Blog Crawl: It's in the bag!

Ever since Ashley asked me to be in her blog crawl,
I've been trying to think of a great way to set this post up.

Who doesn't love a good glossy mag's feature
of a celeb's spilled bag chocked full of
 La Mer moisturizer, Fendi sunglasses, & matchboxes from exotic hotels?

 I would have loved to create some gorgeous piece
that shows an edited & posh peek in my life...

but seeing as how the person 
I actually am 
got in late from our trip from Italy
because Ryan Air is completely absurd....
this was the best I could do:

thank you mr. ak for the candid shot...
A photo shoot on the train in from the airport.

Cause that's how I roll, baby.

Super classy.

But, hey, that's who I actually am... 
and this is what I actually have in my purse:

First things first:
Command Central
{my wallet}

I love this Michael Kors wallet
because it can hold boarding passes, passports, 
all types of currency... and a squillion credit cards & loyalty cards.

{like my 3 completed cards to Moo Moo's Milkshake Shack.}

Next up:
My brain food.

Ok... maybe it's junk brain food, 
but any kind of reading counts as brain exercise, right?

Plus I love Sophie Kinsella/ Madeleine Wickham 
for better or worse.
in sickness & in health.
as long as we both shall live...

Oh, and my notebook.
I commute to London several days a week 
and I pen my thoughts/doodles/future blog topics here.

The Essentials.

I live in England. This contraption goes everywhere with me.

My eyesite has gone to crap.
{and when I say "crap," please re: overdramatic.}

YSL lipgloss & Blistex... 
don't mess with this combo. 

Because this whole island is always short on supply of them.

and the unsung hero,
the wind beneath my wings:
my iPhone... 
{who took all of these pictures!}

Thanks, Ashley, for asking me to be a part of the blog crawl-
and thanks, Christa of C Jane Create for passing the torch on to Aspiring Kennedy!

I can't wait to see what Carla has in store tomorrow
as she carries on the blog crawl at her site: Paper Clippings of a Wandering Artist!


  1. love your bag - and esp love that candid shot!!! you are too cute!!! ;)

  2. Love your bag! I hate ryan air too. We missed (the cut off check-in time) by like 2 minutes and had to buy another ticket to a completely different area of Germany because they weren't flying into Frankfurt until the next day and we had a 8 month old baby with us... oh it was terrible.

    I'm going to have to check out that book. I've been looking for a new one :)

  3. Reminds me of my "photoshoot" for the post. Ha! And I think that particular book is just about perfect for a vacation!

  4. Love Sophie!
    I just 'reviewed' Shopaholic and Baby.

  5. Love these kinds of posts! & brain junk food. ;)

  6. This post was totally worth the wait! You're so fun and cute! I love Sophia Kinsella's books, too! I'm glad you included that!! Thank you so much for participating! I loved the chance to peek inside your bag!!

    <3 Ashley

  7. So fun- love the candid shot:)
    Um.....we use the same umbrella! Great minds.

  8. you are so unique and fun! let's catch up SOON! welcome back!

  9. That candid shot is so fun! I love that you were doing it on the train - good work! Hope you are well. x

  10. Of course, your bag would be as stylish as you! I'm sort of a Sophie Kinsella junkie, myself - just finished "Remember Me?" and would recommend it.

  11. OMG Lauren, the candid shot is magical, I'm loving the turbin on your head, apparently we need to stop making mean girl/clueless references and start making Sex and the City!!!

  12. I love that you shot this on a train! Your wallet is awesome. :)


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