Pack Your Bags: The South Shore, Iceland

Is it cold yet where you live?

It's pretty darn wintery feeling here in England.

Almost about the same temperatures 
that we were experiencing two months ago in Iceland.

Not that it is too surprising to find yourself
bundled up in a land named, well, after frozen water.

Don't worry though.

Despite the low temps,
you are typically so excited by the endless rainbows and waterfalls
you can find yourself jumping and skipping 
your way into a nice sweat.

Here are some of the gorgeous sites we saw
after leaving Reykjavic 
and heading out into the unknown
under the care of our awesome outfitters, Nature Explorer Iceland.

Getting my baby bump on at Skaftafell National Park.

The glorious (and famous) waterfalls,  Skogafoss.

Heading to Iceland's fourth largest glacier, Myrdalsjokull.

As close to the glacier that we could safely get. You can fall hundreds of feet in the cracks. Beware!

See what I mean?

This place could have anyone
 finding themselves in a hot fuss
over how gorgeous it is.

Just pack some warm boots, a bit of Gore-Tex
and your acclimating emotions will take care of the rest.

If you're planning a trip to Iceland,
here are some of the things we did (and loved) on Iceland's South Shore:

We stayed at Hotel Laki (recommended!),
took a boat ride through a glacier lagoon called Jokulsarlon,
went horseback riding on funny little Icelandic ponies at Hestheimar,
visited the stunning waterfalls of Skogafoss & Seljalandsfoss
and hiked through Skaftafell National Park.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. Only slightly chilly during the day in the ATL...but colder at night. It's a comfortable cold right now, which I LOVE!
    Ok, and I kind of want to go to Iceland just to get a cute kissing picture like yours. (By the way, I'm super jealous of your bird one in Venice...why didn't I think of that?!?!). Seriously, yes it sounds like a really neat place.

  2. Oh Lord... Iceland never ceases to amaze me! Your picturs are gorgeous, as usual... and is that a pregnant little you climbling up those rocks??? You are adventurous! I hope this is not the last of your Iceland recaps.

  3. Iceland looks so beautiful. More posts and cute baby bump pictures! Someday, I bet your kids will love looking back on these pictures and seeing where they traveled with you! Also, do you know who makes your boots? I've been looking for a good winter pair and I really love yours!

  4. Iceland is definitely one of a kind place... such gorgeous views!
    I loved both the baby bump and rainbow pictures, so precious :)
    The Brazilian Way of Life

  5. Okay I want to go NOW. It seems so romantic in all the right ways :)

  6. Amazing! The pictures are breathtaking! Looks like so much fun.

    You are such a cute little preggo!

  7. These pictures are amazing!! We're headed to Iceland for 10 days in June, renting a car and we dont know where the hell we're going yet so thanks so much for the tips!!! :)

  8. Oh my, holy gorgeousness!! Honestly dont know if I would have considered Iceland as a wanderlust pick before, but after seeing your posts it's officially on the list!

  9. Oh my glorious! Your photos are stunning (and baby bump adorable!) I would gladly bundle up for sights like this. Iceland may not be permanently cemented on my wish list.

    p.s. I love England this time of year. I lived there for a short stint, and miss it terribly, especially as the holidays begin to buzz!

  10. wow what a gorgeous place!! makes me want to visit iceland now and i love your outfit

  11. I hope your waterfall/rainbow pic was considered for a Christmas card - too cute!!!

  12. ok, so now i want to plan a trip to iceland! i think the husband and i will stick closer to shore though and get to thailand before baby comes next year. p.s. congratulations on your twins! xo

  13. INCREDIBLE!! i never thought i'd want to go to iceland but now i do!

  14. looking through these pictures makes me think i'm watching a nature documentary! so fun and beautiful!

  15. My husband and I have wanted to go to Iceland for a few months now...and these pictures are only making that worse! We have some saving to do before we go, but it looks like such a great time - thanks for all the recommendations + ideas! xoxo, eliza

  16. This is the coolest (haha) place Ive seen in a long time, and never thought to go to Iceland. Of course, it's pretty far from Virginia here! The waterfall and rocks are so beautiful. Im so glad you had a wonderful getaway!
    xo Nancy

  17. Wow Iceland looks beautiful! Its not a destination I hear of too often, but its definitely one I'm adding to the list :).

  18. wowzahhh this IS the trip of a life time! love the photos :) xo

  19. Wow! These pictures are really amazing! It's such a beautiful country! I really want to go there some day :)

  20. Oh my gosh! All of these photos look so great!! That glacier is amazing! So is the waterfall!


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