The Prince Bonaparte Rules the World

At times, 
I can be slightly dramatic.

I've neem known to mae some fairly bold claims in my day.

I can't help it. 

I feel the moment. 

And last night,
I was really feeling it
when we were at 
the posh neighborhood pub,
and trying their sticky toffee pudding.

Listen to me, friends:
I eat a lot of dessert... a lot.

After countless bowls of this national treat,
I can confidently say:

This sticky toffee pudding is the best I have had.

While Napolean never achieved his dreams 
of world dominance,
The Prince Bonaparte has dominated all others
in this special recipe.

In case you think Sticky Toffee Pudding is,
as the name implies, a pudding like we know in America,
well, you're wrong.

"Pudding" is a term that just means dessert.

For example,
the classic Christmas "figgy pudding" 
that we all blindly reference in carols & plays
 is not a gelatinous clumpy mess, but a cake.

I know, it's confusing...
but don't worry about it.

Back to the matter at hand:

The cake is just perfect,
the caramel pool it sits in is just right...
and the clotted cream ice cream on top
makes the whole experience heavenly.

If you're searching for a serving of this famous cake
on your trip the England,
don't go anywhere else
other than Notting Hill.

And don't even think about sharing-
you'll be starting a war
that even Napolean would have avoided.

* * *

80 Chepstow Road
London W2 5BE

020 7313 9491

*image original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. Its now on the (getting longer and longer) list... :) This is one of my favourite puds when done right..Thanks!! x

  2. Sticky Toffee Pudding is my most favorite dessert ever. And this one looks AMAZING!!!!!! Thanks for the tip. I'll just fly on over (don't think I won't.)

  3. I love Sticky Toffee Pudding and this one looks to die for. Definitely adding this place to my London bucket list :)

  4. STP is the best. Full stop.
    May i be so bold as to recommend you try Rowley's on Jermyn Street.
    From another Lauren in London.

  5. I am drooling. That looks so, so good!

  6. I'm going to be in London in two weeks for work and will DEFINITELY be going here for the sticky toffee pudding. I also plan on going through all of your other food and tea recs so I can plan accordingly :)

  7. I've some sticky toffee pudding ice cream and it was pretty amazing.... So I bet the real thing is even better! ;)

  8. haha! Meanwhile as we sing the praises of a lumpy - eat with a spoon - who really cares idea in our minds. THIS exists. Nice find!

  9. That is one of my favorite desserts!

  10. I LOVE sticky toffee pudding! Though I strongly believe that my local pub's offering would be a strong contender for this one- it's BLOODY BRILLILANT. I also love that you had to explain that "pudding" just means "dessert" here- but don't forget that (just to confuse matters) suet puddings can be savoury! ;) xx

  11. my first time to your blog and i wanted to say how much i'm enjoying your travel photos! pinning away (;

  12. i ate so much sticky toffee pudding when i was in the UK, i couldn't get enough of it!!! my favorite was in Cambridge at The Eagle. How i could go for a big bowl of that stuff right now!


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