A Quick Trip to Camelot

After all the emotion from the election
seems to have died down,
let's enjoy a bit of Presidential style
that we can all, unanimously, agree upon.

{Plus, it is Monday and can only help.}

I was encouraged by the latest cover of The Economist...
it summed up so perfectly my feelings towards last week's results.

So with that, I leave you will their order:

 Democrats, it's time to go hug a republican.

Republicans, it's time to hug them back.

It's only by working together that 
we can make any sense of this mess we're in
and find ourselves back in prettier times.

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  1. YES! Agree, agree, agree!


  2. Lauren,
    Great post. As a Mom, I so much want a prettier country and life ahead for today's youth and I think we all need to exude the spirit of sportsmanship, roll up our sleeves and take this country forward. I vote for pretty too.

  3. Jackie and her perfection. its all i can see.

  4. Great post, Lauren! Loved the pictures and loved what you said as well!

  5. Love teh Kennedy's. Jackie is absolute perfection!!


  6. Are you saying you agree with the cover, or the commentary on the link you gave us? I personally liked their version Republicans, now hug President Obama. :) BTW there are not enough beautiful black and white photos these days. sigh

  7. I love those shots and completely agree with you. It's time for everyone to work together! Hope you are well!

  8. these photos are classic!And yes, so cliche...but it's high time to be a TEAM now!

  9. Was the coverage of the election talked about much in the UK at all or did you have to watch everything online? And Jackie O. What a gal.

  10. That would be nice, wouldn't it? Hugs?

    Love the Kennedy photos!
    I read a book called "Just Jackie: The Private Years"- made me love Jackie all the more!
    Eat Cake

  11. amazing words! hugs can solve so much if only we'd let them... the kennedys were the best - i think JFK has always been my very favorite president because my first grade teacher was named after him (John Kennedy ha!) and that man was such a good impact on my life.

  12. Love love love it. My hope for our politicians is that they can find common ground and come together to serve the people they were elected to represent. I also hope the people they represent can do the same and now throw them to the wolves every time something happens they do not agree with. Basically the whole country needs compromise classes.

  13. So glad I found your blog... please tell me you've read Mrs. Kennedy and Me by Clint Hill! Checkout my blog if you get a chance, and follow if you like!



  14. couldn't agree more... and oh how stunning is jackie??

  15. The Kennedys... sigh. Gone are those days in America, I fear. But I will forever, at the very least, love their style. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  16. The Kennedys really are the closest thing we have to American royalty. When I was in DC last week, I loved checking out the First Ladies exhibit at the American History museum and seeing Jackie's dresses, state dinnerware, accessories, etc. Gorgeous and classic all the way.

    Stephanie (Big Mario Life)

  17. Such a good reminder after this election. PS I love the Economist. Also love Jackie. She was in a league all her own.

  18. Oh, Jackie O! She was like our Kate Middleton. Love looking at pictures of the Kennedy's.
    Yes, this election has for sure put a damper in the air. I think we can all agree this place is in some need of TLC.

  19. They were both so fabulous! They were stylish and so good looking! Love the Kennedys!


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