Life In These United States

... while this blog has been quiet
since I flew home to the States,
life has been anything but that.

It's been full of spending time with people that I love,
doing things that jolly England just doesn't offer ($20 pedicures, anyone?),
being spoiled at showers for our quickly-approaching arrivals,
and eating more dairy/carbs/fat than I can articulate.

I have one baby that was leaning a bit on the scrawny side at our last scan
so I'm doing my best to stock up on extra calories while I'm here
to help a sister out.

Who said motherhood was a selfless gig?

The other day, I cruised through the grocery store with my mom
to grab a few things for dinner.

Typically, I can adapt fairly easily between cultures
but at times- 
I find myself reeling in a bit of reverse culture shock.

I'll find myself in a situation that seems so foreign and forgotten
and it leaves me confused on what to do next.

Items that I once needed in past years
 that are now frivolous, forgotten and slightly disgusting.

Yet somehow, their unexpected appearance
 leaves me with an urge to stockpile them 
with the fervor of a suburban mom at a strip mall on Black Friday.

And that's exactly how I ended up
walking out of the grocery store 
with one gallon of peppermint ice cream,
a can of orange cinnamon rolls,
an assortment of flavored coffee creamers
& seven boxes of Kraft macaroni & cheese.

So here's the plaguing question...
who doesn't like orange cinnamon rolls
and how can I change your mind?

*images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. I'm not a big fan of the orange cinnamon husband has been trying to persuade me to embrace them for the past 10 years and I still haven't been won over.
    But the flavored coffee creamer...I'll take 10 please! Love any and all coffee creamers. That would be a hard one for me to give up if I ever lived somewhere else.

  2. We have Pillsbury cinnamon rolls every Sunday morning. And we take turns over the "center" one. My mom even makes them extra festive on Easter.

    But we do not eat the orange ones.

  3. Love the picture of the blue-bell! That is what I missed most when we lived in Italy. And I've never heard of orange cinnamon rolls! I love the regular ones, though, maybe I'll have to check these out! -Courtney

  4. I miss Bluebell ice cream so much- they don't have it Cali. I grew up on in it in Dallas. Makes me miss my childhood!

    Keep on eating. After all, you're eating for three!

  5. You remind me of some of my Canadian pals who moved to the UK and got the "blue box blues". They would buy "Kraft Dinner" in bulk when they came home for a visit, leave the pasta when they left, and take the cheese packets back with them.

  6. oh. dont even get me started on the overwhelming feeling i get in an american grocery store now. Just went the other night and started just grabbing crap off the shelves...i couldnt stop. pasta roni parmesan flavor. yes. gushers. mac n cheese. turkey sausage (i dunno..dont ask..) cheese puffs.

    stephen and i spent like 20 minutes staring at everything in the fresh deli section.

    im not allowed to go back anymore. says my mom.

  7. Orange sweet rolls must be a Texas thing. I had never even heard of them, but my husband (from Dallas) insists that we make them every Christmas morning!

  8. You know, I haven't ever had an orange sweet roll. OR Blue Bell ice cream. They simply are not to be found in Nebraska. But I'd be willing to taste test. :)

  9. I know exactly how you feel. Whenever I fly home to France, I rush to the nearest supermarket and attempt to fill a cart with as many dairy products as possible (usually yogurt,) until I realize I won't be able to either: 1. eat it all before I return state side 2. bring it all back with me. Le sigh. PS: I am sorry to report I would have left ALL the items in your selection behind with the possible exception of the Kraft Mac & Cheese... That includes the orange sweet rolls or any type of sweet roll. Sorry.

  10. If I ever see you, I'll mug you for that Kraft macaroni.
    Orange chewy deliciousness!

  11. Oh and my dads nickname for me was Pilsbury!

  12. blue bell ice cream! i miss it! i especially love the little vanilla tubs they sell with a wooden spoon. it somehow tastes better with that tiny spoon. :)

  13. My dear,
    I found your blog by chance, while peeking others and I decided to check it out! I’m glad I did it, because I am really delighted with yours. It's beautiful, well structured, interesting… and it has completely got me hooked. I think we're going to get along just fine! ;) I'd like to invite you to meet my space as well and I hope you'll have as much fun as I am having in yours!
    I wish you lots of success

  14. hahaha. I'm nervous about feeling so lost in the giant grocery stores back home. I go back to Cali on Thursday after a year away in France. Ah! Never tried the orange cinna rolls...might have to now.

