Blow It Out.

I'll admit something to you...
but just you, internet. 

I only wash my hair once a week.

I know... crazy.

My hair is super thick
(like, it's shocking)
and washing/blow drying/straightening it 
is a three hour ordeal
from start to finish.

And the London humidity makes 
it not too oily or too dry.

(Airplanes and Texas are tough on it, admittedly.)

Since pedicures are really terrible in the UK,
don't include good massages (the best part!)
and are around £40,
I nevvvvver get them here.

But I do splurge ever couple of weeks
on getting my hair blown out.

In fact, I have a lady that comes to my house
and does my hair there...
for £25!

I can't lie...
it's one of my favorite things.

My hair gets done to perfection
in a third of the time it would take me to muck with it...

All while the baby naps
and I drink coffee watching Law & Order SVU
in my pajamas.

Worth every single Kate-Middleton-wannabe penny.

Now you know my guilty pleasure.

(Well, besides the carbs addiction, but you knew about that.)

 .    .    .

Everyone has their weakness.

Their thing they refuse to do...
whether it's splurging to have your dog walked,
having someone come dust & change your bed linens.
 a personal trainer guide your workouts
or even paying for someone else to make & deliver your juice cleanse.

Everyone has a point where they just... don't.

So what's yours?

Spill it.

*photography by Noah Darnell


  1. Not have a good G&T, that's my "don't" ;)

  2. Mine is usually semi-regular pedicures, but I'm currently in a post-baby time warp, in which a Saturday afternoon disappears before I can think about getting in the car to go to the nail salon. Also, we're still in the midst of the longest winter ever, and my chipped nails are typically swathed in wool socks and slippers!

  3. Before baby we used to have our laundry sent out. It was amazing. I would pile up all our laundry once per week and drop it off on my way to work. On my way I'd pick it up all washed/dried/pressed for just £16. Oh my gosh that was just too cheap not to! I miss it so much and am thinking it is time to start that back up.

    Now? I have my groceries delivered. Asda for £5 per month. I'm cool with that. I'd love to splurge on a house cleaner. What my husband doesn't know won't hurt him.

  4. Oh goodness what a deal!! My biggest splurge now is lattes but someday I'll splurge on having someone clean my house or a babysitter or both ;). Your hair is so stunning!

  5. your hair looks beautiful!!! i splurge on barre classes -- only 1/week, every week + a monthly gym membership. i love my gym because i can go during lunch, it is the BEST stress reliever. xo

  6. What a deal - how can you NOT get regular blowouts at home for that price? Pedicures are definitely it for me, but I admittedly love painting my finger nails myself. Pouring a glass of wine, putting on some trashy TV and getting to work is one of my favorite ways to kill an hour or so.

  7. That sounds absolutely fabulous!!! Your hair always looks professionally done! Now I know your secret!!! That would be dangerous for me and I may have her come much more often! My splurge used to be getting a babysitter every Wednesday afternoon so I could lunch with friends, get my hair done, shop, etc. I had to fire my nanny last week and that's not going to happen any more! Boo hoo hoo!!!!

  8. Amazing hair, totally worth it! My splurge is semi-regular trips to my Asian reflexologist/masseuse who keeps shop in an unassuming strip mall and gives an AMAZING 60 min massage for $35. I consider it a health care cost. ;)

  9. Your hair is gorgeous and totally Kate Middleton status. :)

    My splurge is a housekeeper that comes every other week. At first I felt completely guilty and spoiled about having one, but now there is no turning back. In my opinion it's completely worth it and has totally taken care of so much bickering in my marriage when it comes to who's turn it is to clean the floor, scrub the toilet, etc...

  10. what a great deal!! your hair looks beautiful! i prob wash mine twice a week, and i never have been a huge pedi person, because i do it myself most of the time! also i am kind of super afraid of getting that flesh eating disease from badly washed pedi tools or something. but my splurge is hmmm definitely starbucks every now and then! oooh yeah. that's my splurge :)

  11. Pedicures. In Texas in summer, I always always have bare toes. Have to take care of them! The rest of the year I do them myself. In fact, I just had my first of the season on Friday, and it was amazing!

  12. No wonder your hair is always so sparkly and beautiful!! I WANT TO DO THIS. My secret? Even though I work from home we often hire a cleaning lady because we both hate cleaning SO MUCH and to us, $30 each to avoid that task is money well spent

  13. Ha! Well, I don't get pedicures, manicures, massages, facials, or anything like that (I haven't cut my hair in two years). There's not a ton of things I splurge on. But if there's ever a thing I don't want to do, I just ask my husband to do it for me. Even small, ridiculous things like filling up my water bottle because I'm that lazy. So even though I don't spend money, I still get pampered a ton by my man.

