Apartment Therapy & Our Love Nest

There are a few things I established firmly 
during my early twenties on my 
"in my wildest dreams" list.

One was living in Europe.

One was being cool enough to have a home 
that could be on a site like Apartment Therapy.

One was being best friends with Tina Fey.

I'm glad to say that the first did arrive.

And while the third is in the works
{read: not happening in this lifetime},
the second one did come true today.

Yes, friends,
our tiny abode is now live on Apartment Therapy.

(One of this blogger's favorite sites ever.)


Ever since the early days of blogging,
I've loved this site
so getting to have our tiny home featured on 
such an amazing site
is beyond flattering.

I'm pretty much as excited as Liz Lemon on Italian sub day.

I'd love for you to click through and take a peek out our home
{including the darling nursery that Pulp Design Studios created for us}...
and if you want to leave a comment, I'd think that'd be pretty awesome, too.

Don't expect fabulous swanky furniture
and pricey designer decor...
this is, after all, only the Aspiring Kennedy's home.

{Read: We happily orbit in the real world.}

Thanks Apartment Therapy
& Eleanor for the sweet feature.

You made my life day!


  1. Congrats on being featured on Apartment Therapy - I love what you've done with your small place! So many Ikea pieces without the Ikea feel. :)

  2. Such a lovely space! I know you must be insanely busy, but I was wondering if you could offer some quick advice: my husband and I are moving to London this summer. We've both lived in the UK previously (me with my military/diplomacy family and he for a graduate degree) but we're feeling a bit out of our depth for flat hunting for something besides student digs. How did you find your (charming!) flat? Did you go through a letting agency or rely on friends to hook you up with information?

  3. SO awesome Lauren!!! Your apartment is LOVELY! :)

  4. Your place is lovely (I'm especially in love with your yellow chairs) and your nursery is amazing. Congrats on the feature (and on the twins)!

  5. Yeahhhh, Lauren! I can say I knew you when. Off to check it out now. PS. How ya feeling, momma?

  6. Holy amazingness that is so so exciting! =)
    Your home is absolutely beautiful

  7. Congratulations!! Your place is gorgeous - especially love your living room!


  8. Eekkk its adorable! I love every square inch. And that nursery??? Couldn't be any more adorable

  9. That's amazing Lauren! Your place is gorgeous : )

  10. congrats! i love reading apartment therapy, what an awesome feature! your home is beautiful.

  11. Congrats sweetie! Your flat is lovely!
    XO, Rachel

  12. Best post ever. I loved your feature on Apartment Therapy. Not only because I love their site, but because I love YOU!! Yay!

  13. Yea! It was so fun to see your place! I love a home that feels so personal.

    And the nursery? Amazing. I love all the brass. Congrats. I know I would have just been on top of the world to have been featured.

  14. how stinking exciting!!

    I'm obsessed with apartment therapy. Maybe someday I'll get my ish together and try to make that happen :)

    the built in shelving in your living space is adorable..and all of your throw pillows are super cute!

  15. What a great feature! Natural light makes every space so much better. Your two girls have quite a nest all ready for them :)

  16. GAH!!!!!!!! Coolest thing ever!!!!

    Life goal: Be just like Lauren. Word.

  17. That is beyond cool, coming over now, put the kettle on.

  18. oh my gosh! i've always wanted to see your apartment! :) this is AMAZING!

  19. Ah!!!!
    THIS IS SOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And you're home is lovely!!!!

  20. Such a cute flat Lauren. I cant wait to show you mine next time you are in Bath.

    Bonnie Rose | The Compass Rose

  21. This would be my dream flat if I lived in London. You have created such a pretty and calm place...I love it!

  22. Congratulations Lauren- That's awesome! Your place looks wonderful. I laughed as I sat here looking around my flat and thinking if I actually saw myself in this flat long term, how the heck would I incorporate these black leather 'bachelor sofas' into our decor!!

  23. How exciting, Lauren, and we love your homey touches! How on earth are you going to fit the twins?!
    C + C

  24. I've been DYING to see your nursery! So cute! I love your little apartment- so bright & cheerful.

  25. So so exciting! Congratulations!!! I'm heading over there now :)


  26. This is so amazing! And I loved getting a little look into your beautiful home! The nursery is absolutely beautiful! With those two beautiful babies it will be absolutely perfect :)

  27. so very gorgeous! the light really is wonderful in your space - you guys have done a great job with it!

  28. It looks perfect! So crisp and so fresh. Congrats on the feature. Definitely deserving!

  29. that is so exciting!!!

  30. Yesssss! Ever since you first posted that you'd moved to Notting Hill, I've been dying to see pictures, and those sneak peeks of your nursery haven't been helping! Running over to Apartment Therapy now!

  31. I saw that when I was looking through Apartment Therapy this morning. So happy for you two!!!

  32. Congrats on the feature! I can't believe how much light you have in London! It can be so hard to make it your own when renting furnished / partially furnished flats. Yours looks beautiful! I'm such a sucker for built-ins. What a great find!

  33. I absolutely loved it. I mean seriously. It's so lovely. The nursery is beautiful. So perfect for the four of you :)

  34. Beautiful home, Lauren! Loving all of the little details that make it look so homey! :)

  35. I loved your home!!
    And congrats on being featured on your dream site ;)
    xoxo, The Brazilian Way of Life

  36. So, so happy we finally got a glimpse of the nursery and flat! It's just as charming as I would expect a flat to be in Notting Hill.
    I was feeling a wee bit jealous until I saw your dorm size refrigerator. Yikes! Oh well...if that's the only thing you have to give up to live in such a glorious place than I guess I could get over it. hahaha
    Seriously can't wait for baby posts and such!! It's almost show time!

  37. How exciting!! And your place is so fantastic- the perfect London nest!

  38. Cutest London nest I ever did see! It's all wonderful, and the nursery is so sweet...great job on everything.
    Many congrats...
    xo J~

  39. "As excited as Liz Lemon on Italian sub day" -- love.

  40. congrats Lauren! This gives me hope for our apartment, which we hopefully sign on next week. We totally have the "furnished" blessing coming our way too...not to mention the necessary Ikea trips...your flat is both classy and homey...LOVE it.

  41. congrats! This is so exciting Lauren. Can't wait to see what having a family of four really looks like for you!

    p.s. my husband and I laughed for days about your convo with your husband about "contraction lady" yes, it is that bad!

  42. It looks gorgeous and so cosy and the girls room is adorable!! Perfect for your two lucky ladies! One of my ambitions is to have a house your as well but we have so much work still to do!
    Rachie xo

  43. Congratulations! It's adorable!

  44. Awww....that is so fantastic. I"m on my way to check out the love nest + nursery! Will email my London details shortly. You'll probably have your hands full, but would be fun to try and meet in person!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  45. Your apartment is so cute!! And that's so exciting!!! (This is definitely one of my life goals as well...that is, once I actually have a set home somewhere)! Do you ever see yourselves moving back to the U.S.?

  46. I am following via Apartment Therapy.
    I'm an expat in England as well, and have had trouble adjusting to the size of flats in England. Love what you've done with the place.

    Yaya @ www.dreamitdarling.blogspot.com

  47. YAY! YAY! YAY! Well done girl - what a beautiful home you have and I absolutely adore the nursery...
    Such a beautiful space x


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