Winning Silver

A lot people call me lucky.

I'd just say I'm a shamelessly vigilant opportunist.

Like when Ana Pettus posted a giveaway last year
for goods over $1000 of swanky beauty goods,
I stalked it was a matter of national security.

And I won.

So am I lucky?

Or do I just have too much time on my hands?

Probably a little bit of both.

Amidst the box full of Chanel nail polish & lipsticks,
at home micro-dermabrasion & cellulite therapy kits,
there was this.

Now in my past life in Dallas,
I worked with a store who sold COR.

Our buyer gave me a sample of it at the trade show in New York
the day he initially stumbled upon their booth.

I think I threw it away in my hotel room later that night
because I didn't really want to bother with a little soap sample.

The store brought in a shipment
and I started seeing celebrity reviews on this little orb of love
that is made of actual silver
which delivers fantastic anti-bacterial elements
to help clear your complexion and fight anti-aging.

So when I found this giant-sized version in the box from Ana
I knew it was something special...
I mean, it costs £100.

At that price, you'd expect it to be made of gold... or silver.

I was unpacking some boxes last night and found it once again.
Never used, still in the original box.

I decided it was time to try it out
this little La Mer of facial soaps.

And I actually do LOVE it. 
My skin feels great 
and felt really tight afterwards.
Gotta reduce those pore sizes, baby!

So one day in-
I think it's a winner,
but time will tell.

In the meantime,
I'll just have to take Sarah Jessica Parker & Jessica Biel's endorsed word on it.

Have you ever tried COR?
Or have you ever heard of soap this expensive? :)

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  1. Wait, but seriously...does it have silver in it? Apparently silver is like really good for you. That's what I hear.... And you're lucky like my boyfriend. I, however, have a little dark rain cloud that follows me around.

  2. I have never heard of this money soap. I would love to try it...

  3. We swear by Raw African Black soap. Compared to this luxury ball it is actually dirt cheap, but we've been using it for over a year now and it has done wonders for my acnic skin
    A whole pound costs only 10 bucks. It doesn't smell nice, it doesn't look nice at all - but if works great.

  4. I am so intrigued by this! Silver good for skin…never would've thought. You ARE lucky.

  5. Silver soap - who would have thought?

    I'm certain I'd be scared to try it and then end up 'having' to spend $100 on it every month ;-) (That's a common problem of mine - falling in love with really expensive things!)

  6. wow i'll take it! sometimes i wonder about these super expensive beauty products...are they really better than clean&clear drugstore stuff? p.s. i'm probably answering my own question here but i tried chanel makeup and it really is worth the money and stays on forever!

  7. I am an AVID convert to good soap so now I'm absolutely wanting to try this. Can I say it again that you have the most randomly blessed life ever? I know you work hard, and play hard, but stuff like this is just awesome.

  8. oh my goodness I've never heard of such expensive soap! Definitely wouldn't mind trying it, though!

  9. I've never heard of this. How long is it supposed to last? I've often wondered that about the la mer line as well. I mean, a bar of dove only lasts me a couple weeks. I'll have to add it to my "one day" wish list. I still want to try that blood-orange soap you talked about one time on here.

  10. First of all, your comments on my site were so thoughtful and interesting. Literally the best feedback I've ever received.

    Now I want one of those nifty things. The misery of blogging and seeing what you could buy....

  11. Never heard of it, but it sounds amazing! Would love to try it, but will have to get lucky and win it like you did in order to do so!


  12. I've been a dedicated er for 2+ years and I love it - absolutely worth e price - worth its weight in gold!


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