The Most Epic BLATE Ever.

For those of you who don't know
a "blate" is a blogger date.

A few months back, 
over dinner in Glasgow
Megan & I started scheming up 
what could be an amazing hen-do blate
{hen-do = British bachelorette party}
after her and Stephen got engaged.

{We had a feeling it was right around the corner.}

Obviously, I suggested Italy.

Obviously, Megan thought it wasn't a terrible idea.

Fast forward to 3 months later,
and I'm sitting on the rug of my living room 
packing for a 5 day get away to Tuscany
with two of my favorite blogging friends.

{Us American ExPats in Europe have to stick together.}

We meet in Pisa tomorrow
where we will drive to a villa
and lounge in the country for two days...
after that, our men come to join the party.

I simply can't wait for several reasons:

1. It's so fun to spend time with blogger friends in real life.
Getting to have girl time with Megan & Liz is just what the doctor ordered.

2. We will be in Lucca, which (as I have previously said) 
is Tyler & my's favorite city in the world.
That's a bold statement, but we love it there.
 Remember when I spent my birthday there last year?

3. There is this really awesome gelateria there 
with a particular homemade flavor that I love, Raffaello.

It's white chocolate, hazlenut and fresh coconut... just like the candy truffles. 

Last summer, we drove all the way from Florence on our last night
and each ate a large cone full of it...
and went back in for a second cone when we finished.

So yeah, that's another pretty big draw.

If you could join us in Tuscany, 
what would you insist on doing/eating/seeing?

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  1. i would insist on drinking and eating cheese and drinking some more.

    soo.. i can come, right?

  2. this sounds amazing. i would be sure to take a cooking class..hope you have the best time!

  3. are way too lucky!!! I would be eating lots of gelato among other Italian delights...and drinking lots and lots of wine! Have an amazing trip - I will be following along on Instagram and Twitter...xoxoxo

  4. I love Tuscany (who doesn't, right?)! If I could go back, I'd love to go to one of the spas there. I can't imagine a more relaxing place to just walk around in a robe and enjoy the scenery at...and eat cheese and drink wine! And I'd definitely demand some Rissoto for dinner!
    I'm pretty easy to please...just being with girlfriends and walking around Italy would be good enough for me. No plans...just eat and be merry!

    1. I didn't get risotto... tragic, I know! Don't worry... next time! It's one of my favorite things. :)

      And we subscribed to your idealogy... just wandered around, chatting & eating!

  5. If I was in Florence I'd go to this little restauraunt called cafe giotto about ten blocks past the duomo in my old neighborhood and get a pizza margherita, tortellini alla panna and a big salad-the meal I ate almost nightly while I studied abroad. Have a beautiful weekend!!

  6. Amazing! This sounds like sooo much fun! Hopefully I can have one of these when I'm engaged!


  7. Crickey I have never been so jealous! I love blates, Megan, you and Italy. I bet I would love Liz if I knew her also!

  8. i'd be happy for you if I wasn't so jealous. give Megan a ridiculously huge hug for me.

  9. I also adore Lucca! Have you been to Sienna? Another truly amazing place!

  10. Ahhh, so excited for you guys! It's going to be the best hen-do ever!


  11. this post made me even MORE excited. which i didnt even think was possible.

  12. Sounds like so much fun!! Drink some wine and enjoy the countryside. Tuscany is on my bucket list!

  13. So jealous! Hope you girls have the best time ever!

  14. I would insist on having a fine Italian meal....with you in Tuscany!


    Megan is my soulmate. Yes, that was creepy. Whatever.

  16. Have a great time! That is one Hell of a hen-do!

  17. What an epic trip this will be!! Y'all have so much fun!! I already told Megan to eat lots of gelato and pizza/paninis, so I'm expecting big things.

  18. beautiful tuscany-i have great holiday memories from there. have fun with the girls

  19. So jealous! Have an amazing time! xx

  20. I also love Lucca! It is one of my favorite Italian towns. My favorite is bike riding around the city walls.

    I would love to join you or any of the ladies on the next adventure. I am currently in Madrid for a year and I am hoping to travel all over!!

  21. Dying of jealousy. Oh man there are so many wonderful things. Mainly just sit, drink wine, linger over lunch and go for long strolls. And take beautiful instagrams, of course!

  22. I am so jealous. I love Tuscany. My favorite thing is to climb to the top of the Duomo in Florence. Ahh its amazing.

    1. One of my favorites, too... or the bell tower! I just sometimes get... ahem, a little lazy!

  23. I want to go on a BLATE!!! That'd be so much fun!!! xoxo


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