Pack Your Bags: Burano, Italy

While it may be a place

that can completely be "seen" in a day or two,
Venice is an absolute must 
for planning a trip to Italy.

Maybe you don't have to go your first trip...
but promise me, 
at some point in your life,
you'll make it here.

It's like nothing you've ever seen.

After visiting Venice a handful of times,
I was pretty confident that I had seen all there was to see.

Until my sister pointed me in the direction 
of the island of Burano
during a trip there in 2007.

Now Murano is the really famous island 
where all the gorgeous glass is made,
but Burano is the other island,
that's located a bit further out,
where the (somewhat less famous) Venetian lace has it's home.

While it was fairly unknown a handful of years ago,
it has grown increasingly popular
over the past five to ten years.

Each time we go,
the boat has more and more people on it
and the island's main canal 
has more people walking down 
taking in the gorgeous colors of the island.

Even with it becoming "discovered,"
it's still absolutely worth seeing for yourself.

So why spend your time in Venice 
heading out to Burano?

Well for starters,
it's gorgeous.

Each house is painted a different color
that creates an effect that is incredibly charming.

It's also tiny 
so it's a perfect way 
to fill an afternoon 
with walking, picture taking & eating.

{Which are the best parts of traveling, right?}

If it's sunny, you can find warm nooks by the water
and take a little snooze in the sunshine.

Cassie from Hi Sugarplum! asked if I had ever eaten 
at a restaurant that she had seen featured on Anthony Bourdain
located on the (tiny) main canal
with a green & white striped awning.

Umm, nope.
But I was determined not to miss it this time.

We only found one restaurant with a green & white awning.

We walked in to find a really basic restaurant
that was stuffed with Italians.

{This my friends, is a good sign in a tourist destination.}

It was lasagna day
and Tyler made the genius choice
to order the plate of the day.

I only got one tiny corner bite,
but it was incredible...
 Completely worth a Ryan Air flight back 
just for plate of my own.

{My soup was pretty tasty, too... but the lasagna won.}

I still have no idea what the name of the restaurant is
but you should be able to find it
if you're on the main drag...

UPDATE: Apparently, it wasn't the same place from the show...
that place is called "Da Romano."

So now you have two recommendations for dining in Burano.

One from me, one from Anthony Bourdain. 
You can pick his over mine, it won't hurt my feelings.


From there,
enjoy the quiet stroll around the island
and the opportunity to take pictures
and simply enjoy la dolce vita.

Here are few things to know
for your trip to Burano:

Take the Vaparetto #12
from Fondamente Nove...
located on the northern part of Venice,
about a 15 minute walk from the big touristy areas.

This is the quickest boat (about 45 minutes)
and will stop at both Murano & Burano.

If you aren't planning on traveling by boat
anywhere else that day,
you can buy single tickets (€7 each way)
and save some money from purchasing thh 24 hour pass.

The boats run approxiamately every 30 minutes
at 20 minutes & 50 minutes past the hour.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. This looks beautiful! Hoping to visit Venice at some point so will put this down on my to do list whilst i'm there. I have only been to Rome which I adore.

    Beth - Sans Souci

  2. Oh it looks gorgeous Lauren!

    I really need to get back to Italy!

  3. Amazing and colourful photos. Burano must be worth a visit. It seems low key and beautiful. I bet the food is delicious and not too expensive like Venice.

  4. Uggggh I loooooooooove Burano. SO JEALOUS!

  5. So can we be snapchat friends or something so I can show you that I have the picture I took of burano printed on a canvas behind my bed...looking at it right now! SNagged the most amazing "eye ball" looking glass ring from murano as well ah!

  6. The first time I went to Italy, I went by myself. When I got to Venice, I got stuck sharing a room and was really disappointed because I thought it would be so awkward. Well, the girl I shared a room with was awesome, and we hit it off completely. We ended up meeting two Italian guys who wanted to take us on a boat midnight. We said no, and they asked if we would go in the morning. We figured broad daylight, what the heck, and met them. It was the most amazing day, and they actually took us to Burano and a tiny restaurant with amazing food. Now I'm wondering if it was this one. Loved it there. Glad you guys had fun. :)

  7. Your photos make me want to go. My gosh, you are talented! And beautiful.... totally helps convince me ps.

  8. So good to know, We are heading to Venice for a few nights in April so will definitely check out Burano.

  9. So... I went turano on your recommendation. And I ate at Gatto Nero, which changed my life. We're basically twins. Just like the ones in your belly.