  14. Recently--getting shellac polish on my nails. They don't chip and look wonderful for almost 2 weeks. I love it!

  15. Love your hair! And i really do wish i could wash my hair less often but it gets so oily and dirty. Thank goodness for dry shampoo for those running late days.
    i really love getting my nail done. I never got them done living in Spain because it was expensive and seemed like a not very common thing, so I've really enjoyed mani/pedis and even just color changes!

  16. I paid for a cleaning lady during my first trimester of pregnancy. I was working full time and just SO tired. She did a terrible job and I complained about it once on Facebook. (I was paying her REALLY well) and there was still toothpaste all over my bathroom sink. You wouldn't believe the hate I got. One mother was like I have 4 kids and its a joy and my job to clean my home...blah blah blah. Some telling me it's a waste of money I should be saving for when baby comes. In the end I went back to cleaning my own home from guilt and it always made me so mad because I was tired and growing a baby and working on my feet all day long. I think we all deserve to treat ourselves. As women we are constantly giving, giving, giving. Time to give back to ourselves for once! I say good for you!!

    1. Goodness, I need more help in the first trimester than I do when I have a newborn. I think first trimester is a GREAT time to pay for extra stuff.

  17. Oh I'm jealous. I hate doing my hair. If Denver had a Drybar, I would be broke.

  18. I can't lie, blow outs are totally my thing as well! (I blame my mother for this addiction) There really is NOTHING better than someone else washing and blowdrying your hair, especially if a glass of wine or champagne is included :)

    As someone with crazy thick hair as well, I totally understand the crazy amount of time it takes to get your hair to actually look good!

  19. I just had my first DryBar in Plano last month for a special birthday weekend get-away to New Orleans. I'm hooked and can't wait to go back! My husband was so impressed with my sassy hairstyle that I could probably get-away with it being a monthly "thing!" Our splurge is a house-keeper who comes once a month (and twice-monthly lawn service during the summer months). As far as we're both concerned, it's a wise investment in our marriage! Oh, and traveling every April (just the two of us) to Europe is our “thing,” too! Our friends and family refer to us as “The Kennedys” (and probably think we’re selfish), but our annual April holiday is truly the best investment in our marriage! ;)

  20. First of all, I only wash my hair once, maybe twice a week as well! It gets super dry if I wash more than that (unless I've just been swimming or hardcore working out (HAHA yeah right)), so you are not alone in the rarely-washing-hair world! I've never tried a blowout. I want to, but I fear I'll get caught in that weakness cycle!!

    Melanie xx
    Style to Stage

  21. Now, does the house cleaner REALLY count as a splurge? I totally consider that a necessity. ;-)

  22. We have a house cleaner who has started doing our laundry too! We don't have kids, so I feel like I "should" have time to do it myself, but it's the best money I spend a month!

  23. OMG, who is this lady Lauren?? I need her number!

    Splurge - delivered grocery, £18 yoga classes, and recently bouquets from Wild At Heart :)

  24. Oh my gosh your hair looks AMAZING!!! I'm not sure what mine is... I'll have to think about that. Maybe it's trips to Target. :)

  25. I hate grocery shopping. I would rather do any other chore. I found a place nearby where I can send my order in via the internet and for $6.95 they will do my shopping, bag my groceries and PUT THEM IN MY CAR! I only have to drive up, call and tell them I'm there and they bring it out to me. Love. It.

  26. I feel like I'm missing out on this blowout thing?!?! Do they wash your hair too?
    My splurge is a housekeeper every other week. I work very hard around the house too, but it's just so hard with 3 kids to really keep up with it. I am really thankful for the extra help during this season of life.

  27. this post made me lol, lauren. I'm a longtime reader, first time commenter. I get my hair blown out straight every week! $30 but best money ever spent. my hair is thick and curly and takes me over an hour to do it. i go to the salon every friday while my 3 kids are in preschool and it is divine. love your blog :)

  28. Our best splurge is taking our ironing to a lady to do it. I hate ironing!! I live in Texas, so I have no choice but to wash my thick hair 2-3 times a week. Pedicures are a must in the speing and summer months. Our biggest splurge is buying a whole Angus steer to be butchered and placed in the freezer.


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