Pack Your Bags: Iceland's Blue Lagoon

I think that long before I knew anything 
about Iceland's glaciers or waterfalls,
I wanted to go there
just so that I could go to 
the Blue Lagoon.

I think I had seen a travel documentary that went there
and then it was in American Way magazine during a long flight...
I can't really remember what made it such a prominently placed item
on my "In My Wildest Dreams" travel list,
but it was sitting pretty high up there.

(Probably somewhere in between 
above-water hut in Bora Boar & elephant riding in Thailand.)

Last year, when my boss 
came up with the brilliant addition
of an Icelandic safari to our UK semester,
I was instantly sold.

After exploring this quirky little island, Iceland
-which is spelled "Island" by it's natives-
I've come to appreciate so much more 
than just the initial allure of the milky mineral bath....

But let's be real:
I'm still completely obsessed with it.

Viola looks ridiculous in this pic... but it was either this one, closed eyes or a spit bubble. 

IcelandAir operates transatlantic flights through Keflavic,
which happens to be about 20 minutes from the lagoon...

and apparently, these flights can sometimes be less expensive
than direct fares from other airlines.

So what am I saying?

Make it happen, people.

Visiting the lagoon is an amazing experience
that you should add to your travel bucket list.

I'd even say it was once in a lifetime...
but I'm going back later this week,
so that kind of ruins it, right?

A few things to know:

Taxis from Keflavic to the Lagoon are about 7,000 ISK 
(which, these days is about $55-60 USD)...

I would try and cram as many bodies as you can in a cab. 

Or you can book one of these daytrips
(either from Reykjavic or Keflavik)
for a really affordable price
from a company like Reykjavic Excursions.

(Note: fare included return bus ticket & admission!)

There are a few admission options upon check in.

which allows for a locker, no towel, no robe... not much of anything else.

which allows for a locker, towel, robe, drink at the swim up bar, etc.

giving you all the previously stated good plus slippers, a meal at the restaurant, &
line skipping (there's never been one when I've been, but I've only been in Sep & Oct).

And then, of course, there is the LUXURY EXPERIENCE
which gives you all the trimmings 
plus access to their Exclusive Lounge with private showers & sunchairs.

Okay, so those are the options...
but here's what we did:

Got the Standard Experience and then added on the robe & towels a la carte.
That way, we weren't paying for the drinks, the 5 EURO gift card to the gift shop
and other small stuff that I didn't really want.

Granted, we still got drinks in the lagoon...
how could we resist?

But, still... got save those bucks (err... Krona) where you can.

You'll have lockers to store all your goodies and
a wristband that you can charge whatever you purchase on.

Next time we go, I'm bringing 
a plastic shopping bag with handles 
to hang up my camera & phone in
when we are outside.

It's so misty
and the only place to cover your phone/camera 
is by covering it with your towel
on the wet ground...
thus, soaking your towel. 

Small things make a big difference, people.

Don't miss the giant crates of mineral mud mask (free!)
that you can cake on your face 
as you swan around the lagoon
allowing you to resemble a swamp-like alien.

It's all part of the experience.

There's also a sauna & steam room
(and a locker room full of naked Icelandic women)
to complete the spa experience.

Grab a coffee and head up to the relaxation room after you are done.

It's a good place to cool down and unwind before heading out.

I'm pretty sure instinct will guide you 
through the rest of it.

It's pretty amazing.

Have a smoothie from the bar
for me when you go!

Have you been? What am I forgetting to tell you?
What was your favorite part of visiting the Blue Lagoon?

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. This honestly looks so amazing. Mentally planning a trip to Iceland...

  2. We went this past March on our 1 day/night stopover to Scotland and absolutely loved it. We headed right over after getting off the plane. My teenager daughter still has some of the mud mask we bought - love that too!

  3. Ah, so so cool! Looks like Viola is totally in her element :) She's a girl after her mother's heart!

  4. Viola looks to be loving the entire experience!

    The colour of that water really is something else!

  5. Looks and sounds AMAZING!! This is definitely on my list x

  6. I was hoping for a picture with the mud mask! Looks very relaxing.

  7. So fun! Iceland has recently gone down on my list of "must visit" places, so this post will be helpful, for sure.

  8. I usually don't like people telling me what to do, but whenever you're like "Pack your bags" I'm like, "I will do it right now without question."

