I Pledge Allegiance...

My favorite things about coming back to the US
are, in no particular order:


Unfortunately, these don't really exist in London.

I mean, there are donuts...
but they aren't the good kind.

They are the yucky, old, in a plastic box from the grocery store kind.

It's extremely upsetting.

Every Saturday morning,
I roll over to Tyler 
and tell him that the only thing missing in our life
is a donut shop that we could go to for breakfast.

By the way,
I had 3 donuts this morning....
and 5 donut holes.

Disgusting, right?
But also great.


I know there are getting to be some good places in London
that now serve a decent burger
{Meatliquor and Patty&Bun, I hear ya),
but they don't do it without a huge line
and this cheap.

And none of them have
ranch, American cheese, bacon, avocado & grilled onions...
and for that, it is all the lesser.

Friends & Family

Well, I have some pretty awesome friends in London,
but I still miss these sweet faces while I'm gone.

Oh, and do you know what is really fun?

Getting to introduce your baby to her cousins...

and aunts...

and great-grandparents....

Viola Wallace and her namesake, Jeanne Wallace Knight.

and so many other people that you love dearly.

It's been such a treat.

We are having a great time in the States.

Texas & Oklahoma down,
Charlotte & Arkansas up next!


While I'm elbow deep in donut-holes & chimichangas
during our trip around the States,
I'll be doing a few good giveaways here on the blog.

Don't worry- they're all awesome.

You wont be mad about them. ;)


  1. Eat all the Mexican food you can find. ALL OF IT!

    I remember when I was dancing in London, there was a place in Greenwich that had really good burgers. But they cost 9 pounds!!!! I was appalled. I ate it. Appalled.

    I gotta say, Viola has a good looking family.

  2. YAY Texas and Oklahoma! I hope you got some good chips and queso too :) Surprisingly the best cuban food I've ever had was in SW Arkansas. lol Safe travels

  3. i am so so glad you are having such a great time!
    its so fun to be in a new place and appreciate the little things.
    keep enjoying it! xo

  4. Hope you have a great time in Arkansas! We're a pretty awesome state. :)

  5. I'm so happy to read about you again!!!
    Living in other country is exciting, but we always miss our family and friends!!
    Have a great day!!

  6. I def could add Mexican food to that list. Glad you are having a great furlow in the states. Is that birthday party too for Viola? Cute!

    Bonnie Rose|A Compass Rose

  7. So glad you're enjoying your time at home...loved seeing Viola with her namesake most of all...have I told you how much I ADORE her name? Perfection just like her:) xoxo

  8. Glad you are having a wonderful time. I am missing Canadian donuts and burgers too! I have taken note of the places you mentioned - I will wait in line and pay (desperate times...). Lovely family photos. There is nothing better than reuniting with loved ones. Enjoy!!

  9. These photos are so sweet! I've been studying abroad in London since January and I'm heading back home to South Carolina in only two weeks. I beyond want to stay here, but it will be really nice to see friends and family! I will definitely be having some good South Carolina barbecue and Chick-fil-a when I'm back :)

  10. haha I LOVE that the food comes before friends&family :P

  11. To continue your burger eating enjoyment, stop at a Cook Out drive-thru in Charlotte. Worth the drive. The milkshakes will change your life.

  12. I love Viola's face with her cousins! haha, oh the things they will teacher her :)

    And I'm craving burgers every day. Thank goodness I don't live in England b/c I might not be able to deal! Enjoy your donuts!

  13. This makes me homesick for you!!! Have an incredible next few days - and soak up everything American x

  14. eat those doughnuts and burgers girlfriend, eat them good- this comment coming to you from your flat in Notting Hill.

  15. Charlotte, NC?!?! That's just two hours from me- and I have to tell you, I am a donut fiend, and a town near me has a little bakery with the best donuts I've ever had. EVER. I doubt you have a free minute, but if you do whilst in Charlotte, holler and I'll meet you with some donuts!

    No worries if you can't. It's never a problem for me to eat them all myself.

  16. YAY for time in Dallas! While here you need to get in some good Tex-Mex time too ;) And, as for the burgers- the Shake Shack is headed from NYC to London (yummy, still over priced though). Enjoy your time with the fam!

  17. Those donuts look awesome, I think we should start a petition for a decent donut shop in London! Also, if you are looking for a good burger, try Honest Burger in Brixton Village. In fact, if you haven't made it down to Brixton yet you should, the Village is awesome and you can get nearly every type of food and extremely reasonable prices (you have written before about how you are a lady who likes to get value!).

  18. welcome back! donuts are my favorite thing too so I would be devastated if I didn't have access to the GOOD ones.

  19. Such sweet pictures, and I love your sparkly scarf! Also, you made me want a burger.

  20. such sweet photos. It's not easy living far from family when you have a baby (I know the feeling!).
    Enjoy the rest of your trip : )

  21. It looks like Viola's making her rounds - that little jetsetter :) Have a great time in the US of A - and load up on the mac and cheese... and sweeeeeet tea! :)

  22. CHARLOTTE? Oh my goodness you're coming to my city. I might have to stalk Baby V - with those expressive faces, she's totally going to be famous one day.

  23. I hear ya on missing the donut, hamburger, and family! Glad you are having a good time xo Heidi http://fabricandfrosting.blogspot.be/

  24. Come to NY, we have some pretty awesome grub here.
    Heck you feel like family. Love all the images. Our family and food seems to go together well.

  25. Texas does burgers right!!!

  26. Love having you home and love all the pictures (especially that last one!). Love you!

  27. So glad you're enjoying your time state side!

  28. Such fun times! Love seeing all of you together. I live in Charlotte and am really hoping I bump into you! Hope you have fun and get to see all the beautiful parts of Charlotte!

  29. I am so happy that you get to visit your loved ones! I started following you recently, and your family is so cute! I studied abroad in London last semester and fell completely in love, so I am definitely loving your blog! I only wish I had found it while I was there...you have a ton of amazing recommendations for places to eat and things to do! Also, Viola is absolutely precious, of course! Enjoy the rest of your time home! xo


  30. Glad you're enjoying your time in the states!


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