We Love Burgers... and I do, too.

When you go to Maine, lobster is your meal.

Onward to Texas? You gotta try the chili.

Heading to California? Baja Tacos, baby.

But what about all the other places in between?
{Yeah, I'm talking to you Milwaukee, Slough, & Phoenix.}

My goal is typically to find the best burger I can get my hands on.

is a fun website that maps out the world's best burgers
through submitted photos & reviews by people like us.

We Love Burgers is curated by two lovely foodie photogs
named Victoria & Kate
who contribute their own stops on the road 
with glossy mag style shots that make me feel cooler just looking at them.

Do these girls shoot recipe books for Williams Sonoma and the like? Yes. 
Do their pictures look like food porn? Oh, yeah.
Do my iPhone pics look like doo-doo next to theirs? For sure.

But that's okay... 
because that's what makes the site great.

Just good people sharing good food with other people,
even when their pictures... aren't so good.

to see if your local favorite is listed...
and if not- submit it! 

{I figure since I'm already wearing that cheeseburger on my leg,
I might as well tell you where it came from!}


  1. I'm with you - may as well apply it to my legs and back end, because that's where it's going to end up anyway! Sounds like a great site - will check it out!

  2. What a fun site...must check it out!!

  3. great site! best burger i've ever had was in new orleans at port of call!!

  4. Yum! I could eat burgers for every meal. ...off to check out the site!

  5. I'm such a burger person and am definitely bookmarking this site. And no, your pictures don't look like doo-doo so I hope you continue taking them!

  6. Dearest AK,

    You never fail to make my mouth water ;)

    In other fodder, I've awarded you a Stylish Blogger Award.
    It's a bit like a bloggy chain-letter, I've found, so don't feel compelled to play along. I'm happy just to have you up at Nero.

    If you'd like to snag the button for your site, you can check it out here:


    Cheers, Alcira


  7. have you been to Irma's Burger Shack when you've been here? if not, check it out next time you are here and get the 'no name' burger. oklahoma meat, organic fed, and it's leaner. the taste is amazing. ahh. now i want one. oh and they have the best friend okra!

  8. Oh let me tell you...I can't seem to resist my burger cravings lately and I know it will catch up to me. Oh well. Not depriving myself of my favorite splurge! Hope you are having a fabulous week dear!

  9. love this burger blog! the best burger I had was at BGR in Washington, DC (with asparagus fries).. delish.

  10. This post made gave me a craving! Love your blog! :)


  11. Divine (though not for my waistline). I'm still on the quest for a good burger outside the US. I found a good wagyu and foie gras one but want a basic one. Search continues...

  12. I'm bookmarking the website as I write this.

  13. yumyumyum!!!!

    my fave is still the veggie burger at houstons...worth waiting the ridiculous wait-time for!!

  14. You've been awarded! Check out my blog. :)

    I've been a secret reader of yours for a while now and I love reading your posts. :)


  15. I think I know what I want for dinner now!! YUM!

  16. Off to see if Snuffers, Shake Shack or Burger House are listed. I am craving one looking at the last photo. And, yes, I want the fries, too!

    xo Elizabeth

  17. cheeseburger on your leg, nothin'! you're beautiful, sharp, bodacious & an all around stunning woman: inside & out!

    victoria and i were talking and decided if you & i knew each other in real life, we'd be best friends in an instant.

    i love a girl who loves we love burgers, esp ;)

  18. Thanks for the post!
    We at WLB love aspiring kennedy too!

    We have posts for irmas, shake shack, burger house, houstons, and port of call - all amazing burgers, but we are always looking for new submissions.
    The next time you are eating a delicious burger send us a pic (one from your phone will do) and a sentence or two about it to submit@weloveburgers.com


  19. mmmmm this place looks sooo good!! the name is pretty fitting since you really do love it!! my fave burger place is in n out in california!!

  20. LOVE IT! I'm going to have to check that site out ASAP - thanks for sharing!! :)

  21. Oh yum!

    Who doesn't love a food porn now and again?

  22. I consider myself a lover of all burgers!! Absolutely cannot wait to check out their site! Thank you for sharing - LOVE your blog!


  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. I love potato and see that make me hungry.


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