Six Years Down.

Today marks six years of marital bliss for us.

{Editor's Note: Yes, I just said "marital bliss."}

Our love story started out pretty heavy
and the excitement hasn't slowed down yet.

There have been some hard times on this road, 
but we're lucky enough to be each other's best friend...
so somehow, even the tough times seem kinda sweet
when you look back on them and see that we grew closer.

{Sorry, did I just hear you gag?}

Tyler always keeps me on my toes
by making it a point to celebrate our anniversary
someway... and somewhere special.

January 6, 2007

Our wedding...

with a honeymoon in Prague to follow
that took Tyler overseas for the first time...


Tyler surprised me with a trip to NYC for our first anniversary...
we had so little money
but had the best time together
walking around the city, eating pizza & hot dogs
and feeling so cool and grown up.


For our second anniversary,
it was off to Victoria, BC for a cozy weekend 
somewhere random & exciting.

We felt very swanky because our Luxury Link package
gave us free massages & dinner at our hotel.


Back to NYC for our 3rd anniversary,
but this time- we brought our friends, Anthony & Kellee 
to join along in the festivities
kicking off the first of many trips together.


This was our first year living in England
and we celebrated our fourth anniversary 
by wandering lonely canals in Venice
and windy hillside towns in Tuscany.

PS. January is a great month to have an anniversary
because traveling to cool places is so much cheaper.


Last year was our fifth...
and somehow, NYC seemed to be the right decision
officially making it our "every other anniversary" destination.

I'm so thankful we had pictures taken to celebrate,
thank you Victoria for capturing this special day in our marriage.

And this year?

With two babies on the way
and an abdomen quickly nearing the size of a glacier?

Well, tonight we are headed to pizza & a movie.

So would we call this the end of an era?


Tyler's taking me to Venice 
later this month to celebrate
with our friends, Tyler & Amber.

It's a combined Christmas/Anniversary/Babymoon present
since we are exceptionally poor this year...
but we couldn't miss the chance to squeeze in
another adventure before these girls arrive.

So if you happen to be in Venice
and notice a slow-moving gondola
chugging down a canal at an angle that eerily resembles the sinking Titanic,
just wave to this 8-mth pregnant woman
sitting in the back with the giant cone of gelato in hand.

I really can't wait...
and I can't wait to see where this adventurous life
takes the two (four?) of us next.

Happy Anniversary, Love.


  1. Happy Anniversary! My husband's first time abroad was also on our honeymoon in London and look at them now... world travelers! :) Congrats on everything!

  2. I would go to anywhere just to hang out with you!

    Puhleeease post wedding photos! That teaser wasn't nearly enough!

  3. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I were married 6 years before our first baby arrived, I think it's perfect timing. Wishing you all the best. Also - we're taking our second (first is now in college!) to Iceland and Scotland in March and your blog posts have been so helpful as we make our plans. Thanks so much. Michele

  4. I love your anniversary trips! My husband had army training for our first anniversary, but we are planning a big post-deployment/2nd anniversary/ 10 years of being together trip for next winter. I love all your pictures and secretly ( well not so secretly) hope we are in the exact same place for our 6th anniversary. My husband is planning on applying to Oxford for grad school and I am trying to get my university to hire me for their Oxford study abroad program.

  5. Happy Anniversary!! :)
    You definitely need to do a wedding blog post! Oh and enjoy some gelato for me! :)

  6. Happy Anniversary! What a sweet post. I love that you travel to celebrate your anniversary. Xoxox

  7. I have never seen anyone kiss as much as you two, Happy Anniversary!
    Ours was December 12th, we have had some real trials but seem to be hanging on.

  8. I'd say if being poor means only a trip to Venice you are doing well! Can't wait to see more pics :)

  9. Your love story is so so amazing :) Wishing you both (and the bebes too) many more years of "marital bliss"!
    - Kelsey @ Time Stand Still

  10. Happy Anniversary! Looking forward to hearing about your baby/honey/Christmas-moon.

    P.S. Your marital bliss is hardly gag-inducing -- it is rather refreshing :)

  11. Happy anniversary! Marital bliss = #oxymoron #justkidding ... Love the pictures!

  12. Gorgeous! Love how you have celebrated. - your wedding dress is amazizng btw! We celebrate our first anniversary in July - cant wait! Cant believe you are seven months preggo already - where has the time gone? Those little ladies will be here before you know it!
    Beautiful pics too!
    Rachie xo

  13. Happy Anniversary Lauren & Tyler! I just love your love story!!

  14. Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a wonderful time in Venice :)

  15. Happy Anniversary, you two have taken some exciting anniversary trips! Enjoy your alone time together before the babes arrive :)

  16. sounds like you have had very cool trips. happy anniversary! :)

  17. Yes, I semi gagged...except I'd say the same sentiments about my own hubby. I can't believe you are going to Venice 8 months preggo!!! You're crazy! You might be delivering those two babies in Italy! ;)

  18. Gorgeous post and gorgeous pictures. Happy six years :)

  19. Happy anniversary! Love the 5th year anniversary photos! You guys look amazing in that city! xx

  20. Happy Anniversary, sweets! Here's to many, many, many more years of happiness for you both. xx

  21. Happy Anniversary! Such a beautiful and inspiring post! May you have many more years of travel, laughter, and happiness together.

