What I Miss.

I'm a little hungry still after dinner.

I ruined my dinner by scarfing down 
a (third) macaron
that was headed to be thrown away
around five this evening.

{Real classy, I know.}

A few hours later, my stomach is ready for round two...

...or was it three?

Our cabinets are pretty bare bones at the moment,
and in my state of dismal hunger
(read: dramatic)
I'm hallucinating that some of my
favorite American staples were lining the shelves...
especially these bad boys.

Back in my Dallas days,
my friend Kellee & I would plow
through one of these bags without regret
while our husbands chatted late into the night
on everything from Seinfeld 
to men that wear tight pearl snap shirts 
with dragons on them.

I'd take a bag of these
& my friend to hang out with me.

What would be the perfect addition to your day?


  1. Oh. My. God. I'm obsessed with Stacy's!! I could definitely go for Stacy's Pita Chips and some hummus right now.


  2. love this post, that is how I used to feel about salt and vinegar chips (they do NOT have the lays brand of them in texas) after much withdraw this summer I have moved on.
    xo emily

  3. Sweet post. There is nothing like the elements of what makes one feel at home. I haven't had Stacy's chips, but perhaps I'll have to give them a try? I told my husband all about your post yesterday. I still can't believe one can tour Buckingham Palace.

  4. I just might go out to Trader Joe's right now and get me some of them. Yum!

  5. Funny, I think I need my boys to come home to show me just how fast they can "hoover" through a bag of chips, some salsa, some cheese, a gallon of milk and in no time at all looking for more nourishment.
    Feed Me, is what they would say all the time....now they are at college.

  6. I LOVE Stacy's! I could go through a bag of the in one sitting and am so glad the bag is not bigger!

  7. you made my mouth water. i think i need some of these chips!

  8. Ah, I've heard of these but never tasted them. Right now I'm craving an ice-cream sundae.

  9. i just called my mom the other day and asked her aka demanded she send me a box of fruity pebbles.

    clearly times are getting desperate and the law against sugary cereal is just getting outrageous.

  10. Love them too but ever since my poor mom chipped a tooth on one of those pita chips, I stay away....see, its not so bad that you don't have them afterall, you could be dealing with a chipped tooth!
    A glass of wine always makes my day a wee bit better:)
    And of course anything with chocolate.....

  11. Its funny the random food that you end up craving! But Stacy's is kind of the perfect after-dinner snack and so much better than chips. You'll have to have friends bring them over when they visit!

  12. I love Stacy's to but I would much rather plow through the macarons. They are still scarce in Texas. My last NY trip was basically spent pinballing between macaron bakeries.

  13. OMG - I go through a bag of these every two days! And I usually devour a hunk of cheddar along with their crunchy goodness...

  14. Wow...wish I could snap my fingers and have you magically appear. I was just munching on some with my hummus.

    It's always the simple things we miss the most!!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  15. LOVE this post!! And of course, I love sharing a bag with you. Can't wait to see you in less than two weeks, sharing good food and wine and listening to our hubbies discuss various topics. Love you!

  16. Have you ever had the sugar & cinnamon- omy! They are my new favorite find!

  17. those are my most favorite things.in.the.world.ever. i can eat a whole bag by myself. i'm not sure if i'm bragging or a little ashamed. either way, they should never be put in front of me unless you expect me to devour them. you might need a care package.

  18. You always crack me up! And I completely agree with everything you just said : )


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