Thanksgiving Goes Global

There are a lot of reasons to be thankful tomorrow.

When you're surrounded by people you love,
eating delicious food in lovely homes,
and enjoying the luxury of PTO...
it's easy to remember how good life is.

It's a little hard to feel those same feelings
when you are an ocean away
living in a country
that doesn't celebrate
or acknowledge this holiday.

So how does an expat cope
on this most American of holidays?

I've asked three of my favorite displaced bloggers
to chime in on how they celebrate Thanksgiving
where ever it is they've found themselves today.

Read more from Megan's hilarious life in Scotland here.

Read more from Liz's charming life in Amsterdam here.

Read more from Amanda's sweet life in Japan here.

So how will we be celebrating?
Well, if you've seen my instagrams,
you might know I'm in Scotland.

I'll be taking my students to St. Andrews
for a proper American Thanksgiving dinner

So when you can't be at home
eating seconds thirds of your mom's cherry pie-
you learn to find the next best thing.

And let me tell you...
being in a place like St. Andrews 
kinda does help ease the pain.

I'll be enjoying the day
being thankful for the jackpot God has given me:
his endless love, 
the funnest & nicest husband alive,
two (!) healthy baby girls,
work that constantly challenges & fulfills me,
a huge family who I couldn't love more,
and all of you, my blog family!

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  1. So, I'm not american and even I miss celebrating Thanksgiving :)
    Favorite american holiday right there!
    And how cool that all of you found a way to cope with that and do your own thing.
    The Brazilian Way of Life

  2. One of the hardest times I had living abroad was thanksgiving. I guess because everyone over there just went about their business, like it was any other day (!) which I guess it was to them. I took advantage by having friends-giving and introducing expats from all over to some traditional american holiday food - authentic ingredients found at Selfridges food hall - $$$.

    Enjoy your time in Scotland! Happy Thursday over there!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, my beautiful friend!!!! Such a perfect post for this time of year. I love both Megan and Amanda. You all keep talking about Liz I feel as if I should know her, also.

    Will be thinking of you as I eat my fourths and fifths.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you have a lovely day!

  5. The year I lived in England, one of my flatmate's (who was also American) and I made a Thanksgiving dinner for some of our friends. That was fun because it was one British girl, a woman from Belize, a woman from Kenya, and a woman from Iran. It was also the first time I had cooked Thanksgiving by myself.

    I'm sure the food you'll have will be better than what I managed to scrounge together. :)

  6. My husband has to work this year so there's not family celebration for us- I think I'm just starting to realize how much this will suck to be alone on Thanksgiving! I can't imagine being in another country but think a big meal in Scotland sounds good :)

  7. this is my first thanksgiving abroad! i'm sad i won't be back in the states but we are having a pool party instead. its summer here in argentina so i can't really complain!

    xo the egg out west.

  8. Oh, what a joy to read this and be reminded that we here in the US need to be ever so thankful for all that we have been blessed with! And to never take these blessings for granted! I also cannot wait to check out these other blogs that look wonderful! HappyThanksgiving to you! Thank you for all of your wonderful posts this past year! I am so very excited for you with these two precious baby girls that you are going to experience! What a joy!

  9. Happy (almost) Thanksgiving Lauren & Tyler (and babies!)! I love your list of thanks and, as ever, I love your blog and the way it gives me a little window back to my life in London :)

  10. We have friends that have been expats here in Japan for decades, for us this is our first Thanksgiving here. They like to joke that Thanksgiving is on Saturday because the locals don't quite get taking the day off. I did mix some local candied kumquats into my cranberry relish; my husband was initially concerned that even Thanksgiving had gone Asian - but it tastes delicious!

  11. Happy Thanksgiving! I've only ever been away from home once on Thanksgiving, when I went to NYC for the Macy's Parade with a friend in college. We ended up being the only two people in a Cuban restaurant eating chicken, plantains, and flan. It's not the same as being overseas, but I thought my quirky little Thanksgiving was kind of fun! Hope you find plenty of joy in your overseas Thanksgiving. So glad you have so much to be thankful for this year!

  12. Lauren,
    Just think honey, next year you will have two little mouths to introduce Thanksgiving to. I know being away from home makes us ponder life and all that we left behind like Mom's cherry pie. I told my (13) year old daughter yesterday that she needs to take notes and start learning how to make Thanksgiving dinner. She gave me a good scream as any teenager would do and a big "Seriously MOM, that's your job.
    Now you and Mr.Aspring Kennedy enjoy this Thanksgiving in peace and quiet where ever you roam cause next year you are in for a turkey ride with those twins.
    blessings to you sweetie. Feel good and rub that belly for me.

  13. Holidays are harder when you are away but also interesting. I have had some amazing Thanksgivings spent here in Norway. I miss my family terribly, but it is so fun introducing Norwegians to my traditional turkey dinner. Having great family and friends here makes it easier. Have a fun holiday! -Heidi

  14. happy thanksgiving! i hope you have a wonderful time in st. andrews :) xx

  15. Happy Thanksgiving! I'll make sure to eat some extra pie for you and the babies!

  16. beautiful thoughts! it is always fascinating to see how, during the uncertainties and the new adventures of foreign adventure and ex-pat life, we maintain our traditions and forge new ones!

  17. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a most wonderful day! :)

  18. Even though I miss my family at holiday time, I'm beginning to love Thanksgiving abroad (this is my 3rd). Sharing an American meal with friends from different parts of the US and Europe (and still being able to find the ingredients for everything on base, since my husband is military stationed in Spain) is such a wonderful experience. And I definitely don't miss all the Black Friday craziness! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


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