Happy (7)th of July!

Blame it on the timezones...
but today, we had a street party
to celebrate the American Independence.

(Also known as the 4th of July,
but since we were a bit late
we can just call it the former.)

My friends, Lolly & Tyler,
hosted us in theird adorable tiny street 
(or "mews" as it would be called here in England)
which is so cute
that Posh & Becks decided to make the house on the end
their London residence.

No, they didn't join the rest of the street...
but they were invited and David was apparently bummed to miss.

Can you even imagine what I would have done
if Harper & Viola were playdates at a BBQ?

I'll tell you exactly what I would have done:
 I would have peed my pants.

Even though the glam squad wasn't there to party with us,
we still had a pretty rocking time.

So I'll tell you what I want,
what I really, really want....

This gorgeous necklace!

During the party,
Viola & I tucked inside to play for a bit in the indoors.

While I was falling pretty hard 
for their exceptionally cute flat,
Viola felt so inspired she leaned up on the couch
like a champ to observe the festivities below.

So while it may not be Cape Cod,
it sure was this Aspiring Kennedy's dream way
to celebrate the Fourth... or the Seventh.


I hope you all are having a great day
where ever it is you may be...
and that you have as much sunshine 
as we are expecting this week in Blighty!

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. oh wow, how gorgeous! great to see you (both) the other day :)

  2. What a stunning house. I love the interior design.

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  3. Absolutely lovely. What a great celebration!

  4. That is a gorgeous home and a lovely party!
    - Rachel/ With Love, Rachel

  5. Holy cow she is getting big! And peeing in the pants seems like a perfectly acceptable response to a posh spice & fam play date.

    - Kelsey @ Applewood Road

  6. I want to live in that house! And I'm pretty sure peeing my pants would be the least embarrassing thing for me to do if Posh & Becks were at the same party as me.

  7. holy night this is beautiful post! I really honestly think if David saw this, he would be impressed. Gorgeous photos and I CANNOT believe how perfect Viola is. Gah!!!

  8. We didn't celebrate until the 6th, I blame it on the 4th hitting a week day:)

  9. Viola+chambray+polka dots=super cuteness! Posh would definitely have approved of the baby style!

  10. such a cute jumper! she's getting so big :)

  11. I'm thinking that the Beckhams were there in spirit (I mean it was on the seventh... hello, Harper's middle name!), because they would be huge idiots to miss out on Viola and her chunky legs. Glad you guys celebrated the day in style!

  12. Looks amazing - that pudding is beautiful. We had enough sunshine this weekend to restore any vitamin D deficiency. Hope the sunshine lasts for you x

  13. What a gorgeous home your friends have! So light and airy looking!

  14. Absolutely in love with the last photo of Viola checking on her new friends below! xx

  15. I would also definitely pee my pants, I am obsessed with old Posh and Becks!!
    And little V is growing up too quickly!! x

  16. Aw, it sounds like such a great way to celebrate! Viola is too cute, look at her standing/leaning on that couch!
    xo, Maria

  17. What?! I might have fainted if David Beckham and fam were standing in front of me. Everything in those pictures looks awesome (except maybe the tiny grill. :)) I also want that necklace. Sounds like a fun day!

  18. I would have been in my pants on your behalf if the Beckhams had showed up!! Aahhh!!

  19. um, you should proooobably go back over there often for a glimpse of david becks.
    he's my one and only star crush and i think i'd faint if i saw him

    xo The Egg

  20. oh cute is her little romper and your friends dress!! i really missed the us on 4th of july

  21. What a gorgeous flat!! And Viola is growing by the day! So cute.

  22. Oh, wow! Absolutely beautiful - all of it! And Miss V's outfit is too cute!

  23. Omgosh the polka dot onesie could not be any cuter!

    Brooke du jour


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