Venice of the Past

One thing that makes Venice

so incredibly endearing
is the old world charm
that sleepily drifts between 
each of it's lonely canals.

While it's hard to wander through this city,
see flooded homes that are now quietly locked up
and wonder about the people and days
that used to occupy this now quiet city.

I can't speak for the ornate years
of Venetian splendor,
but I do know that two years ago
we sure did have an awesome time there
while celebrating our anniversary.

While we are back in Venice today
 drifting around from canal to canal today,
here's a look back to our 4th anniversary...
when I made my first video for a trip
and still didn't really understand 
how to erase the background noise.

{We've all got to start somewhere, right?}

Have a great weekend!

*video original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. Have a great weekend in Venice!!!
    I live in Padua, that is a city near Venice!!!
    If you have some time, take a look!!!!!!

  2. oh my God, you guys are SO cute.

    and about this video learning process... do you have any tips? good websites that can teach me how to, you know, DO one? because I love yours and you've inspired me :)

  3. Loved your video!! You have inspired me to look into travelling to Venice. It looks wonderful - I loved old world charm. Enjoy!

  4. That video is so cute and romantic. We haven't ever made a video but I think we need to start doing that. I agree with Betsy. When you get back from Venezia, a little video tutorial would be kinda awesome.

    In other news, that Venice video made me miss that city soooo much. We spent a week there a few October's ago with my family and it was so magical. Since my dad had been practically living there for the better part of that year, we didn't ever "get lost" so on our last night there, we stepped out of the apartment and took every wrong turn we could until we were officially lost. We walked for hours (seriously, like 4) and FINALLY made it to San Marco's square. It was 2am and we danced and celebrated and then made the well-known walk back home. When we looked at a map the next day, we realized we'd literally walked the entire city. From the university to the train station to Rialto to the Jewish Ghetto.

    So cool. Have an amazing time! I am fully convinced that Venice is the world's heaven on earth. And if you find it, Ristorante da' Rafaele has the best tartufo Venice has to offer. ;)

  5. When I was in Venice (maybe 6 years ago now?! wow) I remember having the same feelings of being completely in love with the charm and also saddened by what seemed like an absence of the real-life bustle you see in any other city (it all seemed to be tourist-related bustle and not much else) ... and also FREEZING my bum off- it was November.
    I can't wait to hear if you found any good restaurants this time around! I did not have any great food in Venice, minus a hot chocolate in piazza san marco (that was good but not worth going back to venice for), and a meal cooked by my professor (so... not a restaurant).

  6. I love Venice so much! Just sitting in St. Marks Square and people-watching was fantastic. I can't wait to go back!

  7. I'm in the process of making my first video from my trip to Europe last year. I took almost 20 small videos that i'm trying to loop together and it's taking me so long but i'm having so much fun with it! I hope to make video reels of all the trips i go on.

  8. So darn cute! I'd love to visit Venice someday :)

  9. Beautiful writing! The first lines really sound and feel like a poem to me.. Any plans on publishing an ode to Venice, maybe :) I loved it!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my small place..



  10. Such a sweet video.. I especially like how Tyler only ate the the inside of the pizza ;).

  11. Love your blog, would you like to follow eachother on Bloglovin and GFC??
    Would love it you can check out my blog and let me know what you think!


  12. that was adorable - i especially liked your little mouse-like voices ;)
    But seriously - I hope you had an amazing time! I can't wait to see all the pics (and maybe another video?!)!

  13. Hi there! I just clicked over from Liz's blog... and I had to comment because that video is the sweetest thing I've ever seen! Y'all are so cute!! Congrats on twin girls. How exciting!! :) xo Lacey


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