Monday Moods: I Feel... Toasty.

Besides the weather being over the top sunny
and all together lover-ly,
I can honestly say,
our weekend in England recharged me 
in a way I wasn't expecting.

As I sat down on the Eurostar last night to return to Paris,
I reveled in the feeling of being completely relaxed after our trip.

{Editor's Note: This is not a normal feeling for me. Trips typically leave me exhausted.}

I guess it just felt good to be "home."

Walking by the Pret A Manger in our neighborhood,
saying "hi" to the desk clerks at our office,
meeting up with friends for dinner...

The simple pleasure of being in a familiar place just felt really nice.

And the food...
I have really missed the food in England.

{Editor's Note: Where are the vegetables, France??}

As I sat with a cup of tea & piece of toast
yesterday morning while checking emails,
I couldn't help by feel myself sliding into a state of euphoria.

If you are waking up
and needing the day to start off with an easy win...
it might be time to dust off the toaster, 
 dredge the jar of jam you got at Christmas out of the cupboard,
& indulge in something dependably tasty.

Today, let's toast the glorious pairings one can enjoy 
with just a single slice of crunchy bread...


cinnamon toast (my favorite way featured on hello splendor) | egg & soliders (the cutest way to eat toast)
toast & jam (this is tiptree tiny tip raspberry is amazing) | toast with butter & Charbonnel et Walker hot chocolate

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ps. yup. just realized it is actually tuesday. oh well.


  1. Words can't describe my love of toast, with butter and raspberry preserves, or peanut butter and honey. Either way, such a comforting indulgence!

  2. toast with loads of butter, and an earl grey cuppa tea!

  3. so funny you should post this today as my mom and I had an in depth conversation last night about how our favorite meal is a good piece of bread slathered in butter. There's really nothing better. And this morning I got to enjoy a piece of toast and a cappuccino with her before going off to work. It was the best morning!

  4. I haven't cinnamon toast in forever, I forgot how much I love it! Would take my English breakfast tea (my fav.) with a few biscuits! Thanks again for being on SS today!

  5. Toast with butter and jam, yum! Of course, I've never met a slice of toast with Nutella that I didn't like either.

  6. oh i'm a tea, a drink with jam and bread kind of girl! nothing like some earl or lady grey tea with toast! seriously reminds me of my travels and is just basically yummy! :) hooray for relaxing trips to england!

  7. I really love Cinnamon Raisin Bread Toast with butter. Yum!

    Art by Karena

  8. In a world of low carb, toast with jam feels so indulgent and comforting.

  9. Toast! It's been one of my faves since childhood! And let's not forget the glory that is cheese toast... in the oven... with kraft singles... :)

  10. Burnt and buttered - it's my favourite, I often have it for dinner too!

  11. I'm so hungry! haha this did not help. I love toast! Cinnamon is my favorite, and jam with butter. Mmmmm.

  12. I adore toast! If I'm eating whole-grain toast, I top it with Nutella. Have to balance the healthy, right?! If I've got a fresh farmhouse loaf, I cut a few thick slices, pour over some of my favorite honey(s), let it sit on the Aga for a few minutes to warm though and toast the bottom, then savor the honey-crunch on top and the toasty bread on the bottom... hmm, I think I need to procure a farmhouse loaf now! Also- it's good to hear someone else likes the food here- so many people complain about English food, and I actually love it!

  13. Mmmmm toast is the best!! Egg and soldiers with OJ all the way. I have to settle for Gluten free toast as i'm on a GF diet so toasting is the only way this bread tastes any good.

  14. J'adore a morning toast with honey butter! Love this post! :)

  15. Toast is totally comforting for me too! Love mine with butter and strawberry jam!

  16. Peanut butter!!! :) I import it from the States that's how much I can't live with out it... Great post... except now I'm starving! ;)

  17. You've forgotten the down-home southern staple of cheese toast. I can't remember an afternoon that I didn't make cheese toast as soon as I got home from school, before ballet. Mmmmm.

  18. What a cute post- somehow the simplest things make mornings so much better!

  19. thank you for saying england has good food. i hate it when people ask me what i miss about home, and i list food second to family...and then people always say something like this "eww, i heard the food in england is the worst". and then i want to slap them on the face. thanks for helping put everyone straight!


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