Pack Your Bags: Parisian Day Trip

A couple of weeks ago,
Tyler & I had to run to Paris
for a quick day trip for work.

{Yes, I agree. My boss should be sainted for giving me tasks like this.}

As glorious as Paris is in the summer & spring,
I really like it in the cold, too.

It reminds me of living there last spring.

The cold and loneliness of the city
during these frigid winter months 
offers an appealing charm to me.

Plus, the sales are amazing at this time of year.

The Babies Kennedy made out like bandits at Monoprix.

{I also scored the coat in my maternity pictures for €30 then, too.}

It was a quick trip,
and was the perfect little day trip
for these parents-to-be
relishing their last few days of "freedom."

We had a long lunch 
over hot onion soup & quiche
at a cute place
about 15 minutes walk away from the Louvre
just on the Left Bank.

{In case you're interested: Comptoir Des Saints-Peres
29 Rue Des Saint-Peres, 75006}

We savoured things that we knew would be luxuries 
in the weeks/months/years ahead.

We shopped a little...
we took our time wandering around in the cold...
we walked up and down metro station stairs with ease...
and then we had our favorite steak-frites
before hopping the Eurostar back to London.

The next time we arrive in the city of lights,
it will be as a foursome.

Which may mean it will be a scenario as chaotic 
as the metro at 1am on a Saturday night,
but it also sounds...
well, pretty fantastic.

32W6D- Parisian Style

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy

Traveling to Paris?
Check out my guide to the city here.


  1. Glad you two were able to enjoy Paris one last time just the two of you. Cannot wait for the babies Kennedy to be here! Rest up : )

  2. No biggie...just a little day trip to Paris. I can just see these little girls saying "mom, can we just go to Paris for the afternoon and get some macarons?" It makes it all worth that tiny little fridge you all have!

  3. ahh Paris... I love it in the cold too :) It sort of adds another level of charm to wander around the city all bundled up :)

  4. I love that you posted black and white photographs, those are my favourite! So cute that next time you go you guys will have doubled your family size ;) Any chance you can pass on the photographer information? I have a friend from Hawaii going there shortly and she is looking for a Parisian photogapher.

    Bonnie Rose | The Compass Rose

    1. Hi! It's Liz Denfeld. She's actually based out of Amsterdam, but I'm sure she would be up for a Eurostar trip down for a client. She's great.

      Her website:

  5. *photographer

    I really can spell ;)

  6. You are the cutest pregnant lady!
    I am so completely jealous that you can go to Paris for a quick day trip!!!

  7. This sounds so lovely! It looks like scenes from a very cool indie movie :) I'm so excited for the arrival of Babies Kennedy and to see them hitch a ride with you guys on all of these super fun trips!

  8. I love Le relais!! have you been to the one here?

  9. What a perfect day trip! We went to Paris for New Years a couple years ago and it was reported as one of the coldest winters in 100 years!! We were frozen! I think I'll need to visit it in the Spring or Fall so I can appreciate it a little more.
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  10. Wow! How wonderful to be able to take a "day trip" to Paris. Maybe in my next life! ;) Gorgeous photographs!

  11. Haha, I love that you already know what everybody thinks about your boss! :)
    Oh, and how I miss this darling and beautiful Paris.....
    The pictures turned out great and look radiant!
    xoxo, The Brazilian Way of Life

  12. You are so beautiful with that cute belly:) I can't wait to see those little ones!!
    Time Stand Still

  13. My God!!!!
    You really look so fine!!!And you're beautiful!
    You will love to come back to Paris in four!!!!
    I send you a big hug!

  14. I LOVE onion soup in Paris! There's nothing better than a hot bowl of soup when you are traveling in winter!

  15. I just have to comment that you are absolutely glowing - gorgeous!

  16. dear babies... are you ready to come out yet!! the world wants to meet you! especially your mommy and daddy!

  17. Oh Lauren, you look amazing!!

    All the best for you two (well, 4)!!



    PS: of course I will keep your travel tips in mind when heading to Paris!!

  18. Oh how lovely!! I'm sure travelling to Paris with babies would be brilliant- I'm told the often-moody Parisians suddenly change tack as soon as babies are involved. And your boss sounds like the best boss EVER. x

  19. Paris is on my bucket list. The photos look awesome in b+w and you look great! It feels like yesterday since you announced you were "prego" and I swear every time I see your baby belly, I'm like, "what the!"... followed by, "oh yeah..." You make a darling prego lady :)

  20. Paris is so dreamy..I love how you posted all these in b&w. Enjoy the time before your babies come!


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