    Just waiting for these photos to show up on National Geographic.

  9. This looks amazing - that is all I have to say, amazing amazing! xo

  10. Oh goodness. I want to go.


  11. Lauren, please, stop posting about all these wonderful places!!!
    I seriously want to visit all of them!!!
    Once again, thank you for sharing all these pics!!!

  12. We were in Iceland last summer and the Blue Lagoon was definitely a highlight of the trip! Rubbing the mud all over your face and body is a must, of course, and yes, a plastic bag to hang your camera/phone up is a great suggestion! I was amazed at how warm and peaceful the water was. Think I would have liked to try one of the floating massage spa treatments...maybe next time!

  13. This just bumped up drastically on my to see list. (Actually it was never on my list and now is and moved to the top-ish area) And you should totally post the squinted eyes and bubble pics - I have a very hard time believing your daughter could ever take a less tan acceptable picture :)

  14. It looks amazing. Adding it to my bucket list. I'm gonna make it happen...someday. Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos!!

  15. i saw a documentary on the elephant orphanage in sri lanka and although it was "in my wildest dreams" bucket list....i made it happen! so glad you did so with iceland.
    you've just added this lagoon to that list!!

    xo The Egg

  16. there is so much upsetting me in this post. the amazing milky water in iceland that you are all lounging in. Violas sweet face. your prettiness. but mainly Viola has a better tan than I do and I don't think thats fair.

  17. What's the temperature like? You all don't look like you're freezing... but I think you mentioned something about snow in an insta post. Details, please! =)

  18. Oh wow! I've always wanted to go to Iceland, but now I really want to bump it up on the bucket list! Looks like you had an extraordinary time!

  19. I've always been pretty curious about the Blue Lagoon, so happy to get some more details on the experience! Would love to visit someday... and geez, Viola is getting cuter (and bigger!) by the day!

  20. My information might be out of date... but I flew Iceland Air from Boston to Amsterdam in 2005. The flights to Europe connected in Iceland, and you had the option to schedule a layover for up to 3 days in Iceland for free. How cool is that?

  21. time I wear my mineral mud mask, I will be imagining this place.
    Gracias for sharing!

    Manda from Eat Cake

  22. oh my gosh. y'all are PRECIOUS!!!

  23. this place looks amazing..never been there but your photos make me wish to gi there..

  24. Seriously tho... Viola's passport has probably got more stamps than I do at this point haha. I love how you continue to travel and explore and are still such happy parents!!! I don't have a kid but when I do, I aspire to be a traveling mama just like you :)

  25. The Blue Lagoon looks amazing! I'm going next month and cannot wait.

  26. It's officially on my wishlist now! Was the water warm? I'd imagine it has to be, right? I've never been to mineral pool before so I have no idea - HA!

  27. The Blue Lagoon is a major Bucket List item for me - it looks incredible!

  28. What lovely photos! I'm a big fan of the Blue Lagoon. I visited right before my flight home and it totally relaxed me.

  29. All of this makes me so happy. You're such a beautiful little family!

  30. Just added this to my bucket list! Amazing

  31. This post brought back so many memories as we visited a year and a half ago.
    It was a fantastic experience for sure and seeing your pics has made me want to revisit with my little one! How was she with the water? I know they also say that the water has super healing properties so anyone with skin conditions etc. should visit there. Have you been to Grillmarkadurinn (The Grill Market) to eat?

  32. It's now on my list. It looks incredibly beautiful and relaxing!

  33. I have been, and can attest to its amazing-ness. Hope it wasn't once-in-a-lifetime for me either...I'm plotting how to route a layover in Reykjavik just to stop in again.

    Bag for camera/phone is a must, agreed. Don't forget flip-flops. Definitely hit up the relaxation area. Food in the cafeteria is nothing to write home about.

    We also opted for a splurge and did the underwater massages. This was truly awesome, if not slightly weird (they keep dunking your body under to stay warm). Book yours early in the day to get into relaxation mode upon arrival, and then float around the lagoon all loosey goosey :)

  34. Amazing amazing amazing. I want to go so bad!!

  35. Loving your Iceland posts! I'm trying to plan a trip there this spring and they've been super helpful! :)

  36. Loving your Iceland posts! I'm trying to plan a trip there this spring and they've been super helpful! :)


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