  15. Your trip to the grocery store sounds like the story of my life when I go back home (my boxes of mac and cheese made it back over the pond with me last time...) although I must say, I miss the flavored coffee creamers the most around the holidays!!
    Hope your showers and your time home with family and friends was great!


  16. Omg! Orange rolls are my absolute favorite! No one gets it but am good with that- means I don't have to share :)

  17. I don't hate them, but I prefer regular...maybe with a fresh orange on the side ;)

  18. i get the same way when i get back to the US. so overwhelmed with so many options!

  19. I never knew about orange cinnamon rolls, but I don't think I'll be trying them anytime soon. Eat up -- eating for three must give you an appetite. (and a valid excuse to enjoy those extra calories!) :)

  20. Oh, we love the Pillsbury cin rolls...but not the orange ones! 'fake' tasting. :) I like to keep my preservatives pure.

  21. omg...I forgot crescent rolls even existed. What is my life coming to?!

  22. I'm not sure I could live without Kraft mac & cheese! I've never had the orange cinnamon rolls, so I guess I'm going to have to try them now!

  23. i love the orange rolls. if you like cinnamon rolls, check out trader joes. hands down, the best. ps you can always buy kraft mac and cheese and bring just the cheese packets home with you and use pasta you have, same taste, less space in your suitcase. and living in california, the lack of blue bell ice cream just makes me sad.

  24. CINNAMON ROLLS, yes. Perfect for the holiday season. Also, I am so obsessed with Blue Bell ice cream... I heard Texas is the only place you can find it, so I always stockpile when I'm home. My friend just told me a few weeks ago that his grandma is one of the founders of it and I just about died - it's one of my favorite things ever. Go eat more and conquer!!!

  25. oh the reverse culture shock ... i always forget that it can happen until its staring me in the face! enjoy your time state-side & with family for all of us ex-pats missing Christmas at home!

  26. there's seriously nothing better than going home and realizing all the crazy things you miss, like pillsbury cinnamon rolls! xox

  27. Oh my goodness - I. LOVE. ORANGE. CINNAMON ROLLS!!! Great pick - probably the best. Those little girls will be born loving orange cinnamon rolls! :) Have so much fun while you are here in the US, and dont feel bad for having a moment with some of those items that you otherwise wouldnt :) Its the holidays!

  28. Oh my goodness. My mom ALWAYS makes orange sweet rolls when I am around for a morning. Christmas mornings we always have them (amongst other goodies).

  29. i LOVE cinnamon rolls but how have i never heard of orange rolls?! i'm picking these babies up at the store tomorrow.

  30. *sheepishly raises hand*
    I was totally into your food purchases until I realized those cinnamon buns were orange flavor :S
    But I totally understand your reverse culture shock. I lived in Switzerland for four years and every time I came home for Christmas I had the same thing. The grocery stores were so expansive. All the food was out of season? The chips aisle was enormous! (And the chocolate aisle so small! haha) Not to mention all the advertising that seemed IN MY FACE no matter where I turned.
    Of course you get used to it pretty quickly. And I'd take that culture shock back in a heart beat just to get back over there! ;)

  31. orange cinnamon rolls are my Achilles heel. Between my husband and I we will eat an entire tube (we wouldn't want them to go to waste now would we?) they are so good!

  32. Hold the phone. Are you from Texas?? Bluebell is THE BEST THING ON EARTH. I had the pleasure of going to school an hour away from the factory. So happy you're getting to enjoy its goodness!! :)

  33. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I don't visit for a bit and you go and get yourself knocked up? Hee hee. So so thrilling!! Twins? I'm beyond excited for you. Hope you have been feeling well. Such an exciting time. xo

  34. I LOVE my sparkly new sweater.....already wore it and tons of compliments. I love knowing it came from you, and we are connected because of the twin thing and the foodie factor. I hope food never becomes like the Euro. We need cravings.

  35. OMG but you can't go wrong with mac and cheese! :)

  36. i love cinnamon rolls, but i'm not too keen on orange cinnamon rolls... i love mac and cheese, though, haha! ;)

    p.s. congratulations on the babies! :)

    <3, Mimi

  37. best grocery store trip EVER! bluebell ice cream is my FAVE. i can't find it up in the northeast :( so sad. and i'm not a fan of orange cinnamon rolls - i prefer the regular!! xoxo

  38. Blue Bell, the best ice cream in the countryyyyy!!! Oh man, every time I go home to Texas, I stop at the grocery store and pick up some mint chocolate chip and strawberry ice cream from Blue Bell. I wish I could find it here in San Francisco. I've never tried orange cinnamon rolls but I'm up for the challenge. :)


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