In The Moment.

I had one of those moments tonight
where the gravity of how good things are
falls on your heart
and life just seems so precious.

I was sitting in a bubble bath
{pretty much my favorite time of day}
and suddenly got worked up.

Maybe it's the increase in hormones
or the big changes closing in on us...
but having this man beside me,
these crazy babies inside me
and family & friends that lavish us with support
makes me feel like a really lucky lady.

photo by Victoria Wall Harris

I know, I know
we aren't guaranteed what tomorrow will look like,
it could really suck.

But I don't like to live  
preparing for the worst-case scenario...
because it robs today of all it's goodness.

For this small window of time this tiny flat 
that is gets increasingly crowded
with baby stuff, Tyler & I both working from home
and my ever-expanding stomach,
life is sweet.

Getting loved on by my friends at my Dallas baby shower.

Ok, now it's your turn to get all Pollyanna 
and look at this phase of your life 
through some rose colored glasses.

How will you look back 
on what is great 
about this stage of your life?



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  1. I love this. You look so happy! Living in the moment and loving it is so important. I am trying to soak up the sunshine as my husband and I take some time away together on a tropical island. Not too shabby :)

  2. Such a sweet post. My hubs and I have truly been enjoying life right now. (Maybe that's why I haven't posted on my blog in over a month.) We are loving spending time with just the two of us. We know we will start trying for babies soon enough this year. But while its just us two, we are lounging and relaxing and savoring as much as we can until we are at YOUR stage in life!

  3. I love this! I had a similar moment today when I realized how good I have things and how little I acknowledge it. And when life is good, especially since there are no guarantees it will stay that way, it's doubly important to be thankful. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Love every moment as if it is the last. I am always grateful for what I have. It really helps to uplift the spirit. All the best to you!

  5. great post - it's always nice to stop and realize how good things are!

  6. So sweet, Y'all are going to be the cutest family and YESS the fact that I live with my two best friends for three more months is soo exciting!

  7. Aw, how sweet! I know exactly what you mean about those moments when the feeling of how great your life is just surrounds you.

  8. Such a sweet post! I hope you enjoy and savor every moment of it! I love those moments when you look around and realize how great things are right then in that moment. I am kind of there as well--different reasons--savoring the moments with my husband until we try to get pregnant....because I know there will be rapid change. haha. Just enjoying it being just us...for now. :)

  9. Rose colored glasses are my specialty;) It makes life sweet through the sufferings and the triumphs. Loved this post Lauren. And geez, your babies need to get here soon because I am losing my patience...jk jk.

  10. Such sweet photos and a great post. And now I kinda wanna watch Pollyanna in a weird way...

  11. The happiness just radiates from you!! I love it. Such a special time for you guys. I am a big believer in finding the good in everything, and relishing the moments when you are overcome by greatfulness. XOXO!

  12. You look so amazing! What lucky little girls coming your way! I became a first time mom almost a year ago and I didn't even know this type of happiness existed. It has been the most amazing experience.

  13. I love this so much! To be honest, I have never been happier. There are so many things ahead in my life and currently happening right now that is so good, I'm basically busting out the seams with happiness. It sucks that Mr. Branflake is all the way out on the East Coast, but that's only for a few more months.

    I just saw Bourbon and Pearls is on your Little Black Book. I love Tabitha so much! Didn't realize you knew each other.

  14. Thank you for the reminder that life is pretty sweet right now and to live in the moment. It's so simple when you think about it and yet we get muddled up in our thoughts/fears so easily. I want to look back at this stage of my life with disbelief about how incredibly fortunate my hubby and I have been to move to the UK. So happy that you are enjoying the stage you are in - so precious. Enjoy!

  15. There's something about you that just exudes light - it's so refreshing! I'm blessed to have you (and Tyler) in my life and cannot wait to see all of the amazing things that are yet to be. I think God has some pretty great plans for you four!

  16. Never hurts to reflect, shed a few tears and savor. Good for you! Stay warm :)

  17. Oh, what a lovely post!
    I think it always helps to look at the bright side of life and count one's blessings. Happy thoughts create happy moments. And thats how I try to get on with my life.



  18. Such a beautiful post, those moments are transient which makes them all the sweeter.

  19. What a beautiful reminder of how we should be living day to day. It's SO easy to get caught up in it all and lose sight of what really is beautiful and sweet in that moment.
    The picture from your baby shower is adorable - all that love surrounding you and those babies! I'm not even baby-hormonal and it makes me all teary-eyed.

  20. I love those kind of moments! They are so very special :) So happy for you!

  21. So sweet. I've had a few pinch me moments lately (which doesn't necessarily make a lot of sense since I've been taking care of a sick toddler the past couple of weeks), but life is pretty lovely right now. Enjoy this season!

  22. Lovely pictures, capturing a wonderful moment

  23. I love those moments, where everything stops and you are perfectly content and grateful for exactly the way things are. :)

  24. you look sooo beautiful and happy in this picture!

  25. yes! girl, you do have a lot to be happy about right now. Soak it up, enjoy these moments. Post-baby-delivery moments are going to be filled with joy too, double the joy, but it will be so different. Keep your rose colored glasses handy!

  26. I can honestly say that I know exactly how you feel right now. It's overwhelming sometimes to be this happy. Sooo happy for you guys!!

  27. So sweet : )
    I agree completely, I also feel so lucky for everything in my life these days (even when things with a new baby get really hard, I am still so grateful for how amazing it all is).


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