  10. HI! Beautiful photos and wonderful recomendations. I never did figure out how to comment until just now after I saw your email. Had to create the google ID. Thanks for reminding me to try again!
    Katie Feeley Aseltyne

  11. I've gotta make it to Venice one of these days! Gorgeous photos!

  12. such a charming place! all those colors and tiny buildings and DELICIOUS-looking food!

  13. I'm dying over all those beautifully painted buildings!!

  14. Beautiful pictures - absolutely gorgeous!

  15. It.Is.So.On!!! According to my extensive notes, via your blog posts, I'll be on the island of Burano, inhaling my own lasagna from the unknown restaurant with the green and white striped awning, on April 16. Meet me there? Bring the babies, they'll be grand travelers by then. ;)

  16. Oh my this is gorgeous! I have been to Venice twice but have missed this gem of a place. Looks like I need to go back!!! Thank you for sharing!

  17. Now I have to ask, please tell me you bought some lace! Oh how gorgeous and special that island is. That lasagne does look incredible.

  18. You describe Burano and Italy, in such great way!!!!
    Thank you!!!

  19. The colorful buildings are to die for. So charming! My husband and I are planning to visit Italy for our 10 year wedding anniversary.. only 4 years to go. We're actually planning a trip to London this spring, and to somwhere warmer (spain or Portugal). A few friends have said, "No, go to Italy", but we're determined to save it for the big anniversary trip!

  20. the second i get a boyfriend i'm heading to venice... even though i studied abroad in florence, and have been living in Spain, i just don't want to go to Venice until I'm in love... possibly totally silly but it looks and most likely feels like such a romantic place.. and when i do get there with my super attractive, fun, amazing boyfriend, we will also go to this island :)

  21. ohhh i absolutely love venice! its a must for me for any italian visit! i think because when we were there, we stayed in my all time favourite hotel in the world (! i will never forget the experience. it made me love venice so ridiculously much.
    unfortunately we didn't head out to burano - next time for sure. especially after checking out your amazing photos xx

  22. Great pics! I really enjoyed our trip to Burano and was sure to take home some of their signature lace.

  23. I'm kind of in love with those linens. Guess, I've got to go to Italy to get them. :-)

  24. yay for Burano! I had been to Venice a few times, and when we met up with my parents there (their first time), I needed to switch things up a bit, so I suggested we make a trip to Burano. Lovely place. Not that Venice isn't totally worth seeing all by itself (I would totally go back), but you know what I mean, right?

  25. i hope you thought of me while you were eating that soup

  26. This makes me long for Italy. Venice is definitely a place I'd like to visit, and I'm going to pin this post so I know that I need to visit that restaurant when I do go there one day!

  27. I love all of the little old ladies sitting outside their shops on nice days just making their lace. So quaint. So family centered... Burano is a dream world!

  28. This is the second Burano post I've read about today! Made me want to post about my trip there this past October...which I'm forever putting off blogging about, for no specific reason. I LOVED Burano. Much more than Murano, for sure. It was so colorful and inviting. How could you NOT love such a happy place like that? Glad you guys had a blast! :)

  29. Hope yoy had a great time. Wonderful pictures!!!

    Kids Games

  30. Husband had the restaurant name saved in his phone, here's the link:

    Is it the same? Wouldn't it be funny if it's not even the same restaurant. Either way, you discovered a gem!

  31. Uhh that looks nice!! The food looks delicious and it just seems awesome to stroll around the not-so-popular-yet-part of Venice (where it is usually packed).

    I will def keep it in mind when I am going to visit Venice next time!!


  32. all this italy talk gets me pumped :)
    all the more reason to go back!!

  33. Oh hi -- just me, leaving yet another comment. We'll be in Venice 2.5 days, def going to Burano during that we get some kind of vaporetto pass good for on/off everything during that time? or are the little canal 'taxis' different from the boats to Burano?


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