  22. looks like you guys have so much fun together - love all the trips! (and taking friends on trips :)

    happy anniversary!

  23. Congrats, you two are so sweet!

  24. Congratulations on your Wedding Anniversary. It was fun viewing all of your travel pictures together. Have a fabulous trip to Venice.

  25. happy anniversary! i love how much you two travel for every anniversary! :)

  26. just recently found your blog and love it! can't wait to follow life with your babies. and i love that you call your hubby, love. that's what my husband and i call each other too:)

  27. Happy Anniversary. We had our twins after our 6th wedding anniversary.
    We traveled lots before our kids....and with our kids too. We love skiing and going to new spots as a family~
    I know you will too. Keep those kisses coming!

  28. happy anniversary! you two are just so cute! it makes me happy when i see couples in love, even a few years down the line! p.s. our six-year is this week too!

  29. Happy anniversary!! And have an amazing time in Venice!

  30. you could be kate in that top photo.

    My anniversary gift to you.

    You're welcome.

    Love you both.

  31. Happy 6 year anniversary!!! Love that first photo from your wedding... you look like a queen :) Just think, by the time 7 rolls around you will have TWO littles crawling around :)


  32. This is the cutest! Happy anniversary!

  33. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy this last one before the babies come. And eat an extra cone of gelato for me in Venice- I insist.

  34. Happy Anniversary!! Sounds like you'll have a great anniversary trip. :) And there's nothing wrong with pizza and a movie to celebrate. This year for our anniversary, I had to cover a meeting for my boss (aka my dad) because my uncle was in the hospital. So we missed our dinner reservations and had McDonald's instead. Romance. :)

  35. You two look so happy in all of those! I love the lace on your wedding dress - very Kate:) Happy Anniversary!

  36. happy, happy annivesary! :) we were married in february, which is also pretty good for travel prices! we have started the tradition of trips instead of gift for our annivesaries too... although this year i'm also preggers and we may just head to a local fancy hotel for an evening with just the two of us.

  37. Awww! Happy Anniversary! :) And this year will be filled with so much more excitement! So exciting about your baby girls!

  38. Happy Anniversary! I love how you've made each year special - as it should be! The upcoming trip sounds wonderful and I only request that you double fist on that gelato cone thing. I mean, you are having twins, right?

  39. AWW so sweet! Happy Anniversary to y'all!

  40. I did not know you were 8-months pregnant! They're coming so soon! :) Such fun locations for an anniversary... you two are so adorable - Congrats on six years!!

  41. Your wedding dress is so beautiful! I would love to see the whole thing!

  42. Happy Anniversary!! The little ones are going to be here so soon- EEKK!!! :)

  43. Happy Anniversary! I loved this anniversary retrospective. We need to see some more wedding pics. :)

  44. You two seem like the sweetest couple! Congratulations on your anniversary. May you have many, many more and plenty more life adventures to share together and with your expanding family!

  45. This is so sweet, what a wonderful adventure you two have had! Happy Anniversary!! xo

  46. Rocking the lace sleeves!! I'm pretty sure Kate Middleton copied your wedding style ;)

    This post is so cute- 6 years! How exciting :) And I love your striped top over the black top in the Italy pics.
    Have fun in Venice (I hope it's not deathly cold)!

    p.s. I did not realize you were 8 months pregnant. You look good, girl!

  47. Happy Anniversary! Cheers to the growth of your relationship!

  48. yall are ridiculously cute :) happy anniversary!!! i hope it was the most fabulous. 6 years and 2 babies!!!!

  49. Happy anniversary to you two (four)!! Hope you had a wonderful day and how exciting to have an upcoming trip to celebrate even more!

  50. Happy Anniversary...and double congratulations on the baby news, that's absolutely wondrerful!! They'll be speaking Italian the moment they cool will that be?! ;)
    So happy for you both...
    xo J~

  51. Congratulations! You two are such an inspiring pair and I wish you nothing but happiness. The trip to Venice sounds superb - i've always wanted to go!


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