Sunglasses Shop- A Super Shady Business

Back in the day
when I lived in the land of constant sunshine
and summer times plagued with severe drought
known fondly as "Texas,"
wearing sunglasses was part of my daily life.

Beyond the fact that they look great
and can cover up a face lacking make-up,
sunglasses are really necessary for driving in the South.

Driving a giant SUV into direct sunlight without sunglasses = danger zone.

After moving to England,
my driving days were over
and the constant moving we did
got me out of my daily routine of wearing sunglasses...

...until I got these beauties.

You might have seen me post about these on Instagram today. If not, my username is: aspiringkennedy

Sure, there isn't blinding sunshine nearly as often in England,
but it is really nice to have a pretty pair in your bag
for when the clouds break
and you aren't in the mood to help those wrinkles on your forehead
get any deeper than they have already become.

I've been reformed
and my sunglass-clad days are back.

I'm basically Victoria Beckham...
with 80 extra pounds on my body
and 50 million less in the bank.

Fortunately, I got this pair of Gucci sunnies from The Sunglasses Shop...
which is a fantastic site for finding your perfect pair.

The Sunglasses Shop carries a huge range of designer sunglasses
and they have different styles that really do fit every budget & face shape.

{My budget: low | My face shape: platter}

I've definitely maybe spent an awkward amount of time scrolling through all they have to offer.

By the best part about The Sunglasses Shop?

Tomorrow, they are giving one of you a pair of sunglasses, too!

Cruise through their site today
to get a taste of all the great stuff they offer
and tomorrow I'll be back with how
one of you lucky people
can snag a very Aspiring Kennedy-esque pair for yourself!

*I received a pair of sunglasses for this post from The Sunglasses Shop. 
Luckily, one of you will get one for it, too. #winwin


  1. Those are lovely sunnies from Gucci. I love wearing shades too. Very comfortable and stylish.

  2. cute sunnies! I no longer live in Georgia, but even in Chicago with no sun in sight those bad boys are on every damn day. no one needs to see my face at 7 am during the morning commute, or on a saturday walking to get my hangover bagel. the bigger the better!

  3. You're just hot. End of story.

    And now I want Gucci sunnies.

  4. Ooooooh those sunnies are definitely show-stoppers! I'm from South Africa so sunglasses also used to be part of my daily life - now they are relegated to the back of my drawers with my swimwear and short, only to see the light of day when we go on holiday.

  5. Adorable sunglasses!! I live in the south and yes--sunglasses are a must! When I got my first nice pair a few years ago (at sunglass shop), I was blown away by the difference!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. You look fab, I need prescription lenses now, sunglasses are uber expensive for me to buy I envy those who can just buy off the shelf

  7. Fab. Loving those Ray Ban Jackie Ohh.....sun peeking out in Hampstead as I am writing....fate?

  8. Love the sunglasses. Would love to sport a new pair during the summer on the lake!

  9. I love your sunglasses, they look perfect on you!

  10. I live in south Louisiana, so wearing sunglasses is a must for me. I love how these look on you, they're insanely flattering.
    xo, Maria

  11. How fabulous! Those sunnies are perfect for you -- oh Lord, those Texas summers... literally cannot survive them without ample sun protection, cute sunglasses included! Can't wait to see what's coming tomorrow! :)

  12. Love you sunnies! Who says it has to be sunny to wear fabulous shades??

  13. Awesome! If I don't win, can I just have your pair??? ;)

  14. I wore my sunglasses ALL the time in England, even though I knew it was an instant "AMERICAN" identifier. When that low sun peeked out it was deadly, especially when I was driving!!
    Love the look- very retro!


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