2012- An (Aspiring) Year in Review

Only a few more hours left here in England
until 2013 makes its way into our lives
and 2012 is gone for good.

{Except for our facebook timeline & Instagram feeds.}

Isn't it funny how certain years stand out in our minds as good, solid years...
while some years are just so miserable
you can't wait to lock them up and forget about them completely?

I hope that 2012 hasn't been one of those years for you,
but if it has- have hope!

Life is good
and better days will be back soon.

I love using this blog to record what is going on in our lives.

In the midst of chaos,
it helps to have an outlet to journal what all we do & what we see...
and it also helps me remember what all happened.

{Sometimes I'm fairly certain I have the memory of a golden retriever.}

So here we go...
the highlights of 2012-
a year that I am happy to pack away
with good thoughts and fond memories.













Our 2012 Christmas Card.


That line up makes me tired just reading.

When I see it in writing, I realize just how much traveling we actually do...
which works out well, since we love it & my job requires it.

Who knows what 2013 will bring for us,
but I know that regardless of it is the same or different,
it's going to be good.

Happy New Years Eve!

I'll catch you on the flip side... but until then,
what's been a highlight of 2012 for you?


  1. Iceland (and their ponies) was definitely one my highlights this year too! :)

  2. What a beautiful review of your past year! Thanks for sharing these special moments with us. Congrats again on the babies :) 2013 should definitely be an exciting year!!

    Holistic Health Coach

  3. What an amazing and adventurous year you've had! Happy New Year!

  4. wow, amazing year! you sound like you have the best job! best wishes in 2013 - babies!:)

  5. So. Much. Traveling!!! I'm suffering major wanderlust right now! I hope you and Tyler have a WONDERFUL start to the new year - I know it's going to be a great one! :)

  6. Exhausting! Hope I can meet up with you and the babes next year when I'm next in London.

  7. And I've read every single post. Boomshakalaka!

  8. What an amazing year you had! 2013 will definitely bring some amazing things for you two - i can't wait!

    My biggest 2012 memory? Our wedding. And moving back home. My heart is so full this near year's eve...I can hardly stand it!

  9. Happy New Year! I am so excited for you two and 2013 (and your baby girls). It was exciting to look through all of these because I didn't really start following your blog until this summer. You've had a great year. You visited some of my favorite places all in 1 year (Loire Valley, Swiss Alps, Rome...). Girl, you are living my dream. Babies and all. Salud!

  10. So fun! It's been a joy to follow you this year Lauren. All your trips and adventures have me dreaming of traveling abroad myself and possibly doing graduate school in Europe. Can't wait for those babies to arrive! Thanks for all the laughs and fun.

  11. 2012 was kind of eh for me. Definitely looking forward to a more exciting 2013!

    Your year on the otherhand was crazy- lies in the vlog! Can't wait to read all about the baby girls when they arrive :)

  12. This is going to sound very cliche, but I have just enjoyed watching my children learn new things and over come obstacles...Audrey (the girl twin) finally learning to walk (and now run), watching Ella learn how write all her letters and starting to read a few words, watching my son show compassion towards his sisters if they fall and get hurt.
    And celebrating 10 years of marriage with Andrew!

  13. Oh my God!
    This blog is Wonderful!!!!!!
    I really really love it!
    And good luck for 2013!

  14. Love your blog! Happy New Year!!

  15. Happiest of New Years! Thank you for all of your help this past 2012 with guest posting on my site...and giving me tips on places to see during my visit to London this past May (Portobello Road Market was one of my favorite spots!) I hope you have a wonderful year and thanks for being one of my favorite bloggers!

  16. what a wonderful year! happy new years to you, the mister and the babies!! i can't wait to see what 2013 has to offer :) xoxo

  17. I loved your year in review! It's been quite a year for you and I've enjoyed reading about it. I can't wait to read about 2013. :)

  18. Going to Frace with you was one of my biggest highlights! Oh, and seeing that baby bump in person :)

  19. You had an incredible year, and 2013 will be just as great with those babies on the way! :)

  20. Happy 2013 -- I'm getting back into blogging this year, and was delighted to read all of the wonderful things that have happened in your life lately. Many congratulations on the pregnancy -- such exciting news! It seems like you traveled to some wonderful places last year, too!


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