In The Houzz (Sabrina + Sasha)

Since I have been so bored lately
and wihout much to do
(read: complete sarcasm),
I decided to take on a new role
as the London contributor for Houzz.

(I'll sleep when I'm dead.)

As the contributor,
I get to take a peek in people's houses 
and see what their lives are like...
and then I shoot them
-the houses, not the people-
and write about them for all the world to see
on Houzz's lovely site.

The first home that I had the privilege to feature
was the new digs of a sweet couple that I met
at the "7th of July" block party this summer.

The couple lives next to my friend, Lolly...
and I walked away from meeting them
and seeing their new home with stars in my eyes.

Sasha (Russian) + Sabrina (Canadian-American)
are two attorneys who are starting their lives together
in a really cute mews flat in South Kensington.

Not only are they attractive smarties (both are attorneys)
and their home ridiculously well curated,
but they are genuinely nice people, too.

Check out more snaps from their home tour here.

(And, okay, fine... if you wanted to leave a nice comment encouraging them
it probably wouldn't be a bad thing.)

*photography by Lauren Bryan Knight for Houzz


  1. I know of a lovely farmhouse in Elgin for you to snap...when are you coming over?!

  2. beeaauuutiful! I love their place - cozy, adorable and personalized to them!

    Gorgeous pics by the way! Do you use anything special (camera/editing software-wise)?

  3. So fun! You have any idea where they got the cute heart frame that is above their bed?!

    1. Never mind! Don't have a trip to Paris planned any time soon!

  4. Congrats on the new gig! Your photos and article are muy benita.

  5. Jeez what are you Superwoman! Loved your first post!

  6. Wow, congratulations on your new assignment! Perfect job, I'd say :-) And love your first article! I have moved recently (em, last week) and am always grateful for decorating inspiration. xx

  7. I'm a huge Houzz fan and I just signed up to to follow you. We just finished building our home (ourselves, and yes, it was a horrible experience) and I scoured Houzz for the most random details. Like island pendant size, horizontal striped curtains, klismos chairs, trimwork, outlet placement, etc. It's an amazing resource, especially when specific brand/make/models/color are shared. I feel like traditional magazines are losing ground on this topic.

  8. Great job on showcasing their cozy and functional home! You are definitely an incredible multi-tasker. Thank you for sharing your life adventures!

  9. Well goodness, Lauren - congratulations on this new gig & the home looks SO lovely! Hopping over to check out the rest of the pictures, but girl, I also hope you're getting an adequate amount of sleep!

  10. Wow Lauren!
    You always have wonderful jobs!Congratulations for this one!
    And the house is really wonderful....I'm going to copy some ideas for my future house!
    Buona domenica!

  11. are you serious??? peter and I would kill for that job!

  12. so excited to see your first home tour Lauren! YAY for you!!! xxx

  13. that's really cool!! what a fun gig to land :) :) sleep is over rated anyway ha


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