sister. Meh, not a fan.

  5. Honestly Karl's face scares me more than Pippa's ever will. He looks like an orange prune that is mad all the time.

  6. I've lost all respect for him, he is a rude cantankerous old man.

    1. yes, i thought that too! why does he say such things??

  7. haha I kinda agree with Molly's comment. But in regards to Pippa - I think she is a little over-exposed, but like you said I think it kinda comes with the connection of her sister. I did (and do) feel bad for her when the press goes crazy on her or when someone (like Karl) attacks her. She hasn't really done anything to deserve all those negative comments and no woman deserves to be slashed on their features and individuality!

  8. Hahaha this made me so happy! You should do more commentaries like this :) I agree - its not really Pippa or her Butt's fault, though I don't think she's a person of much importance. And not half as lovely as her sister, poor thing.
    As for Karl - with a face like his, is he really in a position to be telling people to only show their backs? I mean, REALLY, Karl?

  9. Quite frankly, I don't like Karl Lagerfeld's face much, either. Making statements like that shows a true lack of style and grace, two things I think he considers rather important.
    Poor Pippa, always the bridesmaid never the bride - even when she's an actual bride she'll still be in the shadow of her sister. Not cool.

  10. I agree with you who is she, however that's WAY too harsh, and ho is he anyway? or who does he think he is?!

  11. Haha my favorite part about this post was the Family Matters reference, that just made my day :)

  12. First of all, Karl knows better. As much press as he's getting over this, it's a poor business move.

    I feel badly for Pippa. She can't win. She writes a book...and is "capitalizing off of her new found fame." She can never have a "normal" job, and she's hounded by the paparazzi, so a book seems like a decent idea, especially since it is tied to her line of work. But, she's criticized for it.

    Pippa's the Lee to our Jackie.

  13. I hate it when men criticize women as if their opinions matter. Oh man, my blood is boiling now!

  14. Karl always has something to say, doesn't he? And 90% of the time it's rude. Who is he to judge?

  15. I think he should have kept his opinion to himself if it wasn't anything nice to say. He should have commented nicely on her back side and left it at that. I feel it's rude to adore one sister and rudely criticize the other.

  16. Oh my goodness, isn't this sad! I think pippa has the mula to make some changes but she's not THAT bad... Maybe a nose job and some cuter eyebrows would up her anty, but over all does not deserve to constantly being compared to her stunning sister. When I was younger it was like that for my older sister and i and it was not fun for me... Shame on Karl!

  17. He's a jerk. Regardless of whether you think this young woman is overexposed for all the wrong reasons (which I do - and it's not her fault) it's no one's business to make catty comments about how pretty she is. Comparing her to her sister? That's just awful - whether it's a bloviating, aging, male fashionista doing it or a girl commenting on your blog post. Totally agree with Mademoiselle Michael above - Pippa can't win. She can never be normal yet everyone is mad at her for not striving to be just that.

  18. I am a huge Kate fan and I think she is prettiest. I don't dislike Pippa but I think Kate is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  19. Oh man... that is so mean! But... well, Kate is definitely the prettier sister, but why would you ever say that out loud? I totally related because I'm the less pretty sister in my family, but it's ok - I still do pretty well for myself :) Go Pippa!

  20. I love Pippa, mainly because she was able to almost outshine Kate with her behind. That is quite an accomplishment. But Karl is so talented, you almost accept that he's a jerk. Almost that is. Team Pippa or Team Karl? Definitly Team Pippa. Thanks for sharing!

    Hannah from I am a lifestyle blog

  21. I think she is a very pretty girl...just needs to lay off the tanning because it ages her. But, she is still a beautiful girl. Kate is beautiful on a whole other level...I mean, she's just stunning.
    Shame on Karl. I can't stand men like that.

  22. Ciao! Your blog is so much fun to read, I always enjoy your posts! I was wondering (and this is a super random question) but in some of your traveling pictures you're wearing a cute white infinity scarf, and I was wondering where you purchased it?
    Thanks and keep it up with this awesome blog!


  23. I love Kate and although I have no reason to love Pippa, I don't hate her. They both have fabulous style. I just love that the two main stories about Pippa are if she has worn something twice or some news about her butt. It's sily what gets reported.

  24. He is a hoot! I just discovered your blog and love it..you are too funny! Would love if you followed me back, I'm hosting an iPhone case giveaway currently!

  25. I think Karl has zero room to talk! Stylish and talented maybe...but fa-reaky-deeky! He knows we know that's not his natural skin color, right? And yay for being in Big D...and so sorry for the horrid heat! I'm game for a little lunch date if you have the time...dare we breach the online barrier?!?!?!

  26. I get why people would complain about the popularity of Pippa but making comments about her face? Rude!

  27. OH NO HE DIDN'T! Karl's just upset that Catherine has played faves with Sarah Burton. I know this because she told me last week when we met up for cocktails. You know, because we're BFFs and all. She wants to meet you, Lauren! xo, vmac


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