Ciao Venezia!

Buon giorno!

Today, we are off to Venice
for one last adventure
for just the two of us.

While we both hope 
that babies won't mean 
an end to our adventures,
we definitely won't be
sleeping in late
and staying out at long dinners
for a while...

but that's okay, 
because that will be an adventure, too...

Erm... right?

There's snow on the forecast today
here in London,
so keep your fingers crossed
that the runways are clear
and planes are moving
so that this mamma mia
can get to Italy!

We'll be with our good friends,
Tyler & Amber
wandering around Burano,
exploring lonely canals,
and eating an obscene amount of carbs & dairy.


We've been to Venice a handful of times
and I hav to say...
there's not a single restaurant
that I can remember being amazing there.

Okay, other than Harry's Bar 
and while we are living it up this weekend...
we aren't living it up to that extent!

Anyone have a place that you particularly 
love to eat in Venice?

And don't forget,
you're welcome to join our trip 
{via Instagram...}
username: aspiringkennedy


PS. I just realized this will be the girls
third time to Italy already
after my trips to Rome & Tuscany this summer...
and they aren't even born!

If they keep up moves like this,
they are going to make me look bad. ;)

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  1. I love Harry's Bar, it's so laid back and simple inside but has the best atmosphere. I've always wanted to go to Venice in winter, pop into the Danieli for coffee and warm up by the fire, then head to the opera.

  2. ciao bella, hope your travels are on time and all your meals provide good times for all.
    cannot wait for the girls to arrive.

  3. Lucky babies! So well traveled already! Have SO much fun, you guys! Love Venice! We're off to Switzerland today...ahhh the life of an expat, huh? ;)

  4. Safe travels - holding thumbs for on-time flights...if you're going to be gorgeous and preggie with twins you may as well be doing it in Italy, right?! That's what I always say! x

  5. I have lived in Venice and I know the good restaurants are hard to find! That being said, they definitely exist. One of my longtime favourites is La Zucca in Santa Croce ( - beautiful canalside setting and I highly recommend the pumpkin flan. If you're just looking for an aperitivo, Un Mondo di Vino ( has a great wine selection ( though I feel your pain on that one too, am 5 months pregnant myself and would basically murder someone for a glass of wine right now) and AMAZING ciccheti (try the giant arancini). Another fantastic wine bar is Cantina Do Mori in San Polo (

    Hope that's helpful and have an amazing trip!


    1. April- You are an all-star! Thanks for the recommendations... They sound perfect and just what I was looking for!

      Grazie Mille!! Xx

  6. oof, I do hope you get out of London okay! have a WONDERFUL trip - all six of you :)

  7. Loooooove Burano! My favorite of the little islands. I'm so jealous! Have a wonderful time and safe travels :)

  8. I love Venice! My in laws live in Italy, and we were just there last spring! I love Burano and all of the beautiful, colorful houses! Have so much fun. :)

  9. Have fun, Lauren, Tyler and B1 + B2 {babies}! One last hoo-rah!

  10. Hope your travels go swiftly and safely!

    Have an amazing trip! Can't wait to see many, many pictures :)

  11. world-travelling babies... such lucky girls! :) have so much fun in Venice - can't wait to see a lot of lovely photos & hear about your stories!

  12. Your little girls are sure giving that Kimye baby a run for their money! Although I did just read that they're off to Africa today... Either way, I'm pretty certain that you will provide a much more gluttonous dining experience from Venice, so by all accounts, team Kennedy for the win!! Enjoy your romantic randezvous!

  13. Anthony Bourdain featured a place in Burano (sp?) -- that's been there 4 generations, and has the best risotto ever, anywhere. I can't remember the name (of course), but do remember a cute green and white striped awning out front! I need Venice.Florence.5T hotels you've stayed in!!!!! #overwhelmed

  14. Have so much fun you guys!!!!! :)

  15. Ahh, I know what you mean - restaurant-wise. Been to Venice last February and all restaurants we tried there were mediocre - or even less. The good thing was, we stayed in Treviso, the town just "before" Venice and everywhere we went we were being served the most delicious Italian food we have ever had. It is not touristy at all, people do not speak English, nor German (my mother tongue) and I had to put out my bits of Spanish, try and transform it into Italian and then it worked ;-) At least we enjoyed all the Italian food goodies... Sometimes those place would look less fancy, but that they are full of natives is a good sign - get in and have the best pizza ever :-)
    Have a lovely trip!



  16. Sounds like such a fun last trip to take just the two of you! Love your blog :)

  17. 1. Having the babies will be a total adventure. I can't wait to see how you two manage to find the amazing in the REAL lives that you two lead. 2. Your babies will one day thank you for making them world travelers. 3. I've only been to Venice once but I have to say, not my favorite. If you find any amazing places, PLEASE SHARE. I'd love to have something to look forward to if I ever get to go back. Have fun!

  18. So much fun! We stumbled on da Mamo Trattoria Pizzeria in Venice one night we were there last summer, and it was one of my favorite meals of our whole trip. Not too fancy, and just what I wanted. The other night in Venice was one of the more forgettable meals. I had just wanted to go back to Da Mamo, but my husband said we had to try something new. Bad choice. :)

    1. we went there and we loved it!! when i saw it, i went for it because of your recommendation. thank you!!

    2. Yay! I'm so glad you loved it, and I could help! Now, how do I get myself back there??

  19. Enjoy your trip to Venice! It's a magical city.

  20. i worry about this a lot too - i REALLY hope that having a baby in a few months won't mean the end of our travelling days! hope you have a wonderfully relaxing italian holiday x

  21. I HIGHLY recommend this sweet little spot for a wonderful dinner served by wonderful people in the most charming setting. It's a hidden little gem, but worth the search! I would ABSOLUTELY call ahead - we've been to Venice three times and have only been able to get in two of the times. It's absolutely worth it though.
    Osteria Antico Giardinetto
    Address: Calle dei Morti 2253 | Santa Croce, 30135 Venice, Italy (San Marco)


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