Just Your Average {Aspiring Kennedy's} Day

I think in blogging
its easy to make this space
a haven for venting.

We use the term "keeping it real"
to gripe and complain
about things...
and honestly, I try to not do that here.

You guys have enough going on in your own life...
you don't need to hear about my own drama
and honestly, it's a good mental exercise 
for me to find a nice element of life
and savour it a little here.

I really believe that almost every single day has those moments.

In the midst of what has been a really hectic and not-so-awesome week
mixed with getting sick, work junk and spending last night in the hospital with a student,
I was starting to get dragged down into Snarkyville.

But all it took was spending the afternoon with people who are happy 
and a surprise run-in with Tyler at the grocery store to get me back in stride.

Suddenly, life seems okay again.

Actually, it's better than okay.

It's really good.

Our Christmas Card after moving into our first home, 2008.

I'm sitting here with a giant belly
half-full of babies & half-full of chinese food
while I watch 30 Rock
 and nurse a bloody nose.

{Editor's note: Now that is keeping it real, folks.}

Life isn't always perfect...
but man, most days are pretty good, aren't they?

Here's to good normal days...
and the occasional glorious ones
captured in the moments below.

5th Anniversary- NY, NY (Photo by: Victoria Wall Harris)

2nd Anniversary- Victoria, B.C.

4th Anniversary- Cortona, Italy

Iceland, 2012

*all images original to aspiring kennedy


  1. love your kissing pics. In a very non-creepy way. prom.

  2. Ah! And this is why we love you! Um... cutest Christmas pic ever. EVER!
    30 Rock? You are my new best friend.

  3. I agree with Grace! Love the pics because they're just so sweet!

  4. Each day is generally good, yes. :)
    Definitely digging the kissy pictures- although I'm sure at some point one or both of your babes will gasp, "Ew! Mommmm. Daddddd!"

    Eat Cake

  5. You guys are so cute and you would be the farthest from my mind as a blogger who vents or is negative. Great pics, I especially love the first House Christmas card-so clever! :)

    I hope you feel better soon. XO

  6. I was a wee bit "cranky" last night as we lost power again and my husband was stranded at the train station....and I could not get the garage open. My sister said, drink some warm milk, go to bed and you will feel better in the morning. TRue.
    I think venting is ok but kissing pictures are so much better.

  7. Keeping on kissin'! It always help to make things seem a bit better. :)

  8. i love all of these pictures.. you two are the best!

  9. you two cutie pies!!! I never tire of all those pics!!

  10. Amen, amen, amen. I feel lucky because my husband and I are like each others cheer leaders. If one of us starts sulking too much, the other one brings them back to reality: our life is awesome.
    OK, and when you said the bloody nose thing, I thought you were saying "bloody" the way the Brit's do. And I was like "what's wrong with her nose?? Oh...wait, she literally means she has a bloody nose!" LOL!!!

  11. These pictures are so sweet! And that Christmas card? Best idea I've ever seen. #nailedit

  12. these are such sweet photos! i love your first christmas card, i totally want to do something like that, and we're running out of time...i can't believe it's november already.

  13. Cute, cute, cute! Every last one of them!!!

  14. Your blog is just the sweetest thing I've ever read. Congratulations on the twin girls, and I wish you health, happiness, babies and enough room in the belly for some good chinese sometimes!

  15. Although all of the pictures are adorable, I LOVE the 2008 Christmas card?

  16. Love the last one in Iceland! And your Christmas card is classic- so cute! Puts all others to shame.

  17. "I'm sitting here with a giant belly
    half-full of babies & half-full of chinese food
    while I watch 30 Rock"

    This would be a pretty perfect evening for me, I can't imagine how happy you must be just now.

  18. Love your sweet pictures and I couldn't agree more. Life is pretty good and those "moments" are everywhere :). Xox

  19. Truth!! Occasionally I feel a little wrath from annon comments that I don't share enough - aka gripe. That's the last thing I want to strive for! Life is too short and too beautiful.

    Awesome pics my friend. That Christmas card is the best I've seen!

  20. i know what you mean about not wanting to moan too much on the blog, i haven't had the best week either so there might have been a slight whinge--aren't my readers lucky people ;)

    and at least its friday which means the weekend yey!

  21. Hot dog! I was just telling my sister that this morning, because I was in a snarky mood... different story. Road rage in the states, you know the story.

    It got me thinking how just ONE person who wakes up on "the wrong side of the bed" can entail a butterfly effect of mood swings. I appreciate bloggers 'keeping it real' because it's super easy to see how some can put on facade. It makes you human and it makes you relatable.

    Good share :)


  22. It's not realllllyyyyy keeping it real until you post the photo of that bloody nose. Then you've really hit rock bottom.

  23. it's too easy to start complaining about the little things, but that's one thing i love about blogging so much, it helps me remember to look, see and appreciate the little things and when this are a little down, knowing it will all go back up hill again soon.

  24. You guys are just the very cutest! If there was no normalcy in life, or even no "bad moments," then how are we to know and savor the really, really good ones? Great post!

  25. I LOVE these photos- so cute and romantic! Even though you are not at all complaining hang in there! I had several bloody noses (and gums) - still do. I'm officially on bed rest until further notice, but as long as our little Franks are healthy I don't mind if they glue my butt to the couch!!!! :)

    Can't wait to read more about your pregnancy!

  26. haha i love the first picture~ So cute! I want photos like this with my boyfriend~


  27. I seriously love all of these photos!!! Hang in there girl!

  28. Sorry about your rough week, hope you manage to find the "rainbow in all the rain". Thinking of you and sending virtual hugs! Absolutely loving these photos - such a great idea in different countries!

  29. no worries chickadee, we all have those days. things will perk up and in the meantime just look at some travel pics and chit chat with the twins. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  30. You guys are too cute. Seriously.

    I've been having serious nasal issues this entire pregnancy. Haven't had a full-on nose bleed, but every morning I use about 3 tissues and there's always blood. Sorry if that's TMI. Oh the wonders of pregnancy.

  31. I totally understand what you're talking about. It's so hard sometime not to release all the venting into the blog world. Way to step it up and be positive. Loving all your super cute photos!


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