Francais... et le coq.

And I'm off to Southern France!

{My job is awesome, by the way.}

I've been muttering French all week in preparation for France,
and now it's time to see what I actually remember from college.

I have a feeling I'm going to be pretty disappointed with my retention...
but oh well.

C'est la vie, non?

{Ha! I got that one...}

As I had all things French on the brain last night, 
I attempted my very first
Coq Au Vin...

and it was tres bien-
non, c'etait... magnifique!

{and really, really easy.}

I adapted the recipe from this one...
but I was out of change at the market, so had to skip the carrots.

Bon Appetit!


  1. bon voyage ma belle! Enjoy! Glad the Cow au vin went well! Bisous

  2. What do you do? I need to change jobs!

    <3 Ashley

  3. Enjoy! The South of France is so beautiful.

    But, let me just ask...are you hiring?!

  4. Sounds delicious. I need to find myself a job that requires me to dash off to France. Or maybe I'll just dash to dash. After all, I've never been at all.

  5. Have fun and make sure you post pics when you return! :)

  6. I'm sooo jealous- have a fabulous time my dear!!!

  7. Bon voyage et amuse toi bien! I think I still remember my French but would love the opportunity to practice it again on the Cote d'Azur...

  8. Bon voyage- just wear shades and a head scarf and channel Princess Grace...parl-lay vous~

  9. Delicious! Now, I know what I want for dinner this weekend.

    Have so much fun in France!

  10. are living the life!!! And, I wish I was too! :)
    xoxo elizabeth

  11. ...jealousy ensues.
    I am definitely going to try that recipe. I love coq au vin. I have a killer bourguignon recipe that is just as easy. I really should post it. C'est bon!


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