It's (still) a Wonderful Life.

As we straddle the end of Christmas
and await NYE celebrations,
I'm finding myself in the middle of a quick downshift
from the holiday madness.

While most of the time,
the buzz around the holidays is referred to with a roll of the eyes,
I actually love the holiday madness
and this year, we found it especially hard to give up.

After spending the first half of December in the States,
we headed back to London
to host my (entire!) family
for a very special Christmas in London.

It was magical and perfect
and all that you could really hope for...
minus the constant drizzle of rain!

So after we said goodbye to the last of our entourage yesterday,
we found ourselves moping about in our flats
and feeling a little claustrophobic.

It was time for some fresh air
and a reminder that life was still going on
and how absurdly lucky we are to be living in a great place...
even if that sometimes means you are far away from people you love.

We headed out feeling pretty fussy.

grabbed some beverages for the journey....

and wandered down to Portobello Road.

I've found that walking around Notting Hill, 
makes it hard to stay blue
when everything else is so bright and cheery.

Sometimes this place can even make me prance a little.

When we arrived to the market,
we headed straight to Poundland where we refilled
on essentials like batteries & shower gel.

Then we stocked up at Cath Kidston's after Christmas sale with £6 of goods.

The streets were full of people who were wandering around
and enjoying the adventure of being somewhere fun.

"Chinease Pears?" Hmm....

The feeling soon became contagious 
and, as the rain started to fall harder,
our spirits lifted back to a state of normalcy.

I may have even slipped on some rain water at a deli
and flailed my bulbous pregnant-self down a flight of stairs
into a horrified audience of people eating dinner
 earning me one of the world's ugliest bruises on my butt.

But somehow, 
even that didn't really matter.

By the time we got back home,
we were normal again
and I even made a homemade chicken pot pie.

{Which would indicate I was feeling obscenely better than average.}

I hope that where ever you are today between the holidays,
you find yourself happy & content!

{And far away from any slick stairs.}

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. Aww, I was thinking about you just earlier wishing you and burgeoning yours all the very best for 2013.

  2. gorgeous photos... I love Notting Hill, there is something about that area that just makes me happy :)

  3. LAUREN, BE CAREFUL!!!! I don't want you slipping and falling again, please!!! :( Glad you had such fun with your family. I love all of you guys! Happy 2013- can't wait for those baby girls to make their appearance! love- JMC

  4. You fell?! What?! Be careful, my love!!!

  5. First off, I'm so glad you're okay! Take care of yourself and your little one!! Second, I totally understand that feeling. Already I'm feeling a bit of the post-Christmas blues : ( But looking at your pictures and thinking, "How can she be sad being THERE?!" made me realize I have a lot to be thankful for that I don't necessarily consider myself : ) So thanks for the reminder!

  6. I LOVE the Chinese pears. We have them here in Korea and they're a nice blend of extra crunchy with a hint of sweet.

  7. Portobello Road. A perfect choice for that walk after your family left. Seattle has had almost constant rain as well... and I don't find it half as exciting as London. I know 2013 will be a great year for you and your better half! Joyeuse année 2013. Stay healthy and happy! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  8. yesterday i left my family and was feeling pretty blue too but some time laughing and a cup of tea and some cookie cake made everything a little better :)

  9. Sheesh what is it with falling? I fell down a flight of stairs just last week. Granted, your fall sounds a lot worse. Mine was at least within the privacy of our home.

    And the blues that comes along after the holidays definitely wears me out. If only the holiday spirit could last year 'round!

  10. Gosh be careful!! Happy new year by the way, what an exciting few months ahead for you!

  11. Loved these photos :)
    Portobello Road always reminds me of the movie "Bed Knobs and Broomsticks" :)

    Take Care, you!

    Manda from Eat Cake

  12. great photos - glad you were able to get out and about and that your spirits were lifted!! xoxo happy new year!!

  13. Love these photos - glad this walk made you feel better! And I think that's why they made New Year's so close to Christmas... to save us from going from crashing after that merry chaos :)


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