Paris: Le Premier Jour

Well, we're here.

In Paris,
and it's so nice to be back.

We've been running errands
to get the semester started (tomorrow!)
and getting to see a few bits of the city
in the process.

No Eiffel Tower or Louvre have been seen yet,
but that doesn't mean we've missed the essence of Paris.

It's oozing out of the cafes...

 and the buildings.

It's good to be back.

We splurged and bought a beater stroller
today at Monoprix
that is about 5673 times smaller than our normal one.

Apparently, it doubles as a baby whisperer.

Viola can't stay awake in it...
and it is awesome.

We're referring to it our "the au pair."

We'll be staying in the Marais
and working near Le Bastille.

Any favorite spots
that I need to try out while I'm here?

Your wish is my command.

(Crepe stands & ice cream especially welcome.)

*images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. Have you taken wee Viola to the toy department at Galleries Lafayette yet? If not, get thee there immediately! And stock up on Christmas schwag for everyone you know with kids while you are at it...also, bring bags with reinforced handles.

  2. There is a fab Spanish restaurant in Le Bastille... Agua Limon... try it out! :)

  3. there's nothing quite like the charm of paris! enjoy your time there - we'll enjoy reading all about it!

  4. Your pictures definitely show the essence of Paris! I would love to have grab a bite to eat in a Parisian café right now and then go for a stroll through the street! I'm sure you're going to have a fabulous time in Paris this spring and I can't wait to read about it! :)

  5. I miss Paris. April will be 10 years. I am dying to go with my husband and my kids; most of all my husband. The kids are still too young to appreciate Paris and her charm. I'm afraid if I go, I will never return. Not that it's a bad thing...I'll miss my family, more reason for them to come visit. :)

  6. You should go to Vintage Désir! It's this adorable, not-so-expensive thrift store in Le Marais on the Rue des Rosiers with amazing finds. Also, if you haven't already had the best chocolat chaud in the world, go to Angelinas!

  7. I think Viola has some major jet lag! Poor girl!
    Can you have one pistachio macaron for me???

  8. She's gotten so big!! Paris completely stole my heart, and I'm so excited to go back for a day trip next month. I didn't get to try Berthillion for ice cream, and I also didn't get to try a cool restaurant called Restaurant de la Tour that we really wanted to, blahh!!

  9. You take such amazing pictures!! Enjoy your time there!

  10. so beautiful! i miss paris!! o and i LOVE love v's little gold bow! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  11. Bienvenue! To start, I suggest a few of my recent favorites: Au Passage (, Holy Belly Café (, and Cantine California, the food truck (, or their brick and mortar location, Le Dépanneur ( ... Enjoy your time in Paris! I will be sure to say "bonjour!" if I spot you and your sweet family strolling the streets! Olivia

    1. Ooh, I've been dying to try the food truck. I've heard about it from Lost in Cheeseland. Thanks for all the recommendations!

  12. I started following your blog a few months ago, shortly before I moved from Paris to London and I loved seeing all the places you were posting about. So I’m happy to return the favour even in a small way.

    Food-wise, since you will be staying at Le Marais you should definitely go to Chez Janou if you haven’t already been. The duck is amazing. And if you order the mousse au chocolat, they bring you the whole serving bowl and you can help yourself to as much mousse as you want. Can’t beat that, can you?

    When the weather gets warmer, check out the terrasse of L’ébouillanté (rue des Barres). It’s great for refreshments or apéritif in the late afternoon. The food is really good too.

    Oh, and the best ice cream in town is Pozzetto, hands down.

    Make sure you go and wander around Galerie Vivienne, it is a charming place. Remember to check out the toy store inside of the galerie called “Si tu veux”. It is the cutest traditional toy store.

    Shopping-wise, I’m sure you have already paid a visit to Merci and Bon Ton. If you haven’t, definitely worth it. Bon Ton also has an old photo booth, so you can take a few more cute pictures of Viola.
    Also, 78isl is a little shop in Ile-Saint-Louis that sells clothes and accessories. Their leather bags and wallets are very cute and inexpensive, and I have found some really great scarves there too. And it’s open on Sundays as well.

  13. Oh girl. I love my life, you know I do, but this just makes me all needing to live in France. Tyler and I can switch places.

    Speaking of... I had a dream I was in Paris, like living there with the Secret Service. And then aardvarks showed up. I don't even know.

  14. Oh how exciting! Paris can be so inspiring. Be sure to check out Candelaria, a hole-in-the-wall taqueria with some of the BEST Mex I had the whole time I was living in Europe. There is also Pink Flamingo for some super creative pizza—bonus, they deliver.

    1. We stumbled upon it our first night. It was amazing!!!! Delicious tacos and gaucamole. We will definitely be back. :)

  15. Chez Hanna in the Marais. BEST FALAFEL EVER. Sooo I hope you like falafel, otherwise this was a silly recommendation :)

  16. I studied and lived in Paris in 2010-2011. I would recommend these restaurants:
    - Café de l'Industrie.(Near Bastille)
    - Le Fumoir, Louvre Rivoli,
    - Al Picollo Caratello, Rue Audran 8 (Montmartre/Abbesses) (

    Also, the food department of Au bon marché is definitely worth a visit.

    Enjoy Paris.

  17. if you like Moroccan food, you MUST go to Chez Omar! it's become really touristy (because of Americans like me recommending it to everyone and her mother) but if you go later in the evening you won't be surrounded by so many American accents :)

  18. What brand of camera are you using by that window shop?

  19. You guys are tracing the same footsteps my hubby and I took this past summer! We also stayed in the Marais. We found the website "Paris by Mouth" to be very helpful in finding great restaurants. One bakery voted best buttered croissants in Paris is in the 3rd, "134 RdT" (strange name for a bakery, but they were amazing!) We also checked out Mary Celeste, Breizh Cafe for crepes and cider, Frenchie (you need a reservation, but now they have Frenchie-to-go and a bar a vins). Rue de Bretagne has a lot of great food shops as well as the enfants rouges market. Enjoy!

  20. OMG she is getting so big, gorgeous! I want to see you soon!! miss you!! <3

  21. If you like the best Italian food you'll ever have in your life, then you must go to L'Osteria. The gnocchi is fresh and fluffy and dissolves in your mouth it's so delicate. The pasta is homemade and spectacular. Go.

  22. We've been going to Vins des Pyrenées for 15 years, and it's still this lovely, undiscovered local restaurant. It's close to Bastille, at 25 rue Beautrellis. Love it!


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