Souvenir Style: Paris

It's amazing how quickly we as humans adapt.

This is true for so many situations,
but I've been thinking about it 
with regards to fashion this week.

After traveling a bit
I've come to understand
that the fashion seen in cities around the world
is a mainly a result of the climate and lifestyle.

England's crazy weather = layers, lighter coats + messy hair.
France's chilly winter = bulky scarves + warm wool coats + slim pants to offset the bulkiness
Italy's sunny beaches = as little as possible to achieve the most skin surface area to tanning

{You get the idea.}

So while I'm now back in Dallas
wearing glittery shorts, enormous necklaces & wedges,
I'm dreaming of getting back to the cooler climate
and the simpler look that I fell in love with in this spring in Paris.

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

Something about this look 
leaves me dreaming for a morning like I had this spring.

Just a normal day... running errands throughout town....
grabbing treasures from the nearby boulangerie....
walking a bit further than I'd anticipated...
and feeling like, yes, this was the life.

Where have you traveled that captured your heart (and fashion)?


  1. Yes, I would completely agree. We forget how much culture and weather plays a part in fashion. Love this roundup- how great is that sweatshirt?! XOXO, Sam

  2. It's nowhere fancy, but Oxford, Mississippi. During the week, it's Nike running shorts and t-shirts. On Sundays and gamedays, it's sundresses and suits. Knowing I only had to look nice once a week made the effort manageable. Of course, it probably skewed my perception of the real world, but it sure was fun for four years.

  3. I fell in love with Paris when I was 5 (pain au chocolat + chocolat chaud every day for breakfast = 5 year old heaven) and I'll be back there in one week's time. Hurrah!
    Sadly my love for Paris is not reflected in my fashion sense, but I do own a ridiculous number of striped tops (surely that counts?!)...

  4. I love Paris as well; I especially love all their scarves! New York City is kind of nice as well because there are so many different looks that you can fit in anywhere.

  5. It's always Paris for me. :) Can you post a photo of you wearing the glittery shorts please?!

  6. I love LA fashion. I'm a California girl, and whenever I go there I just love how people are obviously casual yet not sloppy- they got the look down right! But I love this outfit... I long for the days I can wear a sweet little sweater again.

  7. I lovvvve your descriptions of your life, and the different styles that life calls for! So beautiful! Reminds me of "A Severe Mercy" - ever read it?

  8. It depends on the season- fall/winter I tend to look a little more towards London for inspiration & spring towards Paris. Summer I look towards the Cape/Nantucket. With a nice DC blazer thrown in, haha.

    Not saying I achieve any of them but at least I pin a lot of inspiration from these areas!

  9. It is so true how different climates and attitudes affect styles in different locations! In Dallas it is so hot in the summer my uniform always consists of shorts!

  10. Paris is my favorite city in the world (San Francisco coming in at a close second of course). You make me want to be there immediately! P.S. Loved your pics from the Opening Ceremony! Amazing!

  11. I feel your pain! Texas is killer right now. (I live in North Houston.) Oddly enough, I lived in San Diego, CA, through college but felt more "at home" in east coast weather when I moved to NYC. Even though I grew up in a beach city, I would take a crisp autumn with mountains and vibrant leaves any day. I wish I could dress for fall year-round, mostly. I love the outfit you posted. I would just swap the heels for some boots. :-)

  12. Listen. I have noticed you wearing the chambray shirt and think every time - how is it possible that looks so perfect on her? Love the whole outfit above and definitely agree with the "climate is the mother of closets" theory. Israel has already made me consider how to expand my summer closet without always looking like we're on our way to the beach...which is also true. Enjoy Texas and her style (and food!)

  13. this is so you! Are you back?!? meeting soon??

  14. I've been dying for that sweatshirt!


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