Patch Hits the Target

A few months ago, 
I was really excited to see
that my once-friend/colleague, Don Carney
was doing a collaboration for Target
from his studio, Patch.

I was lucky enough to get to know Don 
while working my old job in the States
and I have to say,
he is a sweet, old soul.

And he always smelled... so yummy. 

I was eager to see his collection debut
but to be honest...
life distracted me
and I forgot about it
until browsing the clearance section
on Target's home tab today.

First of all, the collection is REALLY cute.

I love how the collection blends dark, moodiness
with bright gem colors.

Perfection, I tell you.

Second of all, now that it has been out for a few months
you can get about half of it on clearance.

So, obviously, I did just that.

gold candlestick holder $15 | rug, $12.50 | glass tumblers $6.99 | teal & black pillow $8.74 | geometric triangle pillow $8.74

See what I mean?

Prices are so good on these awesome pieces...
and, in my opinion, the perfect way to spend that
little bit of remaining Christmas cash 
that Santa left for you in your stocking.

Happy Shopping!


  1. I didn't know of this line. Must check it.
    Happy new year love!

  2. You know the coolest people ever. Seriously awesome.

  3. I got the teal poof on clearance a couple weeks ago and I absolutely love it!

  4. Cute, haven't seen this stuff yet at our Target.

  5. Great pieces, does Target ship here?

  6. normally, target interiors pieces do not interest me, but these have such a whimsical and retro-glam look, i am in love! what a talented friend!

  7. Prices are amazing for this collection and it's really beautiful. I don't have an interior to decorate really, unless you count a room in the sorority house, but these are fabulous.
    xo, Maria

  8. I love those shot glasses! Target's designer collections are always so amazing... I also saw the La Mer wrap watches at Target today - so cute!

  9. Oh wow, that's so cool! Looks like an awesome collection!

  10. Oh Target...the place you go to get one box of tampons and come home with pillows, candles, and a DVD.


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