A Royal Baby Shower

While I may have anticipated pregnancy including
 blowing out of my clothes,
flares of emotional absurdity,
and a slew of other unwelcome aspects,
one thing beautiful about pregnancy I never anticipated
was the outpouring of LOVE that I would experience.

 I have been blown away
by the amount of love and support 
that has been gifted to us during this time.

Not only does it remind me 
of how lucky we are to have such great people in our life,
but it's also been a good reminder
of how important it is
to gift that sort of love and attention to others...

{Because being treated like a princess feels amazing.}

While in the States in December,
I was spoiled absolutely rotten 
with beautiful showers 
in Dallas & Oklahoma City....

So when my friends in London
hosted a THIRD shower for me this weekend,
it almost felt like too much.

Almost. :)

The afternoon was intimate,
attended by a handful of girls I adore,
and prettier than a Pinterest dream...

It was a "Royal Baby Shower"
completely decked out in gold & glitter
for our two princesses. 

{Kate Middleton only wishes 
her sister threw parties this adorable.}

Homemade Tahitian Vanilla & Coconut Cake? I ate an enormously huge wedge of this. Recipe here. 

Sparkly sugar cookies that tasted like a dream and flaky palmiers.


Thank you Amber & Helena 
for hosting this gorgeous day for
me and my little girls...
I can't believe all the work and love 
you both put into making this day so special.


Thanks to all my blogging friends
who sent in your secret videos for the day.

Oh my goodness...
it was fantastic to see all of your sweet faces
make a surprise appearance at the shower.


And a special shout out to Liz  for flying in from Amsterdam
for the weekend to celebrate & take maternity pics for us...
what an amazing gift!

*images original to A Diary of Lovely.


  1. Wow! Your friends are so sweet! What a beautiful shower!

  2. Awwww this made me cry and I'm not sure why. I'm like Ms Extra Sensitive lately but you're two princesses are already so loved and that is just the sweetest thing!

    1. It kinda makes me emotional, too!! ;) I can't believe how lucky our daughters are to have so many people excited to meet them.

  3. When I saw that Liz was in England, I really thought that you must be a very special person!!!And you deserve all the love you're receiving!!!
    Ti mando un abbraccio!!

    1. Thanks!! ;) I felt VERY special to have her come all this way!

  4. Oh my gosh it is all too perfect!!!

  5. You are so lucky to have such good friends, mine have all passed away but one.

  6. Oh how positively gorgeous! You deserve all the love and pampering... that's what pregnancy is all about. Soak it up!

  7. So, so sweet! I LOVE the royal theme. What wonderful friends you have... :)

  8. So sweet and gorgeous. I have two upcoming showers and can't wait!

  9. What wonderful and beautiful friends! That's such a blessing! And that royal baby shower was absolutely gorgeous! I wanna try a slice of that cake!

    1. Honestly, it was amazing. Moist, fluffy, huge, oh man... I may shed a tear.

  10. such a beautiful shower! Congrats!

  11. so perfect! excited for your little girls to come!

  12. looks like your friends did a great job with this shower! all of the little details are so sweet - perfect for a couple of little princesses getting ready to enter the world. :) I'm sure with two babies on the way you're appreciating as many showers as you can get, right?

  13. That's so wonderful! Looks like such an amazing and special day. The table setting is gorgeous. What lucky little girls they will be! :)

  14. How fabulous! And that secret video? Adorable! Can't wait to se Liz's photos!

  15. Such a beautiful shower. You deserve it m'liege!

  16. I'm glad you're being so showered in love! That shower really does look better than Pinterest -- it looks like something out of a Martha Stewart shower guide or something. Beautiful!

  17. I love that you call it a "wedge" and not a "slice".

    keepin it real, Kennedy. ;)

  18. I love the little crowns and special touches. And that cake... have mercy that looks yummy! Looks like a great time!

  19. this is beautiful - i love the theme, and that cake looks glorious!

  20. This is certainly Pin-worthy! Congrats again, you're the cutest little momma :-)

  21. aww - what a sweet shower - everything looked beautiful! and that cake looks insane...


  22. Absolutely lovely! A charming shower for a charming mummy-to-be and her sweet little girls-in-waiting.

  23. this is just SO sweet! i love that they did that for you, and your two princesses! :) tearing up!

  24. Brilliant! You pop into my mind when I see mothers of twins wheeling those buggys onto the bus!

  25. so sweet! your baby girls are so blessed :) and i would've demolished about half of that cake...

  26. Well, I'm pretty sure you're very loved because this baby shower looks so incredible and beautiful!
    Oh, and lucky baby girls ;)
    xoxo, The Brazilian Way of Life

  27. Lauren,
    I am so sorry that I missed your sweet baby shower. I am a bit melancholy because my baby twins will soon be 20!
    What the freak~ and yours will be here sooner than you know!!! What a sweet party~

  28. that cake! wow they did an awesome job.
    p.s. my cousin just named her baby boy Royal.....kind of love it!

    xo the egg out west.

  29. your friends certainly know you very well! that's the greatest party theme since any party theme :)

  30. What a gorgeous shower!! I wish I could have been there in person. XO

  31. p.s. I hope you couldn't tell that I almost got a little choked up in the video…pregnancy, man….

  32. That just looks so perfect.
    Awww and the cake... mmmhhhh ;-)


  33. That is some Pinterest worthy decor for your baby shower! You deserve all the outpouring of love!

  34. oh lauren this is ADORABLE!!!!! yes kate middleton TOTALLY wishes pippa could pull this off. i am so so happy as the time approaches when you get to meet your little girls!

  35. Gorgeous shower!! Looks perfect - cant wait to see the babies. Not long now!!! X


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