Style Me (Mini): Little Picks with Big Appeal.

While I was pregnant with two girls,
I only ever bought one of anything.

For some reason, 
the idea of matching wasn't my thing.

I went more for "coordinated."

With everything that happened,
it ended up that Viola has a ton of clothes...
and, fortunately, we didn't have a ton of duplicates
to have to cry over deal with.

I like to think 
that Viola is honoring her sissy 
by wearing them well.

Tyler & I always say
that we honestly don't know
if our hearts could have taken
looking at double this cuteness everyday.

Can you even imagine?

I do all the time...


And now to downshift from the emotional to the everyday
so quickly you may get whiplash
- because that's what grieving actually feels like-
here are some awesome baby clothes.

Like, really really awesome things
that I would love to scoop up for Viola
to wear this fall.

I can just tell that autumn & a spring in Paris
are going to look good on her.

Hopefully, her mom remembers to keep it fresh, too.


  1. She is beyond adorable - the top of the style pops xxx

  2. She is so precious Lauren, and super stylish! I just love all her outfits - her little sister is smiling down from heaven with pride x

  3. Ahh so adorable and stylish. I love her hat!

  4. She is such a little pumpkin and I adore how her style seems so "her"! :)

  5. She is one very stylish little girl!

    (And those smiles just melt me!)

  6. She is just adorable & so stylish!

  7. oh my gosh that little coat is crazy cute - she is so adorable!!!

  8. I die over the boots and fur vest! She'll be so fashionable.

    I have no doubt she's doing her sister proud, rocking all those outfits so well.
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  9. I love all of those picks! You should seriously be a baby stylist. If you haven't already read "Bringing Up Bebe", you should. It's a good one! Though you don't know me from Adam, my heart aches for you and your loss. Viola is quite possibly the cutest baby I've ever seen (next to my own of course ;)!

  10. About the cutest fashion show I have ever seen!

  11. she is not real in the pean coat! can't believe she's growing up so much so fast! but the. again, yes i can. way too fast is just how it happens :) she's beautiful.

  12. She is so cute! I love all of her clothes :)

  13. great style already! she is such a happy baby.

  14. She is so sweet and definitely making her sister proud!

  15. Lauren, Viola is the sweetest, happiest little girl I have ever seen! I think it is wonderful that you take her along on all of your adventures. And, her outfits are just adorable!

    Have a great weekend! xoxo

  16. Oh my god! The fur booties! I might need to find a pair in my size.
    Viola should have her own baby fashion blog. She is so adorable and she seems like such a happy baby!

  17. Honestly just the best dressed baby on the Internet... and maybe in real life, too. Slightly dying over that white peplum jacket. And the riding boots. Can't. Do. It.

  18. My heart just melts when you post picture of Viola. She is one of the cutest, happiest, little babies out there. I love how she rocks the coats and hats.

  19. She is just adorable. Love seeing all the photos! xx

  20. Those cheeks!!! I just can't get over them.

    And you. Gorgeous as always.

  21. I saw the polka dot top on pinterest and almost pinned it to my wish list until I realized it was mini!

    Viola is quite the fashionista. I'm sure Harper and Suri look to her for the the new trends :)

  22. such a cutie! she might need a blog of her own on the path she's on!!

  23. I have been loving Viola's style; particularly when she wears animal prints! :) She is just adorable in anything. And I can't get over those little Frye boots. Too cute!

  24. oh man- get out of town -that coat and those mocs...your kiddo dresses better than i do on most days.

  25. Those clothes are all too sweet! As much as I love being a boy mom (soon to be a boy mom x2), I get a little jealous of the selection for little girl clothes!

  26. I am so touched by what I think I am reading into your story. My daughter is twenty now and I was pregnant with twins. Needless to say, she is a single, not a double. There were lots of hard days but she has brought me more joy than I could ever have imagined. I also did not buy doubles, did not see them as matching, loved dressing her every day and still do. So happy for you!

  27. Could Viola be any cuter???!!! Well, no...she couldn't. She is such a beautiful, happy, smiling little pumpkin! And, I take great joy in the fact that I got to meet her in person.

    Owe you an email....sending soon!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  28. Those little knit leggings and booties still are just the cutest.

  29. Love all of her clothes!
    She is super cute and SUCH a happy little girl! always smiling
    Do you order clothes from Nordstrom and do they ship to the UK?
    I LOVE baby Gap and also Baby Zara! Some stunning stuff from there

  30. I gave birth to two babies. One is forty, the other one was five. My heart goes out to you. With Love and Understanding, Ruth


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