Postcards from Paris

Apparently, I have a thing for Paris this week.

I guess sitting traveling between Oklahoma, Arkansas & Texas 
can leave a girl dreaming of more exotic locals.

Go figure.

As fun as Paris was this spring,
my trip there in the July weather
reminded that the beloved city of lights
is best enjoyed in actual sunlight.

C'est magnifique!

{Editor's Notes: Find my travel guide to Paris here.}

taking my souvenir drivers for a spin around the tuileries.

first course at the amazingly cosy Le Coupe Chou

I'm packing up my bags
and saying my goodbye
before returning back to the UK
from our trip to the States.

It's always a bittersweet time
as you say goodbye to so many people you love
and head back to your new normal.

The pro's & con's of life as an expat!

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. You are right - it is always bittersweet. I hate saying goodbye to my family yet I'm always excited to get back 'home.'

    Safe travels back to the UK!

  2. I'm okay with these "postcards" :)
    Eat Cake

  3. It's such a weird feeling, isn't it? I used to cry when I'd say good-bye to my family in San Francisco, but I cried when I'd leave Paris too. Your photos make me smile. In less than a month my feet will be on parisian streets! So excited! Happy Monday and safe travels to you!

  4. What amazing pictures. Paris is the one place in the world I want to go the most!

  5. You have such an eye for photography. I bet you could photograph suburbia and make it look glamorous.

    Love that love lock bridge. I saw one a few weeks ago and thought it was so sweet.

    ps... the US is sad to see you leave!

  6. These pictures are gorgeous! I want to get to Paris ASAP!

  7. Great to hear you were in Oklahoma, my hometown! It's a great place to go and visit family but doesn't compare to the more exotic places. Just got back from visiting there myself, hard to go back to my now 'normal' life but it was like a breath of fresh air. Now that I visited, I feel more ok with being gone for a little while longer. Hope you enjoyed your trip home!

  8. Maddie cuddles await your return!

  9. I am swooning hardcore over here. You always look so fabulous too. You're only adding to the allure of expat life!

  10. I absolutely cannot wait to go to Paris. Love the pictures.

  11. Love these pictures and can't WAIT to go back to Paris!

  12. Oh my. These pictures are so beautiful. The last time I was in Paris I was so broke and couldn't enjoy much :) I'd love to go back with a nice camera too!!

  13. you are too cute with your scarfy and sunglasses :)

  14. These pictures make me miss Paris so much!!!

  15. I am planning a trip to Paris for the spring and your pictures make me so much more excited!

  16. My fiance and I are planning our honeymoond in Paris. We'll be doing a week in Paris and then a week in the UK. I cannot WAIT! Our wedding is at the end of October. Is fall a nice time ot travel that way? We have no problem holding off until spring. I want to make sure we're seeing Paris and the UK at its best! Who knows when we'll be able to get back again! haha


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