Friday Faces: Jillian of Cornflake Dreams

I love this new series... 
partly because I'm excited to introduce you to new blogs
that you are definitely going to love,
but mainly I love this series for the selfish reason
that I get to snoop in the lives of people
that I wish I could know in real life.

These questions help me feel more connected to the blog
that I read on a daily basis...
(or try to when I'm not flitting around like a fool)
and make me more endeared to the bloggers behind them...
like Jillian of Cornflake Dreams
who might just be one of the nicest girls I've {never} met.

hello there- it's jillian from cornflake dreams  and i am thrilled to be on aspiring kennedy!
 i adore lauren's travel posts and i'll admit that i am a little jealous 
i have no immediate plans to move across the pond! :)


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  1. I love this series too. Jillian is the cutest and I agree... she is a sweetie. She seriously has the best collages! xo

  2. This is FABULOUS with a capital F! Love it!! And so nice to find another talented blogger to "snoop" on:) Enjoy your weekend.

  3. PS Love the "happy wrinkles" part.....thats a keeper.

  4. Loved getting to know Jillian and I can't wait to check out her blog. Wonderful series... something I will look forward to checking out each week for sure!

    ~ Have a lovely weekend ~

  5. Love my fellow breakfast food lover and I love this series. Such a fun and happy post.

  6. Jillian is creative and adorable --- and I'm sure she'll reach all of her goals! Thanks so much for sharing another brilliant blogger!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  7. Those collages are perfect, love them <3

  8. Adorable and yes, great collages!! So sorry to have missed you in London. What a fantastic week that was - 24 hour a day inspiration! Finally met Arianna and several of the others - what a pleasure!!

  9. Love this post and learning about this new blog! Happy to have popped over from Cornflake Dreams!

  10. LOVE Jillian!! She's just the best!!
    You betcha I'll be back to take a look at this series! Great idea!

  11. I agree Ms. Jillian is one of the nicest girls on the interwebs! This was so fun to read - now she feels like even less of a stranger :)

    Haley @ Cardigan Junkie


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