Role Play.

I wear many hats.
{literally & figuratively, I suppose.}

Between family life, work, & blogging...
it's a wonder I get my teeth brushed every day.

Naturally, when we all have so much going on-
we let things slide.

We have to.

{..this also helps me justify not working out...}

But one role that I never skimp on is 
my role of an aunt.

Because honestly- how could I not love these kids?

My sister had three boys that stole all of our hearts away...

...and then, viola, she got pregnant again.

This time with a little girl.

This little girl happily reigns my family's heart...
and today, I'm asking for her to be in yours, too.

My niece has spina bifida, and her spinal cord has tethered-
so today, this little one is having surgery.

It's risky surgery and a doozy of recovery,
{especially when you have three boys to take care of...}
but we have faith that God will take care of her.

{He sure has, so far!}

Thanks for your support, friends! 

xoxo- lauren


  1. my Lord, she is such a cutie! thinking of you and your family darling. sending good vibes from here xx

  2. I've prayed for you just now. Best of luck!

  3. praying for her, her bothers and her parents.
    ...oh and her auntie too.

  4. I'm praying for you and your family. She is adorable! sending hugs :)

  5. Your family certainly has my support, Lauren.

  6. sending loads of positive thoughts and warm vibes from the US. keep us posted!

  7. Ah Mags! Definitely thinking of the family today! She's such a trooper that one.

  8. Sending prayers to your sweet little niece, as well as to her parents and the rest of the family.

  9. praying for this precious girl!! and your whole family.

  10. Oh sweetie she will be in my prayers. Love to you and your whole family. They are beautiful xoxo

  11. I have yall in my thoughts and prayers.

  12. Hugs and love for the little lady! Your nieces and nephew are just too precious!

  13. Sending many prayers and positive thoughts your way and to that sweet little girl. xoxo

  14. of course we are praying for this precious one!! love her (and your whole family) so much.

  15. lauren- this is a beautiful post! your adorable niece, you and your family are in my prayers today

  16. Precious pictures! All of you are in my prayers today!

  17. many prayers and positive thoughts to you and your family today!

  18. All four are absolutely adorable and what lucky kiddos to have youf or an auntie. Your niece and your whole family will be in my thoughts and prayers today and all week!

  19. Sending positive thoughts to your adorable niece and family!

  20. Lauren, Keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers, they are so special.

    Art by Karena

  21. Good morning from Tokyo!

    Lauren, I'm finally starting to pick back up on my blogging and reading of blogs and really feel grateful to have picked up on yours today.
    Your sisters' family and your sweet neice are in our prayers. Having have gone through something similar with my own daughter when she was four months old I have great sympathy for what you all are experiencing.

    Our prayers will be with you as long as you need them. Let's focus on the blessing that something *can* be done for this sweet little girl. Undoubtedly she is in very good care with the greatest of Physicians guiding those well-practiced hands.

    My best to you and yours as you await news...



  22. You and your sister's beautiful family will be in my thoughts all weekend~ xxx

  23. Sending prayers for a successful surgery, a smooth recovery and a blanket of calm for your sister and her family. xoxo, E

  24. thoughts and prayers are with you and your family today!

  25. She'll be in my prayers - I have three younger brothers, so I know how difficult it can be. Love every post on your blog!

  26. Oh my, may she be blessed.
    She certainly will be in Nero's thoughts and heart.
    Best of wishes to you, Alcira

  27. Praying for her such lovely pictures. Hoping she will have a speedy recovery


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