Pretty Cookies? London Bloggers? Me? You!

I'm happy to finally announce that there will be
a London Blogger Meetup.


To get this sort of thing planned
and hosted at an amazing place, 
well- it's nothing short of a Christmas miracle.

I'm smitten to have Biscuiteers oblige to host 
our fun crew for a night out
at their *gorgeous* Notting Hill Boutique
for a night of Christmas fun.

So if you have a blog, read blogs, like blogs, 
or just think that being a Christmas party in London
would help fulfill all your Love Actually fantasies...
and you're up for an amazing night 
getting to ice pretty cookies, 
chat with sweet girls & sip some fizz, 
 we want you there!

Since the boutique is small,
it's a first-come-first-served operation
for the first people who sign up.

The icing classes are normally £78 per person,
but you'll get to experience that
-plus cookies to nibble & yummies to sip-
for only £35.

{This truly is the best time of the year.}

Snag your spot now
and plan to spend the night making new friends.

Oh, and don't worry about feeling awkward. 
Everyone always kind of starts out that way...
 including me!

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  1. Oh I so would love to attend. Darn being on literally the other side of the world.

  2. Brilliant news...I've been so looking forward to an opportunity to meet up with other London bloggers....Christmas, Notting Hill, biscuits - it sounds like it will be a fabulous evening. Looking forward to meeting new friends!

  3. I'm seriously so jealous right all get to hang out together in LONDON. Not fair.

  4. If this was happening a month later, I'd totally go! Hope you girls have fun!

  5. If only I wasn't leaving London on Dec 4th!

  6. Looks like fun! While touring around Notting Hill with my mom last summer we popped into Biscuiteers ~ it looks wonderful {perfect venue!}. Looking forward to feeling awkward and meeting new friends. Thanks for the invite! x

  7. I wish I could come up for this, I have panto rehearsal that evening. :(

  8. This sounds great, count me in! I always feel a bit nervous attending these sort of things but can't wait to meet new friends :)

  9. Just signed up! I'm really looking forward to meeting some new people - just moved to London a couple of months ago and was looking for an excuse to meet some of my fav handy!

  10. Ach, I'll just miss it!

  11. so funnnn! wish i was in london! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  12. Meeting new friends and in my favourite shop too - can't wait (though I will be the shy one!)

  13. Ahh wish it was the week before when I'm there :) Have a good time!

  14. Just signed up! I am new to London and just started a blog as well. Looking forward to meeting all of you!

  15. My friend and I were talking about your blog today, and when I checked bloglovin' I saw this post. It was as if it was meant to be! So.. guess what?! We booked and we are super excited and even possibly a hell of a lot nervous!!! YAY!!

  16. Great initiative! And I've never been to Biscuiteers before. Looking forward to meeting you all on the 6th.

  17. ooo how WONDERFUL! I love their shop! I will be there for sure! Signing up tonight:) xoxo

  18. Very excited..thanks for putting this together! I just moved to London from NY in August looking forward to meeting everyone!

    I have a very amateur blog but am an avid blog-reader!

  19. Gosh, this sounds wonderful! Hope there's another one when I'm in Londontown next year :)

  20. I'm going to stew in jealousy and wait for recap pictures and pretend I was there!

  21. Super excited for this event! Can't wait to meet everyone!

  22. Oh you lovely thing for organising such a great sounding event! Damn living in Devon- I mean, it's great, but I bloody wish I could come to this!! Sad sad times indeed. Have fun! xx

  23. super bummed to miss this! I will get to london the 19th!

  24. I am so excited for this! Will be great to meet up with some other London bloggers :) (And eat biscuits, obv)...


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