Downton Abbey: Back in Britain

Some of my stateside friends
were bemoaning the airing 
of Downton Abbey's Season Three premier 
here in the UK last night.

Yeah, sucks to be you America.

I'm totally kidding,
 I love America...
but it is tragic that you won't have it
until several months down the line.

When I am into a series,
whether it is book or film,
I absolutely hate when people drop spoilers.

{Wouldn't that be soooo Edith of me?}

When someone is a step ahead of me in reading or watching 
and starts a sentence with the phrase,
"I'm not giving anything away, BUT.... "
it makes me fussy.

Because, as well all know, they actually DO give something away.

With that perspective in mind,
I'm going to do my very best to keep quiet 
on the weekly happenings of Downton
until my American friends can catch up.

So since I can't tell you any details,
I'll just tell you...
the awesomeness that you fell in love with
from Seasons 1 & 2,
well... it's still there.

My mom was here watching it with me 
and we were in the zone.

You have good things waiting for you.

While you're dreaming of Season 3,
here are some dreamy shots of my favorite, Lady Mary Crawley.

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  1. So jealous! I envision you watching it while drinking tea & eating biscuits. Something ridiculously British :)

  2. Ah, dying to see it! I'm in Norway and we don't get ITV. I need to find a way to watch it!

  3. That WOULD be so Edith!
    Also, you kind of looke like Lady Mary. Lucky for you, she's gorgeous :)
    Eat Cake

  4. Agh! I am jealous! Cara and I watched all of season 2 this weekend. I can't stop thinking about Mary and Matthew. Enjoy!

  5. Oh, this makes me so jealous!!! I can't wait for the new season. I've even grown quite fond of Edith!

  6. I have yet to start watching this show...but it's on my list of things to do! I can't wait. These pictures look so awesome.

  7. So jealous. And PS "That would be so Edith of me" is why I love you

  8. I am so jealous!!! I kept seeing tweets yesterday about the Downton Abbey premiere and I'm just itching to see it!!

  9. I am so so jealous. I NEED to find a way to watch it before January. It's torture seeing people discuss it on Twitter.

  10. I just watched it this morning! (Our tv/stuff shipped last Friday, so I had to wait for online viewing.) So, so good! Lady Edith has gotten far more sympathetic now, though, thanks to Sir Anthony (and this was my end-of-season-2 opinion, so no spoiler!). Love Downton!!

  11. I like to think it was the best episode ever!! Thanks to Tumblr, I found a link to watch it last night even though I'm in the states. Who does PBS think they are by having us wait till January! Not gonna happen mister.

  12. i've been thinking of trying this show out - your post has cemented that idea!

  13. she is just so stunning! i can't wait to watch it up on catch up this evening--can't wait!

  14. Ahhhh!!! You lucky duck! Well, I, for one, love spoilers! So if you feel so inclined, feel free to drop me a line and dish the scoop on episode 1. I'd love you forever!

  15. I have not watched this series... so if I get the first 2 seasons, you think by the time I finish the 2nd season the 3rd season will start airing here in the States? haha

  16. Ahhh this post made me so happy, I love all these beautiful pics! I cannot WAIT for Downtown to come back on in the States!! xoxo

  17. Yet another reason why my life pales in comparison... which is ironic because it's really sunny here and not so much over there. I digress... You sooo belong in Downton Abbey. Seriously. You were born for that beautiful time period.

  18. I really need to start watching this show. The pictures are stunning, so I need to break down and watch it!
    Libby at

  19. obsessed with this show.. literally, obsessed.

  20. Hahaha your "sooo Edith" comment is totally delightful! Love it. Ten points to Aspiring Kennedy for her superior mind in avoiding spoiling!

  21. I tried SO hard not to Tweet spoilers. I failed. very sad to be going back to the States later this week because it means I'll miss the rest! boo :(

  22. I HATE when people spoil things. So frustrating. Why can't everyone experience it for the first time? I can't wait to watch season three!!! Also, the next Sherlock season is taking forever. ;)

  23. Oh my goodness, I am so jealous. Thank you for not sharing spoilers, because I too get fussy when people do that. I can't for it to get stateside!

  24. I tried to find a way to stream it on the internet from a UK site, but never could find one. Boo!!! I did, however, see that you could preorder the season DVD set on amazon and it ships mid-January. So, for all the Americans who are impatient (ME!!!), at least I can have a Season 3 marathon all in one day in January.
    Pathetic...I know.
    I can't wait to see Shirley!!!

  25. I seriously need to start watching this show. I've had about 50000 people tell me I'd be obsessed with it, and I think they're right!

  26. Although I live in California, I was able to watch the premiere thanks to Project Free TV. Absolutely in love with that show! :D

  27. I love, love, love, Downton Abbey! I can't wait to see the new season! It has been quite a while since I saw the end of season 2; I may need to rewatch it over again before January! Thanks for no spoilers!!!!


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