Homeward Bound- The AK Movie

Today I'm flying to the States
for a short visit home
to be pampered by some really amazing women
who are spoiling our babies with showers.

{We feel pretty loved.}

I'm flying solo on this leg
until Tyler arrives later next week.

While that may seem pretty standard,
it's actually a thought that is rocking my world.

I've flown these long-hauls flights so many times alone over the years.

Whether I was flying home from a summer in Africa in college,
flying to/from a trade show in Italy for work,
or heading to the States while Tyler was in classes at Oxford,
I'm pretty used to doing this on my own.

So the idea that this will probably be the last time I do this journey alone 
for the unforeseeable future 
is kinda rocking my world.

I made this video last year 
for an American Airlines promo last year
and, for some silly reason,
it still gets me when I watch it.

Something about traveling, family, heading home, Coldplay...
well, it just combines so many things that I love in one short little clip.

Bon Voyage!

Is it bad luck to wish that for yourself? 

Oh well! 

With as much as my back aches while sitting these days, 
I'm taking all the self-prescribed well wishes I can get. :)


  1. I think you are the happiest, most grateful, pregnant woman ever - bon voyage!

  2. Coldplay and flying go so perfectly together!! I alwaaaayss listen to them when I'm flying!

  3. Such a great video!! I really need to start recording videos of our travels! Makes for such beautiful memories! Safe travels!

  4. have a safe flight and enjoy being spoiled!

  5. That video brought a little tear to my eye. Have so much fun at home! Lucky little babies you have there!

  6. Such an amazing video! Gave me chills :) Have a safe journey home!!!



  7. travel safe and have an amazing time back home!! :) xx

  8. I remember you posting that video before, but I don't think I watched it that time. It's so cute! And shows me that I need to start doing some little videos when we travel. This summer we went on three different trips, and I took 1,000,000 pictures, but no videos. Bummer!

    Enjoy this quiet flight. Your life is sure going to change a lot, but it will be amazing!

  9. what a great little video! you should do more of these vlog type posts :) safe journey home!!

  10. So much fun looking at old videos! I was just cleaning out my phone and watching old videos from forever ago, and one was a commercial for a cleaning product I had made with friends, and it had me crying with laughter at the end of it!

    I mentioned you in a new post on my blog regarding bloggers that inspire me. Hope you'll take a moment to check it out!

    Have fun at home, and a safe flight both ways!!

    Style to Stage

  11. That video gave me goosebumps the first time I watched it. AND this time.

    Save travels back home! Enjoy the time with the wonderful women in your life!

  12. Oh my gosh... Love you so much! Travel well, travel safe, and I would wish you to travel stylishly but we already know that's going to happen.

  13. Such a fun video to watch, I loved it! :)
    I'm sure you'll have the best time at home, enjoy all you can!
    Have a safe flight!
    xoxo, The Brazilian Way of Life

  14. i love that we continue to just sort of follow each other around the world these days. I think its the megans needing to be close to me. that is definitely it.

  15. Love your videos as always! And I think I recognize a few of those people in the easyjet shot :)Enjoy your time at home.

  16. Have a safe flight & have fun at home! Nothing like a lot of relaxin'!

  17. i mean, does it just ba-loww your mind sometimes when you think of all the places you've been? you will have so many stories for your babies! and then they'll be cool travelers too and they'll have so many cool stories and you'll be a cool traveling family and duchess kate will hear all about you and invite you on their family safari one year! can you believe it?

  18. I hope it goes smoothly with no delays and lots of kind people. Enjoy your time at home! There's nothing like going home for (or around) the holidays!

  19. have a safe flight! i freaking love that video! so cute!

  20. I love that video! I remember when you first posted it. Have fun Lauren and enjoy every second of your family who will, no doubt, be petting and feeling your baby bump.

  21. Buon viaggio!! I live in Italy with my boyfriend, but have been traveling back to the States every few months (stupid visa, thanks a lot) and I hate hate hate those long flights by myself. It's amazing how much better a flight is when you have your person there with you. Hope you have a lovely shower!


  22. Love that video! Hope you and the babies get spoiled at your showers!

  23. Can't wait to spoil you...and finally MEET you!!

  24. that got me too. goosebumps. so many of them,

  25. Oh Lord, your video is just precious! I hope you have a fabulous time at home. Enjoy your family and showers!

  26. Those europe to america flights are the worst, but so worth it when you walk through the door of your old home :) I hope you have a great time with your family and friends!


  27. Just found your adorable blog!! Loved reading through & am excited to follow along! :)



  28. you are so talented with your videos! and such a traveler. !
    I hope you have the best time at home being showered and spoiled for your bebe girls.

  29. long haul flights by yourself are the worst! good luck though and enjoy being home!

  30. I love that video - I wish it did not end so fast though! I love when you hug your parents. So so sweet. No wonder it chokes you up.


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